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Herbie Smith Dr Herbie Not dead yet.
  • How was your first job interview ?

    bart7simpson7 wrote:
    I will go the next week for the first time I feel very unsure and I don't think I will get it 

    Job interviews are something that you can get better at with experience.  Never refuse a job interview, even if you don't think you'll get the job -- think of it a training.

    My first job interview was with a small (5 people) company and was very relaxed -- more like a quick chat.
    My second was for a larger (100+ people) company and was more formal with an HR person.

    Is it a full (several hours) interview, or a first pass (one hour) interview?

    Turn up in time. Make some notes before hand with questions to ask: holiday, sick pay, on-job training, etc.  It will make you look more organised that trying to think on your feet.

    Try not to let you doubts about getting the job show, and remember an interview is a two way process; you're interviewing them as much as they're interviewing you.


  • Does your GUI design, ignore the KeyBoard?

    It's a good point and one that's often overlooked.

    I tend to be a mouser, rather than a typer, so I've had to train myself to take account of good keyboard design, especially as I tend to write business applications where a large number of users are secretaries/receptionists who are trained typists.

    I've also trained myself to enter the accessability details for on-screen controls, too. It's also an area that get ignored too much.


  • Who got an advent calendar?

    Tensor wrote:
    Dr Herbie wrote:We got one at home for our 2-year old.  It's a row of small stockings that you can re-use and fill with different treats.


    We got one for our two year old too... went for a traditional card one without chocolate - he's a handful enough without the extra sugar! I like the sound of that one, though!

    It's this one, if you really want one.


  • Who got an advent calendar?

    We got one at home for our 2-year old.  It's a row of small stockings that you can re-use and fill with different treats. Big Smile


  • Silent install of C# Windows Service?

    section31 wrote:
    The MSI-technology supports properties. These properties will be than available from the installation command line.
    msiexec /i myservice.msi /qn USERNAME="foo" PASSWD="bar"
    where USERNAME and PASSWD are defined properties inside of the msi package.

    Thanks!  That's enough to get me started.


  • I'm eating to much junk food!

    People here keep buying stollen to share out.
    I'm putting weight on already.


  • UML, Good, Bad, Indifferent

    Massif wrote:

    The tools to support UML however are a catastrophe, I've not seen any of the super-expensive tools, but anything less than $1000 is pretty much useless.

    IMHO, if they could strip out some things from UML, and create a half-decent tool it could be useful, but at the moment it's almost a hindrance.

    I have used the C# generation feature of Visio to create basic class outlines, but that's it.  It's a usefull tool to take some of the donkey work out of the initial class generation, but that's as far as it goes.

    I will not be replaced by a UML tool! Smiley


  • Silent install of C# Windows Service?

       I'm looking (without much success) for details of how to install a Windows Service as a silent install. 
    It was written in VS2005 with an System.Configuration.Install.Installer-derived class present.

    I want to be able to install it from the command line (powershell would be fine) using the MSI file generated by VS2005.  I need to be able to specify a username and password for the service to run as. 

    Is there a method for specifying these parameters? It's for our test machines so it doesn't matter is the username and password are cleartext, our customers do a manual install.

    Any pointers appreciated.


  • UML, Good, Bad, Indifferent

    littleguru wrote:
    Our professor mentioned in one lecture that we are only going to do UML diagrams in 5 years. No more coding. Just "UML coding". 

    That's a bit like the 'This is the year of Linux' line.  I first heard the 'UML will take over in five years' line about, oh, five years ago. Big Smile

    UML is good for documentation, but not a useful tool for design (except when a diagram can help you clarify your thoughts).

    I only use 'simple' UML: basic class and sequence diagrams.  The rest is just academic 'dreamland' junk.

    I once saw a UML diagram of the UML syntax -- it spanned two pages in the UML book I was reading and was totally impenetrable. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a big picture is too much to take in.

    Use UML to augment the plain english description, don't leave the words out completely.


  • Vista-Kitty Wallpaper (Comments?)

    jsampsonPC wrote:
    Aww, c'mon guys Out of 300 views, only 1% left comments? Where's the community, where's the criticism?

    OK, er ..., nice cat.

    Um. Is it USB compatible?