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DeathByVisualStudio DeathBy​VisualStudio If we all believed in unicorns and fairies the world would be a better place.
  • Green mass murder.

    Bird deaths like this have been with us for centuries. Here's proof. Get over it.

  • OneNote [Head Explodes]

    , bondsbw wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio:  Have you compared with a Surface Pro 3?  Just curious how different they feel with pen sensitivity and parallax, etc.

    No but I'm sure the Surface is better (for that kind of money I'd hope so). Even if I had a Surface I'm glad I've got this solution with the Note II because it's always with me and the Surface (like my Build 2011 tablet) would not be,

    Windows Store OneNote does strokes. You can delete each full stroke just by flipping the stylus over and touching any part of it.

    That's good news. In its first couple of iterations it was just pixels not strokes.

  • OneNote [Head Explodes]

    , cbae wrote

    All I can say is that when Threshold is finally released, whatever version of OneNote, Word, Excel, and Skype that will end up running on Windows Phone better be * awesome.

    All versions of Office should be * awesome. Threshold should be * awesome all by itself. 

    , cbae wrote

    @DeathByVisualStudio: What's really strange is that there seems to be less lag writing with OneNote than with Samsung's own S Note.

    YES! YES! and OH YES! Plus S Note was like being in prison with limited sync'ing with Everpuke. Love that it's actual inking too. Last I check on the Windows Store version of OneNote the "ink" was individual pixels instead of strokes. I assumed that was because WinRT was too limiting to do real inking.

    This just made my week.

  • Baller gone

    I think he died and went to Stevie Heaven. He finally found his place in this world.

  • OneNote [Head Explodes]

    Pen support on Android. And it works great on my Note 2! Touch vs. pen detection and everything! The writing is recognized and standard inking and not a bitmap. So awesome.

    This is the best things yet (for me) coming out of the new Microsoft.

    Thank you Office team!!!

  • WPF in .NET vNext

    , figuerres wrote

    Yes MS needs to address the roadmap for all versions of XAML and WPF and have a plan to reduce the variations of XAML and Platform.


  • The Year of the Linux Desktop

    , elmer wrote


    This device is aimed at Chromebooks (with the obvious intention to use MS Web-Apps) so performance is probably not it's priority - it's a "good enough" device for people with minimalist needs. A quad-core 1.6 GHz AMD A4 Micro-6400T is better specs than the HP Chromebook, and so perhaps won't be *THAT* bad, but the proof of that will be in the final product.

    Aren't they pushing the advantages over Chromebooks being that you can run Office & real Windows apps as well as not being dependent on an internet connection? I'm not seeing the obviousness in the intention to use MS Web-Apps. According to the spec sheet this netbook is running full Windows and not Windows RT. 

    I'd agree that the specs are good enough to drive browser-based apps.If it were meant to be a browser-based device why not ship it with Windows RT? Maybe they should have it boot to the Windows Store version of IE with pre-defined favorites for their online properties? 

  • I dont find the App store that bad what about the rest of the Niners Community

    , wkempf wrote

    I want a clean store. And it would be nice if Microsoft could do a better job than the others. But, claims that they are doing worse seem either unprovable or at least questionable to me. More importantly, the actual differences seem to be minor... all the stores are bad.

    It does seem a little unfair but when you're the low man on the totem pole you have to do things better than the competition (or be freakishly good at marketing). 

  • I dont find the App store that bad what about the rest of the Niners Community

    @Harlock123new: I've run into the scam apps and reported a few of them here in the Coffeehouse in the past. According to some they were "miss categorized". Sounds like Microsoft hasn't done much to clean this up. Maybe they'd rather have a store that appeared more full. Kind of a sad way to go about that if you ask me.

  • The Year of the Linux Desktop

    , elmer wrote


    However, you can bet that MS did a sweet-heart deal on the licensing.

    In other news, specs leaked for HP's $199 Stream which is supposedly based on MS's Zero-Dollar licensing scheme.

    MS want to sell services, Office-365, etc, and the OS is fast becoming just a means to that end.

    I'm glad the battery will last a long time on that POS; they'll need ever minute for as slow as it will be. Netbooks part deux? Meh.