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Duncan Mackenzie Duncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"
  • does this work (test post)

    SlackmasterK said:
    HumanCompiler said:

    Sounds like you've got the structure in place for a nested layout. Will this be an option soon?

    We started out with a nested layout and even shipped a version that way, but received a lot of negative feedback and requests for a flat layout. Keeping in mind the 37signals guideline of 'Avoid Preferences' we decided to go with the flat layout that most people seemed to want.

  • What do you want?

    HumanCompiler said:
    Jason I said:
    We would like that too, but because of Windows Live ID policy, we aren't allowed to store your e-mail address so we can't do that.  Sad  It's a pain, but you can subscribe to the RSS feed of any blog post or thread you want.
    One option is for us to start using Windows Live Alerts, they work with your Live ID to allow you to subscribe to alerts from a site and then have them sent to your email, IM, mobile phone, etc... Figuerres mentioned this to me directly, pointing out that they use this service on the MSDN forums. Notification would definitely be a nice feature to have on the site.

  • overwhelmed by a car dies Pininfarina

    Dovella said:
    wisemx said:
    Last car in 2008 Pininfarina Studio

    Maserati Granturismo

    Every year there is a squash tournament at the gym I go to... and it is sponsored by Maserati... I don't play squash, but I love that week anyway because they put 3 or 4 Maseratis in the parking lot during the tournament and they are unbelievably gorgeous.

  • Video player...

    pdev, I'm running FF 3.0.1 right now and full screen works for me...  does full screen work for you on other Silverlight players?

    http://silverlight.net/learn/learnvideo.aspx?video=76039 is one example if you have a chance to check it out.

  • Creating a link in Firefox 3

    Sampy said:
    Working on it now
    I don't believe we ever said, but this was resolved shortly after Sampy looked into it. I believe it was a config issue, where we missed one of the various handlers that the Telerik control uses for to produce its dialogs.

  • Performance

    figuerres said:
    Sampy said:

    IT SHOWS!!!!!!!!

    really, this is soooooo much better now!   wish I could send the team a big bottle of something good to drink Smiley

    Tell Duncan also.... He has had a couple of emails from me when things were crashing. 

    much much better.......  way better....

    Thanks, we appreciate the feedback when things go wrong... but we like it when things go right too Smiley

  • My Name

    Itslloydhere said:
    mVPstar said:

    Lloyd_Humph was my old login. I now want to sign into Lloyd_Humph using lloyd [at] lloyd [removeme] humphreys.com

    If that's possible, I'll owe you one Smiley
    so... we don't sign in with email addresses (you do, to Live ID, but that doesn't come back to our system) ... is your new account using the Live ID that you want your old account to be linked to?

  • Annoying sites in Google search results

    I hate those sites... and here's why. A few month ago I was getting an odd error with IIS with an error message that I couldn't find any information about (in terms of what could cause it) ... I did a search, and a expertsexchange link showed up. I went there and there was a question about exactly what I was looking for (IIS said this to me, what causes it and how do I fix it?") and they said (paraphrasing the site here) "join to see the answer to this question". I begrudgingly paid the $ to sign up, and clicked through to see (once again paraphrasing as I don't have access to that page any more) "it is difficult to say what could cause that... try checking through your code and making changes until the problem goes away". Yes, I did get to see a response to that question, but it isn't really the solution/answer that they promise. I flipped out on their support email and cancelled my account...

    It is essentially the opposite of everything that I love about the Internet... I love that when you hit a problem you can do a search and find out that someone else has run into the same problem and posted their solution ... some solutions are better than others, but still ... it is the exact reason I started blogging when I was at MSDN, I could post a quick little how-to and get an enormous amount of traffic of people looking for that information. If my information was helpful to even a few % of those people, it was well worth the time to type it up.

    bah, experts exchange, bah

    I find another site lately though that handled the same style of service much, much better. On this site (JustAnswer.com) I posted a question about a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am, and that I'd be willing to pay some amount (seven dollars I think, maybe nine... both #s seem about right in my head) for an answer ... then an expert responded that he'd be happy to answer the question for me for that amount. I was able to look at his profile and see the amount of positive feedback received ... and his credentials (15 years as a Pontiac mechanic), so I accepted his offer of help... he answered my question then I was able to choose if that answer was satisfactory (it was) ... since the answer was complete and what I needed, he got his money... and I felt very happy.

    Now the google-faking style of expertsexchange will get more traffic, but I'm never using them again...

  • Spam Threads

    All have been removed, thanks

    Obviously, a better method of reporting these is needed, but I appreciate the manual reporting that folks have been doing!

  • Editor is broken in Opera 9.x

    I'll check that out turrican, thanks. We have Opera installed, and the editor is supposed to work with it, but I believe this wouldn't be the first editor/opera problem we've seen.