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Duncan Mackenzie Duncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"
  • Channel 9 Live at PDC10

    @ZippyV: Probably something awesome that we can't tell you about yet

  • TWC9: NuPack, WebMatrix Beta 2, MVC View Engines Reviewed

    @zoobar:Not to avoid the problem here, but you might want to try clearing the cookies in Chrome on that machine... we haven't had any other Chrome specific bugs, but since cookies are stored per-browser I could see your C9 auth keys ending up in a bad state with just the one browser on the one machine.

  • PDC10 and the new Online Experience

    @deadonthefloor:hey, at least two of the C9 crew are Canadians from the prairies...  happy to see that we've helped a fellow flatlander...

  • Cut the Cable and Enjoy HDTV Anywhere

    Between Netflix, Amazon Video on demand, and the Zune Marketplace I'm really convinced I don't need our cable subscription. I'm not sure of the exact amount we'll save to drop back to internet access only, but I'm sure it will be enough to offset the purchase of a Roku HD to provide content to the TV that doesn't have a 360 hooked up to it.

  • Ping 76: Windows 7 Idle Cycles, Zune Marketplace, Where are the Windows Phones, Seesmic & Silverlight

    One scary thing to me (watching that clip of the halloween video)  is how much Dan actually sounds like that in real life...

  • TWC9: VB for Windows Phone 7, ASP.NET Vulnerability, WCF Services, String Formatting Cheat Sheet

    FYI, video player jumps to the right place now!

  • TWC9 - IE9 Beta, WP7 Tools, and The New Channel 9 with Duncan and Sampy

    , N2Cheval wrote

    This episode talks alot about what was done, how hard, how much work, etc., but as the team is closer to the tool makers, so (in theory) able to fix and figure out solutions to problems quicker and easier, (I'm slowly getting to the question) I was wondering
    if a video could be made of hindsight? The angle that I'm coming from is creating for the web can be fiddly and hard and it can be thought that end user developers just need more experience and training, but if you are also finding it hard then where are things
    going wrong? So with that in thought answering such questions as: What would be done differently? What, if any, different decision paths you would have taken? Do you feel that you have solved all the issues to the Channel9_Producers_2004_Introduction_To_Who_We_Are
    "what would be a failure that the center guy raised" questions? Obviously we're watching and care so Charles fear can be rested at least. Smiley




    Just a thought.

    If I'm understanding your question... "why is it hard for us to build for the web when we have the training and resources?" ... well, as Geoff (dev on the C9 team) is fond of saying "it's the web, if you think you are in control then you are wrong" (or something like that... I'm paraphrasing). From my point of view I'd say that the web seems to be a non-deterministic system, things go wrong that are difficult or in some cases impossible to predict. In reality this just means there are factors involved that we are not completely aware of, but there are so many factors (browser differences as an example) that it becomes exteremely difficult to predict what will happen.

    In other cases though, we were doing things that very few people have done before, so we couldn't ask for advice in advance. Yes, we had access to people like Ryan Dunn (from the Cloud Cover show) when we confused by an Azure issue (and many others, like Sampy's brother and even public forums and blogs), but that was *after* we hit an issue. In the end, all development seems to be the same; you come up with a plan based on your understanding of reality and then adjust as you determine what is really going to happen.

  • TWC9 - IE9 Beta, WP7 Tools, and The New Channel 9 with Duncan and Sampy

    @PerfectPhase: we added the pop-up because we got the bug "Download items launch in WMP instead of downloading" Smiley

    I think it is a question of the web savvy of the individual, because we had to add a 'right-click to download' piece of text to the msteched.com site because of user confusion, but we didn't have to do that on the MIX or PDC sites...

    I'll look at just taking the script away and adding a line "right-click to download" to try and handle both types of users.

  • The Office Show: Microsoft Word

    If you click on the "Media Downloads" drop down above, you can get the WMV High version which (in this case) is 960 x 544


  • TWC9: The First Look at the New Channel 9!

    It was probably a slightly odd decision from a Microsoft guy, but


    1. I use all browsers, part of being a web dev
    2. I couldn't figure out how to make the address bar go away in IE8 without going full screen


    #2 was the last minute issue that made me switch, but overall I make no attempt to use IE more than any other browser on my machine.