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Djeez Djeez

Niner since 2010

  • Visual Studio Tip: Lazy Code Snippets

    Briljant! I didn't know even after programming with VS for 14 years!

  • Stephen Toub: Task-Based Asynchrony with Async

    Very informative interview! I watched the other video's on async as well, but this was the best. What came somewhat as a surprise was the introduction of DataFlows, which in the interview appeared as a coincedence because of the CCR talks. So I wonder if we can have an interview on an overview of what this CTP brings us. I mean, we have learned about the basics, and now about DataFlows, but are there any more goodies?

    By the way, as a reassurance: I watched the video to the very end.

    Thanks a lot!

  • The Verification Corner: Loop Invariants

    Very good explanation of the subject! And the tools show to really help in the process.


    Could the same thing be accomplished with CodeContracts? Or is Spec# further in its evolution? I was wondering because CodeContracts is what most people will be using (I guess) so it would make more sense to show the example in CodeContract instead of Spec#.