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Damian Edwards

Damian Edwards Damian​Edwards

Niner since 2011

Senior Program Manager on the ASP.NET team at Microsoft.

  • Async in ASP.NET

    @Jim Lizzi:WebSockets in ASP.NET 4.5 requires IIS8 or IIS Express 8 on *Windows 8*. It is not available on Windows 7.

  • Building real-time web apps with WebSockets using IIS, ASP.NET and WCF

    @undefined:for SignalR, we've sucessfully connected >100,000 concurrent clients to a single box. This is idle connections. I'm currently working on profiling and load testing SignalR with active connections and hope to have more numbers soon. FWIW, supporing lots of concurrent idle connections is pretty easy in IIS/ASP.NET if they're hitting asynchronous handlers and you tweak some settings. You'll only be limited by memory in real terms. Once you start adding traffic is when it gets really interesting Smiley