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Doctor Who Doctor Who Picture is of Tom Baker, who played the Doctor, from 1974 to 1980.
  • 32-bit vs 64-bit PowerShell ISE

    I'm trying to get better at using PowerShell, and I've seen that you can get a nice GUI interface using PowerShell ISE.  On my Windows 7 machine, when I click the Start menu and then start typing "PowerShell ISE" (without the double quotes) I see there's a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version.  Cool, and all that, but which "should" I use?

  • Got an error updating my WP7 phone: error 8018119C

    @Doctor Who: I finally got the update to install by going to Microsoft's FixIt site, looking up the error and having it install a patch.

  • Got an error updating my WP7 phone: error 8018119C

    I got a message on my Windows Phone today, saying that there was an update for it.  I connected it to my PC, the Zune software fired up and I tried to update it.  It failed with an error of 8018119C.  I tried twice, same failure.  Something about not being able to access BITS.  Here's a screen capture of the error:


  • Outlook.com and WP7

    @blowdart: Yeah, it's that hard reset of my phone that I'd like to avoid.  But concerning my Hotmail address I'd like to change it anyway.  I've had it for 10+ years, and it's a really lame name.  I've continued with it only because I've got so many things tired to it (vendors, newsletters, etc) that for me, changing it wasn't something I wanted to do.  However, this gives me a chance to just push through it and do it.  Would it be a good idea to try and secure a Outlook.com email address now, something that I like better, and then see if I can migrate everything over to it (phone included)?

  • What would cause IE to just stop rendering pages?

    @ZippyV: Thank you for this information.

  • What would cause IE to just stop rendering pages?

    @JoshRoss:You mean, my anti-virus software?

  • What would cause IE to just stop rendering pages?

    I was reading email, clicked on a link, and then that was it.  Nothing at all came up in IE (IE9, on a Windows 7 Ultimate box.  It is a 64-bit version of Windows 7, but I typically run IE using the 32-bit version.)  From that point forward IE didn't work at all to render anything.  I thought at first I had lost Internet connectivity from my router, or my ISP.  I brought up a command window and ping my router, then I started pinging some websites.  It all worked fine.  I then sent my Hotmail account from my ISP email address, and Windows Messager right away told me that I got the email, although I couldn't see it because IE wasn't working.  The only thing that I could think of doing was rebooting my system.  That worked (obviously), but I don't really like doing that if I don't have to.  What caused this to happen and how do I prevent it?

  • Lost the Aero style and other things on my Windows 7 machine

    , Sven Groot wrote

    You may not even need to reboot, often just restarting the Desktop Window Manager service is enough.

    How do you restart the Desktop Window Manager service?

    OK, I think I've found it in the Services applet.  Restarting that won't cause any serious disruption in Windows?

  • Lost the Aero style and other things on my Windows 7 machine

    , Craig_Matthews wrote

    A lot of remote control software defaults to turning off desktop compositing and sometimes lowers the color depth to keep the remote control session responsive. Usually everything gets put back when they disconnect, but sometimes not. Usually a reboot fixes it.


    I had hoped that logging off and back on again would fix it, but it didn't.  A reboot is what it took to fix this.

  • Lost the Aero style and other things on my Windows 7 machine

    I've had a problem with my HP printer.  I contacted their technical support and got help with it.  They connected to my machine (a Windows 7 Ultimate, 64-bit) remotely and did some work on it.  Naturally, as often happens in such situations, my desktop had a flat apparence.  I've seen this happen before in other situations, but normally once the technical support person is done, the machine returns to it's normal appearance.

    But not this time.

    This time it still looks flat.  The Aero style is totally gone.  And I've noticed that when I pass my mouse over the items in my task bar, instead of seeing small images of the application running, all I see is a list of the various instances of that application running.

    I don't like this appearance at all.  I'd like to know why it didn't return to the Windows 7 theme and how to get the Windows 7 theme back the way it was.