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Herbie Smith Dr Herbie Horses for courses
  • RSS Readers

    I use RSS Bandit because it minimises to the task bar, pops up messages when feeds update and it's free.

    That's pretty much all I need of an RSS reader. Smiley


  • The Limited Resources in Windows.

    SecretSoftware wrote:
     When will we be able to have more than 65536 ports in a machine?

    When will we need 65536 ports on a machine?


    Don't you just love answering a question with a question? Tongue Out

  • Zune DVD rippers

    Tensor wrote:

    Zune Cruising?


    It might be the lack of sleep, but that was really funny.

    Zune Cruising.   HA HA HA HA HA!


    Wherre's the 'I need sleep' emoticon?

  • Virtual Server -- wouldn't it be nice if ...

    Random thinking on the drive to work today:

    Wouldn't it be good if you could install a virtual server, add all the software you need, configure it, test it and then clone it to a real server at the touch of a button?

    This way you could do a server software upgrade without risking the existing server being down while issues are resolved.

    Ideally, you should be able to clone the real server onto a virtual server first so the upgrades, etc reflect the real server as much as possible, then perform the upgrades, test, etc. before copying the changes back to the original server, thus minimising down-time.

    Is this one of the reasons some IT depts want to run everything on virtual server?  So that they can clone a server for upgrades while the old version still services users?

    It would be nice to have the virtual -> real server transfer for those of us who have slower/older servers that can't use virtual server to run live systems.


  • Creating a Linux distribution

    1. Would need a live CD to run/test without installing (like most do these days)
    2. Would need to fit on a CD, not DVD, to support older systems that don't have DVD players.
    3. Would need to auto-detect my laptop's WiFi PC-card, which Ubuntu didn't, during the install so that I can go on-line for help.
    4. Would need easy to use (idiot proof) tools to add new hardware (especially USB stuff) which always seems to screw me when I try Linux.
    5. Decent documentation.


  • 5 sites you visit daily...

    LaBomba wrote:
    Allright, since the thread has already been horribly derailed...what is the reason in the UK for having to license a Television set?

    Do you have to license your toaster as well?

    The BBC is funded by the license fee.  You get two terrestrial TV channels (and now a few digital ones, too) as well as five national radio stations (and now two or three more on digital radio DAB), as well as numerous local radio stations. They are now putting some of their programs on the internet for on-demand use too (both TV and radio).

    And all of this is without advertising: no annoying commercial breaks in the middle of movies. Smiley
    Because it's publicly funded it has a charter to be unbias (or at least relatively unbias compared to many other TV companies).

    If it wasn't for the BBC and the NHS, I would probably have emmigrated years ago.


  • CodeProject - Too slow to enjoy?

    I came here from CodeProject because CodeProject started slowing down a while ago. It's been getting worse and worse, but that's because there are more and more people using it, it's a great site.

    I encourage everyone to post articles there. Its a great feeling to explain something to thousands of readers. My first article has had over 30,000 hits, which I find quite amazing.


  • Where is everybody - why is this place so quiet lately?

    Well, the spectate swamp thread has been hogging all the postings for a while.

    But, I agree.  It's quiet.

    I haven't got anything interesting to say. Not that it usually stops me.




  • UI: Choices = Headaches


    I have similar problems with the current UK government; they keep banging on about giving the public choice as to which schools and hospitals to use.  I don't want to have to choose, I just want the nearest one to be good.



  • How to Build a Search Engine

    John Gault wrote:
    SpectateSwamp wrote: Pretty cool what random can do.


    I just watched the video.  Is there a way to do this using WDS oin Vista?

    Not with WDS, but Media player has a 'random' button to randomly play a music selection.  Media player 11 will also search for media in the background.

    I generally select 'All Music' in the playlist screen and play it all with the random function.

    Rather than pressing a key to listen to music I like, I press a key to skip music I don't want to listen to. Pretty much the same functionality. My home keyboard has 'media' keys too, so I can punch the next track up quickly.
    And media player runs minimised too.

    Was in two minds about whether to add to this thread. It's too long.