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  • Is there some serious problem with the recent critical updates from Microsoft?

    ZippyV said:
    No problem here.
    Hmmm.   OK, I'll just keep and eye on it.

  • Is there some serious problem with the recent critical updates from Microsoft?

    In the last few days Microsoft released a lot of critical updates (~14 or so), which have automatically been applied to all our PCs at home.  I’ve got a Vista Ultimate desktop on a machine which I configured and built from Tiger Direct.  My son and daughter both have some HP laptops, that they purchased this year, running Vista Home Premium, and I have an older Dell laptop with Vista Ultimate.


    All 4 of these machines are experiencing major problems. I cannot believe that this is coincidence.  I strongly suspect that it is a result of at least one of these critical updates.


    My desktop experienced a BSOD last night while I was working on an ASP.NET application.  Lost everything.


    My daughter’s laptop won’t come up at all.


    My son’s laptop suddenly had massive display problems, went all “streaky” (you’d have to be here to see it) and the mouse froze.


    As far as changes go, I had to purchase a new monitor yesterday for my desktop, as the only one died.  No other changes.


    For my son and daughter, they haven’t made any changes at all to their laptops.  No new drivers, no new software, nothing.


    The only similarity is that we’ve all had all of those critical updates from Microsoft applied automatically.


    So, does anyone know one way or another if there is some issue with one or more of these updates? And if so, what in heck do we do about it???

  • A question about IE's "work off-line"

    When a user selects "work off-line" in Internet Explorer 7, what happens, exactly?  The reason why I ask is my son will get multiple tabs going in IE 7, all pointing to YouTube, and then he will get them all set to work off-line.  I've noticed that our connectivity to the Internet suddenly bogs down.  My guess is that whatever IE means by "work off-line" entails having to pull all resources from whatever web page it is being asked to work off-line on, to a local cache on the user's machine, so that it can be viewed off-line.

    Am I correct, or does someting else happen?

  • How do we include the ADODB assembly?

    At work I wrote a console application in VS 2008, which uses classic ADO, to make modifications to a MS Access 2000/2003 database.  (I’m adding a table, with a primary key, and then add a foreign key relationship.)  I tested it on two machines I have and it worked fine, and gave the .exe to one of my colleagues and she tested it on her machine and it worked fine.  Then she copied the .exe to one of our user’s machines, installed the .NET Framework 3.5, and even added SP1, but it refuses to run there.  It claims that its missing the ADODB assembly.  How can that be?  Since we installed the .NET Framework 3.5 and included service pack 1, I would have thought the user’s machine would be good to go, so I don’t know what the problem is or how to fix it.

  • WinForms: Making the main form dimmed

    rahsoftware said:

    You better off using WPF for these sort of forms. GDI/GDI+ are very slow when doing animations such as dimming an entire form. On older PCS it will mae your app look shocking and unsmooth. You are not planning to deploy your app on Terminal Services are you?
    Good question about Terminal Services; no we're not planning on deploying this to TS.  We've done that before with the old VB6 program that I'm re-writing.  When we deployed that VB6 app to terminal services, man was its painting of forms abysmal!  And we weren't doing anything graphically with it!  What we did find is that having anything other than the basic steel gray background color, and text in black, would result in horrible rendering speeds.

    However, you do bring up a good point.  This application is not meant to be viewed in TS.  We've moved all of the reports out of it onto a web interface using Crystal Reports, and that has worked well.  (It was only used in TS to render reports, which we alleviated by moving to an ASP.NET application.)  I really hope this new app won't run in TS.

  • WinForms: Making the main form dimmed

    You know how on many websites, when a popup occurs that is a part of that website, to gather information from the user, and the main page goes dim.  I'd like to do the same thing with a Windows Form application so that if a modal dialog box needs to be popped up then the rest of the application goes dim until the user responds to the dialog box and dismisses it.

    How do I do that?

  • My new WD MyBook suddenly stopped working

    Refrax said:
    i had one go out as well. it had the 1394 like yours. used the WD homepage and got it replaced. but i also have 4 of the USB only units on my home server and those have been working great for a long time now.
    Could it be the Firewire that's the problem?  This unit does have a USB connection I could use instead, if that would be better.

  • My new WD MyBook suddenly stopped working

    It has only been a few days since we purchased a Western Digital MyBook product, and already it does not work. I've checked, and then double checked the cabling, connections and power cables to the WD product; they are fine, everything is connected, but it didn't work. I've checked the Device Manager, and there is no problem with the IEEE 1394 connectors in Windows.  I rebooted my PC and it still didn’t work.  I then shut down the PC and the power strip on my PC, which I also have the WD MyBook on, and the next day the MyBook finally came back up.  That’s good, but I am very concerned that this new MyBook seems to be unreliable.  I want to depend upon its being up, whenever my PC is up, as it is advertised to be.  Does anyone know what might be going on.  I’ve contacted Western Digital about it, and well at this point I’m trying to figure out what it is they’ve said, so I won’t comment about that until I get a better understanding of their response.

    I’m using this on a 64-bit version of Windows Vista.

  • A community or forum for MS Money

    I'm a long time user of Microsoft Money (now known as Money Plus).  I used to have access to USENET newsgroups, and I could ask questions about MS Money there.  However, I no longer have access to USENET newsgroups, and I'm not even sure if Microsoft supports that as a place to ask questions and answer them.

    Anyway, I'm wondering where I can ask questions about MS Money Plus?

  • How do I make the DataGridView save data?

    I tend to be more of an ASP.NET developer than a Windows developer, however I do like to write some Windows apps every now and then.  I wanted to access a simple table in SQL Server, and so I put a DataGridView onto a WinForm.  It opens up fine, shows me all of the data, and I can add new rows to the grid.  However, this morning I discovered that even though I move off of a row I just entered, it isn't saving the data (like I would expect to happen if I were to be accessing the table through MS Access).

    So the question is, what do I need to do in order to make the DataGridView control save the changes I make in it, to the SQL table?