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Herbie Smith Dr Herbie Horses for courses
  • Cyber warfare and Hollywood cowardice

    , JohnAskew wrote

    Come on, guys, the FBI has fingered NoKo... "with some outside help" - Russia, Iran...

    Sony is just another free speech platform getting shut down by those who are more powerful than it or it's slack - uncle sam.

    I think uncle sam needs to blow back - hard.


    1. Sony is not a 'free speech platform' it's a multinational media company that produces films for profit. It is not their place (or their desire) to stand up for anything and they're certainly not going to take any risks with anybody's lives - that's for governments to do.  Oh, and Sony certainly don't stand up for the 1st amendment or 'The American way of Life'; being a conglomerate of Japanese origins it's rather silly to call them 'Un-American' as some people in Hollywood have done.

    2. Uncle Sam can do what about this exactly?  North Korea may have been proven to be the source (as the media in the UK claims the US Government has now verified), but what exactly can the US do that they're not already doing? You think the US are not already involved in cyber attacks on competing ideologies?


    It is disappointing that a film is withdrawn due to threats, but we cannot blame the media company who are just trying to mitigate their risk and losses.  Blame North Korea all you like, but you can't blame Sony for being what they are.

    I thought Sony's declaration that they will never release the film in any format ever was a mistake, though.  They should have kept their options open.


  • Artificial intelligence could end mankind

    I think Hawkins is just annoyed that one day he won't be the smartest thing on the planet. :D

    As for "the end of humanity", that's simple -- whatever values you imbue the initial AIs with will become part of their target for improvement so we just imbue them with the concept of 'liking people and wanting to be liked by people' and as part of their bootstrapping they will want to improve on that as well as their other abilities.


  • Bing Halloween theme

    , Proton2 wrote

    *snip*I hate to be pedantic but "alot" is not a word.

    I have to be a smart-* but ... :D

    My Geography teacher at High School had that permanently written across the top of his blackboard and my answer is this:

    'Alot' is a word if people use it and everyone understands it; language evolves.


  • Ebola spreads to USA

    @JohnAskew: I do find it quite stunning that medically trained doctors and nurses don't self-impose a degree of quarantine for three weeks after knowingly working with Ebola victims. 

    "I was interacting with Ebola victims last week, I think I'm not infected so I'll just go to a crowded place (bowling alley, airplane) and have fun. Is it me, or is it hot in here?"

    You shouldn't really need the CDC to tell you that you are a risk; what were you doing at medical school all that time it you don't get the basics of infection control?


  • Finally -- my tech prediction has come true ...

    I've been saying for a while now that what I wanted was a TV where one viewer can look at the channel guide on a tablet without interrupting a second viewer's TV watching and now it's available in the UK (may have been available in the US for a while now) with the new TV tuner adapter for the Xbox One which has SmartGlass integration for the channel guide.

    Still can't record TV yet, but surely that's the next logical step?

  • Microsoft Watch

    The trouble with smart watches will be that whenever you check for email, you'll pour your coffee into your lap.

  • Microsoft Watch

    @figuerres: or perhaps so many geeks watched Rodenberry's shows that they were subliminally influenced to reproduce what they saw ...

    If I was Rodenberry, I would have put more jetpacks in my shows.

  • Ebola spreads to USA

    , JohnAskew wrote

    This is not in the news. Why not?



    Monitoring someone as a precaution is not news, it's only news if they actually turn out to have Ebola rather than just having had contact with someone who may have been infected, but not necessarily infectious.



  • Microsoft Watch

    Of course the real question is what the API will be like, and how easy would it be to write a fart app?


  • Ebola spreads to USA

    @Bass: A nurse with appropriate equipment and 'following guidelines' is not the same as a nurse with specialist training -- the British volunteer who contracted Ebola in Africa and was brought home to the UK was treated without infecting anyone because the hospital that took him specialised in infectious diseases and all staff were specifically trained.

    The infected nurse in Madrid admitted that she touched her face after handling infected material. The Texas nurse may well have done something similar.  Relative to other infections, Ebola does not spread 'easily' because it is not airborne.

    So far, Ebola has affected one healthcare worker who was working closely with an infected patient -- that's not the same as a disease spreading within the public.

    'Man with Ebola-like symptoms'?  Could be anything and is unlikely to be Ebola.  Guy in Texas?  Not Ebola.

    The press likes a scare-story, this is not a scare story yet; when someone gets infected who has not been in an affected part of Africa or has not worked closely with infected patients, then it's time to start to be concerned.