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Doctor Who Doctor Who Picture is of Tom Baker, who played the Doctor, from 1974 to 1980.
  • Ping 223: CastleStorm, xBox One Comedy Central app, Inbox Personality Rules, MSFT Hardware and Home Automation

    I love Outlook.com! Glad to see these advanced rules, will incorporate them into more of the emails that I get in my Outlook.com email.


  • XamlBoard

    Just watched this. Looks like an excellent tool for WPF developers. Would love to see this tool for Windows Store apps and Windows Phone as well.

  • How to extend an App Studio app using Visual Studio

    Hi Bryan,

    You said that once you downloaded the source code to modify it in Visual Studio, you could (or perhaps you said should) not modify it in App Studio. I'm interested in seeing the code that's generated by App Studio, so I'm guessing that if I don't make any changes to the code, I could continue using either App Studio or Visual Studio to publish the app. Is that correct?

  • Ping 214: Bing and Twitter, encryption, Nokia 635, Free Money, Cortana world cup skilz and xBox updates

    , Fabulous_‚ÄčFadz wrote

    I just discovered the gift voucher app but unfortunately it's not available for my 920. Now thinking I should have upgraded to the 1520 which has it. Still it's a solid move to give users a gift which I support. I'll still go on to a Lumia 930 as my next phone when it's available where I am. I just hope the 930 is a supported device and that the promo is still available by then.

    To answer your question, I'd have spent a good deal of it on some language apps. I speak 4.1 languages, Shona, Ndebele, English, Spanish plus a very little bit of Japanese; I intend to pick up Italian, French and Mandarin in the not to distant future. A lot of the language learning apps I've seen are available at a cost of have a lot of in app purchases and of have liked to use the gift voucher on these.

    It's not available for my 928 either. :(

  • Getting Started with Unit Testing Part 2

    I'm really enjoying this training, Rob!

    I've downloaded the .zip file and extracted everything. In the zip file there's two folders, one is Calculator Solution and the other is Calculator Solution End. It looks to me as though Calculator Solution is the solution without any of the unit testing projects. Calculator Solution End requires me to connect to your TFS repository before I can open the solution. I'll give it a try, and I hope it will only allow me to connect as a guest.



    I opened the Calculator Solution End solution, it did ask to get connected to your TFS. Here's the error it gave me:

    But I think it's OK.

  • Getting Started with Unit Testing Part 1

    This is really excellent, Rod, thank you for doing this.

    I'm find with breaking up the videos into smaller chunks.

  • Ping 193: Surface 2 Tips, Unified developer registration, Xbox One highlights, Windows 8.1 features

    , Duncanma wrote

    @Nick.C: Hey Nick, it is great to see you enjoyed Ping, but sad to see you missed it enough to make that great image Sad .  Laura is no longer at Microsoft and while we have discussed starting the show back up again with different hosts, our current opinion is that without Laura it just wouldn't be the same. Happy to hear your thoughts about it though!

    I've been wondering what happened to Ping, and I've been waiting to see it again. But here it is January 16, 2014 and still no Ping. So I went to this to look at the last show, and now I read that Laura has left Microsoft?! Say it ain't so! Yeah, I'm going to miss Ping, That and the other shows that she would do. I've chosen many an app for my Windows Phone, based upon her reviews. I'll also miss her Halloween episodes. Yep, I'm very sad that she's left. Where did so go?

  • Getting Started with MVVM

    @rogreen: Oh great, now I look and feel stupid for not having see what is so obviously there, Thank you, Robert.

  • Getting Started with MVVM

    Hi Robert,

    I know you said you world post the code and your notes to your blog, but I don't know what the URL is. Wound you please supply it?

  • Part 7: Localizing the App

    Excellent! I've often wondered how to localize my apps. I appreciate this!!