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Duncan Mackenzie Duncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"
  • SpamSpamSpam

    by the way, I did roll out some features based on suggestions made by folks on the forum... I don't want to detail them publically, but if you are seeing less of the full forum takeover events, then I think it's working. If you are still seeing them, and deleting them, keep complaining. Yes, I can query the deleted items in the database, but if you post it here I'll get notified and it will all be much quicker, thanks

  • Did you watch the dotNetConf?

    Curious if any of the more 'regular' niners checked it out. I listened to it while working and I thought it was great stuff... I think it is nearly all on-demand here if you haven't seen it http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/dotnetConf/2014

  • WISH : SHARE button on Channel 9 Windows Store App.

    @YoshihroKawabata: If you open the charms panel, there should be a 'share' option there

  • STL Introduction lecture is down

    @royelee:  I think it is all fixed, sorry for the hassle

  • rename this place ....

    @Blue Ink: Haven't really thought along those lines, it was never designed to be a general purpose system, but I know the world of what can (or should) be open sourced is always evolving so we'll keep it in mind.

  • rename this place ....

    @JohnAskew: It's a valid idea, definitely. It is actually similar to the system we put in place for links. The older your account is, the more links you can have in a message before you get flagged for spam. Brand new accounts are not allowed links at all, or limited to one (I'd have to check the code).

  • can you re-assign current account to my old one?  (jamie)

    @Sathyaish: Ach, sorry Sathyaish, did keep up on this thread once I had addressed Jamie's request. Can you tell me your original username? Not sure why you can't sign in any more, the 'forms auth' page is http://channel9.msdn.com/signin


  • rename this place ....

    @Bas: yeah, true enough. Just trying not to make something that will be easily circumvented. Continuing with *the plan*

  • rename this place ....

    @Duncanma: Hmm... one issue with my plan just showed up already, in a spammer that posted only 4 messages, and a few minutes apart. that would be very hard to distinguish (to me at least) from 'real' content.

  • rename this place ....

    @magicalclick: making the textbox work on WP8 was never 1 line of code, but ignoring that....

    We are very concerned about the spam... but I can't see how this is a 50-lines of code fix. Ages ago I wrote a full system where 'trusted' users could mark something as spam and it would immediately be removed. Within days, there was an uproar on the site about this gave power to certain people and created a two-tier system of users ... the complaints continued until I removed it. Now, it seems like we need to revisit these ideas, and that people might not complain... but regardless the issue is that we have to be careful how we implement them.

    I rolled out code this morning that was intended to reduce this, but the folks doing the spamming adjusted their text very quickly to no longer hit my (admittedly very simple) check. My hope was it was automated and wouldn't adjust like that. So, now I'd like to implement a better fix. The idea is, code that scans the site every x minutes, looks for more than y posts from a single user or IP in z minutes and removes it. I hesitate to post even that much detail, but you get the idea. I'll try to get this done and running tonight in a rough form, then turn it into code that can run 24/7 shortly after... then I'll add in code to let us know when it deletes things, track failures, etc. All of which will be much more than 50 lines of code.

    As to the perception that we don't care about the forum, I'm sorry that people think that. The reality is, we are very small group of folks and we haven't switched to working on the videos, we just are stretched out a fair bit beyond our capacity. Does that mean that Microsoft doesn't place a lot of value on this site? It is hard to say, we get continuous praise for our site, for our content, for the work we've done around live broadcasts... but yeah, in the end we don't get any real funding, so we have to make do with the team we have and just try to be efficient and focused in the work we do on the site. Sadly that means that sometimes the forum doesn't get the attention that we give to the homepage, the Build live stream or other 'higher profile' activities, but we will get to it as soon as we can.