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Herbie Smith Dr Herbie Horses for courses
  • Get away from the computer...

    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    Ion Todirel wrote: 
    Cybermagellan wrote: Get away from the computer desktop...
    and take a laptop with you

    Of course!  You wouldn't want to have withdrawl while you're out seeing the world. 

    Seeing the world?  Isn't that what live search is for?

    I can see my house from here ...


  • Vista Ultimate no Radio?

    PeterF wrote:
    Maybe too soon?
    btw, most envy you already for having Vista RTM running so stop whining .

    Yeah.  Vista RTM installed, a girlfriend with a truck.  Don't expect any sympathy from us.


  • How to Build a Search Engine

    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    SpectateSwamp wrote: I'll daily WTF you picky picky people

    Admins, that's the second threatening remark he's made in this thread.

    Oh, hardly!

    Give the guy a break.  We give him a pretty hard time because we think his software is useless and he's been fairly respectful the whole time.
    Annoying? Possibly.  Threatening? Certainly not. Bannable behaviour? Nowhere near.


  • Get away from the computer...

    Well, now you're just showing off: "Look at me. I have a life".

    Pictures? That's right, just rub it right in our faces.


    Big Smile:D

  • http://aggr​eg8.net/

    WBurggraaf wrote:

    Bought by Microsoft. But why?????? I mean we have C9, why do their have to be an endless amount of fora/profile ****?

    Well, I've just taken a look and the difference seems to be that it is more oriented to asking technical questions; kind of like our Techoff forum, but split by topic.

    It doesn't have a Coffeehouse, so it can't be worth hanging out there. Smiley

    I guess they're buying the membership as much as the site.  It would be easy to modify C9 to do what aggret8 does, but you wouldn't get new members as quickly.

    Or maybe there's some grand plan that we don't know about. :O


  • What's the most impressive software you've ever seen?

    Dr Herbie wrote:
    That was my secret, psychological experiment with this thread

    Sorry, forgot to add 'Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!' to that statement.


  • What's the most impressive software you've ever seen?

    blowdart wrote:
    I guess it depends what impresses.

    That was my secret, psychological experiment with this thread Smiley

    I don't find it surprising that several people have named software that was simply the first to do something. I think that's a typical geeky response.

    I was hoping for a lot more off-the-wall stuff (like the AlphaWolf like from JKelly).

    I guess I'm just not easily impressed, or possibly not geeky enough.


  • how to utilize our own tool to check-in policies in Team foundation Server?

    We kind of touched on this recently in this thread.


    You'll need to write an FxCop add-in and install it under TFS.


  • function or class

    You're going to have to be more specific. 

    You might also want to post to the Techoff forum as you're more likely to get an answer.

    PS:  You can have a class that only has functions.  The new name for this is 'stateless' rather than the old name 'function library'. Smiley


  • where you declare data, at beggining or end of class?

    Ion Todirel wrote:
    class { /*delegates, events, data, properties, constructors, methods, external methods, enums, structs, classes*/ }

    Please answer, trying to check something.

    class { data, events, delegates, constructors, properties, methods, anything else }