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Herbie Smith Dr Herbie Not dead yet.
  • Microsoft Watch

    Of course the real question is what the API will be like, and how easy would it be to write a fart app?


  • Ebola spreads to USA

    @Bass: A nurse with appropriate equipment and 'following guidelines' is not the same as a nurse with specialist training -- the British volunteer who contracted Ebola in Africa and was brought home to the UK was treated without infecting anyone because the hospital that took him specialised in infectious diseases and all staff were specifically trained.

    The infected nurse in Madrid admitted that she touched her face after handling infected material. The Texas nurse may well have done something similar.  Relative to other infections, Ebola does not spread 'easily' because it is not airborne.

    So far, Ebola has affected one healthcare worker who was working closely with an infected patient -- that's not the same as a disease spreading within the public.

    'Man with Ebola-like symptoms'?  Could be anything and is unlikely to be Ebola.  Guy in Texas?  Not Ebola.

    The press likes a scare-story, this is not a scare story yet; when someone gets infected who has not been in an affected part of Africa or has not worked closely with infected patients, then it's time to start to be concerned.


  • No more need for developers (that means you)

    Given that even our customers have difficulty understanding their own requirements, I don't think my job is in danger just yet. 

    Horrendously complex business rules still need hammering in to shape in the white fire of our development group!

  • Most epic method you've seen?

    We have our 'state engine' method which does everything on one place -- currently 807 lines long (333 lines without all the comments and blank lines) and has a cyclomatic complexity of 141 and a maintainability index of 0.

    It also has a second method in the same class which is 925 lines (321 without comments and blanks), complexity of 244 and maintainability of 0.

    <sarcasm>But it's not like it the core functionality of the entire system or anything.</sarcasm>


  • Entity ​Framework/​Job Number

    We have an overblown system to generate such numbers and it's flakey, but if you are using automatic integer indexes on a database table, then just format the index once the job is saved and display that to the user as a reference after they commit their new job.

    If you try and set the number before the user commits their new job, you're in a world of pain as you have to account for simultaneous users (assuming a multi-user system) and ensure that they are not assigned the same number, but numbers are accounted for if the user cancels out of creation.


  • Windows TH?

    Perhaps it's Windows "The Happening"?

  • XBox One owners -- any reason I shouldn't get one?

    Thanks for the information guys.

    We won't be buying until Christmas and from the looks of things there are plenty of games to be released before them (including some for the kids).

    So I get the impression that the Xbox One is NOT backward compatible with 360 games? I don't have any 360 games, but there are loads of them that I think the kids would like (like Kinect Fruit Ninja).  It's not a deal-breaker, but annoying (and rather odd that MS didn't maintain back compatibility).


  • XBox One owners -- any reason I shouldn't get one?

    We're finally caving in to the kids demands for a game console and I'm probably going to get an Xbox One (with Kinect) at Christmas.

    Those 9ers who have Xbox Ones -- is it worth it given that we don't already have a console?  Given a blank slate, would you recommend the Xbox One or should we just get a 360?

    Also -- how much floor space does the Xbox One need to play Kinect based games?

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Happy Birthday Dr Herbie!

    Thank you all for the Birthday wishes. :)

    There was a cake, but I eated it.

  • snake!

    Apocalypse Cow.  Stupid fun.