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Herbie Smith Dr Herbie Not dead yet.
  • What's your Personal DNA type?

    Well, it seams I am a god-like genius who should be obeyed at all times and have his every whim served.

    Ok, not really. I'm a Considerate Thinker


  • c9 canucks: what do you think of dion?

    TommyCarlier wrote:
    I don't know about Stephan, but when I was reading the title, I thought you were gonna ask our opinion on Celine Dion.

    Or Sealion Dion as she's known in these parts.


  • Cold fingers @ Work: The Solution!

    jsampsonPC wrote:
    I'm sitting here at work and shifting one hand for the other from time to time. Putting one hand beneath my thigh, trying to keep my fingers warm. Today is a cold day!

    I was just thinking, it would be awesome if a small little heated coil with a small fan infront of it could be placed behind your keyboard, and elevated to blow warm air directly onto the top of your keyboard, and fingers.

    Wouldn't that be a cool invention?

    OK, so they're for the ladies, but maybe no-one would see?


  • What team do you support?

    I refuse to answer because when I was at school people would ask you what team you supported and if you gave the wrong answer they would beat the crap out of you.


  • What would you do...

    leeappdalecom wrote:
    I may like my premium larger but on a work day 11.55 am is way to early to be drinking even for me!

    So what is it then? Mild Carbon Monoxide poisoning?


  • Last post, bye bye Channel 9...

    eagle wrote:
    Darbacour didn’t meet-up with any resistance and he appeared to be very familiar with things around here.

    Isn't it normal etiquette to lurk for a while to get the feel of a community before launching in there with posts?  It's what I've always done.

    eagle wrote:
    There are thousands of C9 User Names that were used just for a day either to start a thread or back up some little tuff guy.

    That's true, but I don't think Darbacour is one of those.  I googled Darbacour and found a trail on various game forums that matched the poster here on C9, so I don't think she's a deliberate troll, just not the type to hide her strong opinions.

    If you check Doomer's profile you'll see he had a previous issue with what he perceived as 'anti-google' opinions on C9. I think it's more Doomers problem that a C9 problem.

    Sad to see someone leave, but C9 is not to everyone's tasted (hard to believe, I know).


  • Slightly depressing day.

    I guess it's the home versus work markets. 
    Home users will like Macs because they appear to be easier to user (I haven't used a Mac since 1988, so I'm somewhat out of date). Frankly, if my mother came to me to ask what computer to buy, I'd probably tell her to get a Mac.
    Business, on the other hand, uses Windows.  They won't change because it would cost too much. They've already invested a lot of infrastructure and training.  MS would have to screw-up Windows very badly to make business change.

    If Macs got very popular, MS would start shipping more apps for them.  I'd be happy to write Mac code if MS made a version of Visual Studio for OS X Big Smile


  • What are YOU listening to?

    Wolfmother (more Led Zep that Led Zep ever were)
    Belle & Sebastian (Life Persuit, nice and relaxed)
    Muse (you can listen to all their albums in entirety on-line  at www.muse.mu, very forward thinking!)
    Rufus Wainright
    ZZ-top (the older stuff)
    Pengion Cafe Orchestra (relaxed)

    If I start listening to too much Radiohead, it means I'm in the first stages of depression, so I need to listen to lighter stuff like the Darkness. I took all the Radiohead MP3's off my PC about six months ago so I can only listen from CD in the car.


  • UK Office pricing gouges UK customers again.

    Jon Honeyball covered this in PC Pro a few months ago in relation to prices for Adobe software.
    The rather pathetic excuse from the Adobe people was that it was too expensive for them to keep changing the prices as the exchange rates varied, so they just exchanges $ for £ to keep their costs down. All software\hardware companies seem to do this.

    It's a long standing problem with US-UK conversions.  In some cases it cheaper to buy in the US and pay the import taxes yourself, but you have to do the maths for each purchase and put up with the inconvenience.

    Having said that, I don't expect to pay the full retail price for any software any more -- it either comes as OEM on a new PC or as an upgrade to something I already have.


  • First thing AM: check C9 forums or email?

    Channel 9 first -- I rarely get email (except spam) so I only check email once a day (usually in the evening).