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Duncan Mackenzie Duncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"
  • Forums page

    @MasterPi: So this is all part of the spam issue. When we delete the most recent forum thread, it breaks a dependency that the /Forums page uses to display that list. End result is that forum disappears. It fixes up in a bit. We definitely need to fix the larger spam problem.

  • IE 11 gets no sound playing videos, Chrome 34.0.​1847.137 m plays fine, any idea why?

    @jlomax: I'm pretty sure everyone on my team is hitting the site with IE11 and we haven't seen this... is it across every video?

  • Hey, check out the search

    @Geoffreyk: fun, real time requirements gathering and now I know why you brought this up today as a change you were making to the search :) 

    @DeathByVisualStudio: We definitely felt there was some work to do here, but that the new search was already better than the current one so we were doing people a disservice by not shipping it now. With some real-world usage, some great feedback, and some of our own ideas it will get even better over time :)


  • Is there some kind of API that can be used to access the data on Channel 9

    @jlo2: Those *are* the values of the start/end dates for that session though. It was not part of the schedule, so no start/end dates were specified in our system. The same is true for a ton of other sessions that are pre-recorded and didn't happen at a specific date/time. I would suggest you could group everything without a start date into an 'unspecified' or 'no date' group, then group the rest by "April 9th, 2014", "April 10th, 2014", etc... pulling from the Start value.

    As far as documentation, this thread is it at the moment. The API exists to be called by our apps, the majority of which are written by @Cara9, so that means a couple of things

    1. if there are any code snippets or examples, she'd be the one to provide them
    2. if the app doesn't use a type of data (comments for example), then they may not be in the API at all at this point

    Having said that... explain what you need and I'm sure we'll take a look at what we can do in the near term.

  • "U.S. Department of Homeland Security recommends that people ditch Internet Explorer"

    , evildictait​or wrote

    Local government and state government is up to whatever the locals want though - as is national infrastructure like powerplants and hospitals, who just pray that nobody notices their unpatched Windows 95 machine sitting in the corner making sure that rods in the nuclear power plant don't get stuck in the "fully up" position or the cable connecting it to the unpatched Windows 2008 box running the powerplant's public website written by the director's son back before parameterized SQL was a thing.

    That was just about one of the most terrifying things I've read lately. Probably because, having worked as a consultant in a bunch of government offices, it is very believable.


  • Any change to get MEC and Lync Conf sessions here?

    @BIGmog: @Petri: We are looking into this folks ... might be able to make it happen

  • RSS Feed for older Azure Friday episodes

    @anfield: You can do paging on the RSS feed http://s.ch9.ms/Shows/Azure-Friday/feed/mp4high?page=2 if you need to

    Generally RSS feeds don't contain everything from a site or blog, they are intended to contain the most recent ones, in our case 25 items back

  • Laptops for Development

    @BitFlipper: I do all my development on laptops. Usually my HP 8540W, which is beast. 36GB of ram, 4 cores ... heavy as you'd expect. Video encoding is a common need though, even just when I doing dev work on our encoding system and testing things.

    Recently though I got a Yoga 2 Pro (or Pro 2, not sure) and I'm testing it out as a dev box while I'm here at Build. It is working really well, runs Channel 9 just fine, couple copies of VS. Has a crazy high resolution display that means text looks beautiful.

  • Build livestream buffering like crazy!!

    @PradeepMani: some people find switching browsers help, because you could end up switching between our Silverlight and flash players. Otherwise it could just be a network issue between our location and yours. If so, the video will be available on-demand as quickly as we can get it.

  • ... And now the build stream stopped working during Anders session

    @androidi: they have different audio mixing boxes along the way, there was a channel turned on that should have been off. The trick, that was trying to explain, was that it wasn't playing in the room, but it was in the stream, so we had to figure out which mixer board was messing it up.

    Anyway, all fixed and it won't be in the on-demand recording