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Herbie Smith Dr Herbie Horses for courses
  • 5 sites you visit daily...

    LaBomba wrote:
    Allright, since the thread has already been horribly derailed...what is the reason in the UK for having to license a Television set?

    Do you have to license your toaster as well?

    The BBC is funded by the license fee.  You get two terrestrial TV channels (and now a few digital ones, too) as well as five national radio stations (and now two or three more on digital radio DAB), as well as numerous local radio stations. They are now putting some of their programs on the internet for on-demand use too (both TV and radio).

    And all of this is without advertising: no annoying commercial breaks in the middle of movies. Smiley
    Because it's publicly funded it has a charter to be unbias (or at least relatively unbias compared to many other TV companies).

    If it wasn't for the BBC and the NHS, I would probably have emmigrated years ago.


  • CodeProject - Too slow to enjoy?

    I came here from CodeProject because CodeProject started slowing down a while ago. It's been getting worse and worse, but that's because there are more and more people using it, it's a great site.

    I encourage everyone to post articles there. Its a great feeling to explain something to thousands of readers. My first article has had over 30,000 hits, which I find quite amazing.


  • Where is everybody - why is this place so quiet lately?

    Well, the spectate swamp thread has been hogging all the postings for a while.

    But, I agree.  It's quiet.

    I haven't got anything interesting to say. Not that it usually stops me.




  • UI: Choices = Headaches


    I have similar problems with the current UK government; they keep banging on about giving the public choice as to which schools and hospitals to use.  I don't want to have to choose, I just want the nearest one to be good.



  • How to Build a Search Engine

    John Gault wrote:
    SpectateSwamp wrote: Pretty cool what random can do.


    I just watched the video.  Is there a way to do this using WDS oin Vista?

    Not with WDS, but Media player has a 'random' button to randomly play a music selection.  Media player 11 will also search for media in the background.

    I generally select 'All Music' in the playlist screen and play it all with the random function.

    Rather than pressing a key to listen to music I like, I press a key to skip music I don't want to listen to. Pretty much the same functionality. My home keyboard has 'media' keys too, so I can punch the next track up quickly.
    And media player runs minimised too.

    Was in two minds about whether to add to this thread. It's too long.


  • Best methodology?

    Mark_md4 wrote:

    Do you use principles of "software engineering" in other words a methodology when elaborating a project???

    If yes, which?

    May be you have an opinion which methodology is the best, and tell your opinion about RUP (Rational Unified Process).

    And why people are so passive about this theme?

    The best methodology is the one that best fits the project.

    I've used waterfall (SSADM) methodologies for medical/pharaceutical software so it can get past the FDA inspection, but now I work in an Agile company where we write custom software within a vertical market.

    People aren't necessarily passive about this topis; many of us are tired of the arguments that have raged on this for a long time. It can be a very 'religous' topic for some people.


  • Dependency tracer for .NET?

    Looks like we'll be using the Reflector API to roll our own. Another dev has taken this project and he reckons he'll be able to do it.


  • 5 sites you visit daily...

    Visit a site?

    Are you quite mad?

    I use RSS to tell me what's new, I don't need to visit. How common.

    Except C9.  I visit C9 a lot.  Mostly while Visual Studio is sitting there apparently not doing anything except using 50% of my CPU, like it's doing now.


  • What is with this YouTube banner ad?

    Found the original post:

    Credit for the escape key tip should go to Shreyas Zare

    There. Concience eased.


  • What is with this YouTube banner ad?

    ScanIAm wrote:

    If I ever have children, I'll name the first one herbie.

    Now I feel guilty for getting credit for someone else's tip.

    If you have kids, search the Techoff forum for the original poster.