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David_Lean David_Lean

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  • Bing Code Search

    I installed this a while ago but it doesn't display in the intellisense menu.

    I believe there is an issue with Resharper. It adjusts the focus on the intellisense menu to suggest the most likely option based on what you are doing / have do before.

    Be nice if they could co-exist together.

  • Getting Started: Siena 101

    Constraining the images to be contained in an image library seems quite a limitation.
    Personal Libraries lock you into a single User.
    Public Libraries solve that issue but are limited to a single drive. Often the C Drive, often quite full.
    Much more flexible to have an option to point to any file location. That way I could access images from a large cheap external USB drive or fileserver.

  • Introducing File Nesting extension for Visual Studio


    Will this be part of next release of Web Essentials?  Or do you plant to keep it separate?

  • Episode 112 - Portal Enhancements, Monitoring, AutoScale, SDK 2.1, and More New Features

    Bye Nathan.
    We'll miss you. I'll look forward to the new enhancements you'll be involved in making to the Azure platform. 

    PS: It would be REALLY nice if you could get some kind of Event Notification / Event Handler feature on the Azure Storage queues. Polling queues sucks. SQL's Service Broker is a significantly more efficient model & much easier to program too.


  • Developing Neural Networks Using Visual Studio

    James I am very disappointed by your omissions re the NN environment. You comment above about your experience with SQL's NN. Yet your talk made no mention of that as an alternative.
    That work & related DM algorithms were developed by MSR. The papers they wrote on this topic were seen by the global DM research community as significant breakthroughs. They worked closely with the dev teams to incorporate all those learning's into the SQL Data Mining engine.
    Unlike the core algorithm you present here, They scale massively & solved many of the "limited by memory" & model training issues most DM algorithms / products have.
    They also provide / solve a ton of other issues you'd need to think about when embedding a NN system into your code. eg: They have a pluggable interface that works with most standards (ADO, OLDDB). A language, DMX, that makes it easy to enhance, configure & use with no code change. Tools that automate the training & evaluation of your model, Ability to tweak your model's parameters.
    AND as it is a platform is it easy to extend the DM experience by embedding your own algorithm into that platform to create new mining models.
    (Given you prefer your own algorithm, consider writing it as a DM plug-in & compare your perf with what already exists. It frees you from the plumbing & allows you to focus on the bit you do best.)

    Yet you turned your back in it all. Suggesting NN wasn't well documented (which is is) & talking about "the only thing going was a java app" (there are heaps of products). Now you've encouraging attendees to completely reinvent the wheel. Instead of a project that could take hours/days (6 lines of code to embed into their app, a sql report, etc) they will take weeks or months doing everything from scratch & still unlikely to get close to the multi-core performance, the parallel model training, the scale nor the benefit of the insight outlined in the many research papers published on this subject by the MSR folks.

    In isolation. Nice talk you covered the technical details & background of NN well.

    But as a representative of MSR &/or Microsoft you failed to accurately brief these folks. And did your audience a disservice by implying that their only option was to start at square one.

    You are a smart man & do write great articles. You have great influence. Please be more responsible in the future.

  • Introduction to Windows Azure Virtual Machine Networking

    Hey Mike,

    I enjoyed your 2 Azure series. Nice, quick, informative & saves time reading a ton of pages. I look forward to your next instalment.


  • Service Bus Messaging Deep-Dive

    Thanks Clemens. Very comprehensive is good. Many people are betting their business (& maybe their home) on building apps using this technology. It is vital to know as much of the low level details as you can.
    I'd love to see other PM's deliver the same level of detail to the public that they do at TechReady.

    The index is handy. But if you feel it is too long. You could always split the recording into 2 or 3 parts. (may also make it easier to download).  

  • Episode 100 - Introduction to the Windows Azure Service Bus Notification Hubs


    I Iove your program. Given how fast Azure is innovating, you save so much time in keeping us up to date & making us aware of what we can do. 

    While the jovial aspect is good, as are the little sound bites & graphics. I'd encourage you to stay on message & tighten up your intro. Most folks I know are very busy & charge a lot per hour. The 5-10 mins of personal junk at the start & they've turned you off before they get to the really worthwhile content.

    Thanks guys & happy 100th

    PS: Azure NH is a definite winner.

  • Windows Azure Overview

    It is great the CH9 hosts these talks & did a live broadcast.
    However it is a poor decision to run an Automated music wrap-up at exactly the time the session is due to finish.

    The theory is you teach people not to run over. The reality is the presenter continues to present to the live audience & you alienate your online audience. They don't blame the presenter, the blame the hoster.

    Please stop doing this.
    Especially when the presenter is a VP

  • CodeMash 2011 - WebMatrix Launch Keynote

    It is great that you've posted this.

    On the download Experience

    Any chance you could assist with Hi-Res download?

    I prefer to download as I can watch at 1.5 speed with full fidelity. Unfortunately the 3.5Gb High res download takes took long. The web site appears the throttle back the download to 200 - 400Kbps after a while. This means that after 4-6 hrs it times out. So I now have 8 almost complete downloads.

    Any change of splitting the Keynote download into Part 1 & Part 2. & offering that as an additional way to download the keynote. The other sessions are fine.

    On Web matrix

    It is great that MS is providing a more competitive way to create sites, & simplifying the "How do I get it hosted" & "how can I find an ISP that supports SQL" aspects.