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Herbie Smith Dr Herbie Horses for courses
  • Best methodology?

    Mark_md4 wrote:

    Do you use principles of "software engineering" in other words a methodology when elaborating a project???

    If yes, which?

    May be you have an opinion which methodology is the best, and tell your opinion about RUP (Rational Unified Process).

    And why people are so passive about this theme?

    The best methodology is the one that best fits the project.

    I've used waterfall (SSADM) methodologies for medical/pharaceutical software so it can get past the FDA inspection, but now I work in an Agile company where we write custom software within a vertical market.

    People aren't necessarily passive about this topis; many of us are tired of the arguments that have raged on this for a long time. It can be a very 'religous' topic for some people.


  • Dependency tracer for .NET?

    Looks like we'll be using the Reflector API to roll our own. Another dev has taken this project and he reckons he'll be able to do it.


  • 5 sites you visit daily...

    Visit a site?

    Are you quite mad?

    I use RSS to tell me what's new, I don't need to visit. How common.

    Except C9.  I visit C9 a lot.  Mostly while Visual Studio is sitting there apparently not doing anything except using 50% of my CPU, like it's doing now.


  • What is with this YouTube banner ad?

    Found the original post:

    Credit for the escape key tip should go to Shreyas Zare

    There. Concience eased.


  • What is with this YouTube banner ad?

    ScanIAm wrote:

    If I ever have children, I'll name the first one herbie.

    Now I feel guilty for getting credit for someone else's tip.

    If you have kids, search the Techoff forum for the original poster.


  • What is with this YouTube banner ad?

    Massif wrote:
    Dr Herbie wrote: 
    Zeus wrote: Phew ... thanks to the developer god for Adblock

    Thanks to the Escape key that stops GIFs animating.

    Go on, try it.  You know you want to.


    Best Tip Ever.

    I have to declare that it's not originally mine, it came from a Techoff post a few months ago (I've searched, but can't find the thread). 

    It is a great tip (works in IE and Firefox).


  • What is with this YouTube banner ad?

    Zeus wrote:
    Phew ... thanks to the developer god for Adblock

    Thanks to the Escape key that stops GIFs animating.

    Go on, try it.  You know you want to.


  • How not to do automatic updates (rant)

    Minh wrote:
    Let's list our best update/install experiences:

    * AllTunes (um..., so I hear)
       No Admin priviledges needed to update. "It just works" is not just a motto.

    Just installing SQLServer 2005 SP1 and it just told me :

    "In order to prevent a necessary reboot at then end of the patch install process, close down all other applications before proceeding."

    I had Visual Studio open with the database stuff loaded.  It even told me the assembly it needed to get at.

    Now that's a good install.


  • How not to do automatic updates (rant)

    I've just had to rebuild my development machine here at work.  One of the final tasks was to install Abobe Acrobat Reader.

    After the install, it told me that there were updates to be loaded from the interweb.  Great.  Keep up to date.  Bug fixes.  That's a good thing.


    Firstly, it offered to install a whole load of other stuff -- Adobe Atmoshphere What?  I only want the reader.  That's why I only downloaded the reader.

    While Adobe's updater was downloading the updates, I tidied up my desktop.  I removed the shortcut to Acrobat Reader as I never need it, I just double-click the PDF files I want to read.  I then got on with some work in Visual Studio.

    OK, Adobe wants to install the updates.  Fine, go ahead.

    Reboot?  Oh, OK.  I'll interrupt what I'm doing and allow you to reboot.


    The desktop shortcut's back. I'll just delete it again, because I never use it.

    Oh, hang on. That was just the first update, there's two more. Ok, go ahead.

    Reboot?  Again? OK then, I'll go and make a cup of tea while I wait.

    The desktop shortcut's back again. Deleted again.

    Wait, there's still another update to install. I'll finish making tea while it installs.

    Reboot?  No. Not this time, I've run out of patience.  The desktop icon's back again, too. To add insult to injury, Acrobat Reader starts up without asking.

    Now let's get this straight.  Adobe's Acrobat reader is a useful utility. That's utility, is case you missed it.

    I only want Acrobat Reader to open when I have a PDF file to read.  If I don't have a PDF file to read, I don't want to know you're there.

    Adobe's programmers may live and breath their software, but I don't.  I don't want it to auto-start itself so that I can bath in it's beauty after an update.  I don't want it's shortcut on my desktop so I can run it for no reason.

    Note to all developers:  if you're writing a utility, it should be invisible until it's needed.



  • Dependency tracer for .NET?

    Foxfire wrote:
    Write one yourself!

    Take Cecil from Mono as base and just write the missing parts yourself. Should be easy and painless.

    If we had time, we would.  Our main job is providing working systems to customers, not writing programming tools, so we're hoping for a quick solution.

    Cecil is a useful find, though, thanks. If it somes to it, we might eventually find the time.