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Herbie Smith Dr Herbie Not dead yet.
  • There Is No Spoon

    Well, I did wonder why I couldn't get my cereal to my mouth this morning.

  • background checkers

    @JohnAskew: What's the full story John? How do you know you are being checked and how do you know it's a Niner?

    Bizarre, but intriguing.


  • Windows 10 - The next chapter

    If I could link the Holoset to my development machine to replace/augment monitors then I would seriously consider getting one. At work I currently have three monitors and sometimes that's not enough.  If I could just plop an open window anywhere within my visual space, then I could really see the big picture for my code.

    Oh, and games. Yeah, games too.

  • Windows 10 - The next chapter

     I won't get to watch for another hour and a half (16:33 in the UK at the moment), anyone want to post summaries of anything interesting?

  • Beagle 2 found on surface of Mars after vanishing for 12 years

    What's astonishing is that it was 12 years ago.  12 Years?!

  • Drawing Trusses for Windows Store Apps

    If you're using vector graphics (lines and rectangles rather than hand drawn lines), then there is the Canvas container in WinRT -- this is much like the traditional windows system where you use coordinates from the top left.  WinRT also has built in affine transformations which can be used to track user manipulations of vectors. 

    Although it's targeting WPF (desktop) rather than store apps, this article shows a canvas used as a diagramming system and should give you some starters for the XAML involved.  I expect the majority, if not all, of the code will translate to WinRT.

  • So what should I blog about next?

    The blog is at https://codingatthecoalface.wordpress.com/ if you want a flavour of the things I blog about. 

    @cheong: I'd rather blog about not getting into those situations in the first place ... I'll think about that as a topic, thanks.

  • So what should I blog about next?

    I have a small blog where I write about broad, generalised topics in software development in the context of real life coding; subjects like architecture, design patterns, design philosophy, etc.

    But I'm struggling to think of the next topic. Perhaps it's just the short day-lengths but I just can't settle on something to espouse.

    Any suggestions?

  • Advice

    @RamblingGeekUK: I would also publish something (OSS, Phone App, WIn8 app, whatever).  Doesn't have to be big, just make sure you do a good job.  You can then reference this on your CV and they can take a look and see that you know how to code. 

    Writing articles can also help -- publish some small, useful code fragment you're come up with on Code Project or somewhere like that.  If it gets slated, do another one until you get one that gets good reviews.  Then add the good one to your CV but leave out any that didn't do so well :)

    Showing that you know how to code it better than having a qualification with the ink still wet.



  • Interesting Items from CES

    , elmer wrote

    Introduced at CES


    For taking selfies of your butt.

    If it was April-1 I'd laugh, but there is apparently a market for this...

    Ah, the fall of civilisation -- I knew it had to start soon.