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Herbie Smith Dr Herbie Horses for courses
  • Give me your best.

    Maintain your self-respect; look after yourself, exercise appropriately, eat appropriately, dress appropriately, and don't give yourself a hard time.

  • ISIS, a new Mideast nation emerging?

    @TheJoe: Actually, the Pilgrims left Europe because Europe was too liberal and tolerant over religion.  The Pilgrims wanted the "freedom" to be able to kill people over their religion if they wanted to, which is why they left to start their own country.


  • ISIS, a new Mideast nation emerging?

    It occurred to me this morning:

    "ISIS are a group of people who want to found a state based on their interpretation of Islamic religion."

    Replace a couple of words and place in the past-tense:

    "The Pilgrims were a group of people who wanted to found at state based on their interpretation of Christian religion."

    I'm surprised the USA isn't more supportive. :P



  • Dynamically adding the text box value to the xml file

    Is there a reason you're not using a data structure and binding the contents of the data structure to the controls? 

    For example, I would create a class called Address, with properties for all the details like CountryName, CountryCode, etc.  On the form I would create an instance of this structure and bind it's content to the relevant controls.  Then when it needs to save to XML you can simply serialize the data structure.

    For more complex scenarios you end up with a full Controller/ViewModel containing all the code and the logic, while the form simply uses data binding to display the data to the user.



  • keyboard advice

    @123tax:  I have the Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop and the negatives outweigh the pluses for me: 

    Pluses :

    1. good shape (ergonomically and visually)
    2. nice key action and feel


    1. Media/Function key require a physical switch to select between -- getting sick of hitting F5 to refresh, but instead opening the search charm (stop, flip switch, press escape to dismiss search, press F5 again to refresh).
    2. Media/Function keys can get stuck down if not hit straight (key edge goes under the keyboard lip).  Took me a while to figure out why my code kept trying to run whenever I hit any key.
    3. Occasionally misses key presses (not sure if it's me or the keyboard, but it's not a problem I have on other keyboards).
    4. Chews through batteries faster than other wireless keyboards I've owned (although this may be because it only takes AAA instead of the AA of other keyboards).

    Conclusion : OK for light keyboard users, not good for developers/writers.

  • Cosmos on global warming

    @spivonious: Geothermal isn't too bad for domestic heating, but I don't think it works out for generation of electricity,  And it should be used more, but I think it's just not advertised enough.


    As for hydrogen fuel cells, the energy required to produce pure hydrogen is quite high in the first place -- so how do you generate that?  There has been some success using solar mirrors to crack it, but it's not really scalable.

    Now portable Thorium reactors on the other hand ...



  • Ballmer to Buy Clippers?

    A man has to have a hobby when he retires. :|

  • Biological lifeform modified successfully with completely artificial DNA

    @Bass: Yes, there is a lot of 'junk' DNA that doesn't seem to be used. We're still not 100% certain that it's junk, though.

    , Bass wrote

     It seems that life is not very well, optimal.

    Actually it's very optimal -- why bother with more base pairs than you  need? :P


  • 50 things to do before you die

    Hmm, so I got 48 out of 50. 

    So if I light a fire without matches and make a mud slide, then the list is complete and I drop dead?

  • OpenSSL forked by OpenBSD to LibreSSL; OpenSSL gets funding by major tech companies

    @evildictaitor: Is Blowdart paying you to say that?