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Duncan Mackenzie Duncanma "yeah that's awful close, but that's not why I'm so hard done by"
  • No "Microsoft employee" chiclet?

    We have discussed it, and it seems like an obvious indicator to bring back... the old system wasn't very robust though, and was based on the use of a @microsoft.com email address in your profile, so we'll probably create something that relies upon access to our internal network to validate. Some employees have expressed a dislike of an indicator though, thinking that everyone should be treated the same and that an indicator suggests some sort of special status.... any thoughts about that?

  • DIV Formatting loss

    SlackmasterK said:
    Duncanma said:


    Right. When I put <div>'s in a post, and apply a style, and it disappears... if I edit that post, the styles are still there. Must be a filter between the select query and the browser.  It seems to store the style along with the rest of the content.

    re: "bug in formatting" -- like the imfamous W00terz thread? Smiley

    Yep, we do a certain amount of filtering during input (whatever the edit control does plus little else), then we do the major filtering during output... that way we leave your source alone... if we have a bug or we if are being overzealous with our filtering, it isn't a permanent issue.

  • Paging bug w/ Go to last page

    CannotResolveSymbol said:
    I can reproduce this issue by following this link, then clicking the button to show the previous page:  http://channel9.msdn.com/forums/Feedback/416345-Paging-Bug-w-Go-to-last-page-test-case/?CommentID=416372

    Looks like this could be related to the "Posts not showing up right away" issue.  The symptoms are more or less the same.

    Since this is from July 19th, I'm betting this was the case... but was fixed when we fixed the other similar issue. They were, as you suggest, probably the same bug.

    let me know if you still see the issue.

  • My Name

    So... your original Lloyd_Humph account was userid/password sign in? or Live ID?

    and you want it tied to the same Live ID as this account? or to a different one?

    I'll take care of this for you, once I figure out the right action we are looking for.

    I'm sorry there was a miscommunication about it.

  • Is Ajax a success?

    vesuvius said:
    Duncanma said:

    So Duncanma what is it that Silverlight 2.0 will have to offer that cannot be done in Ajax? I know it looks better, but I'm more concerned with the features you've removed, why they have been removed, and whether Silverlight 2.0 offers a solution.
    As I get older, I'm becoming very cynical about any new technologies that supposedly solve problems, as they almost always fall short at some point. Ajax seemed so promising but the stateless nature of it is problematical. You have what is essentially a ‘hack’, and then all this high level code to imitate state that is very very tricky to implement, and the related bugs are hard to reproduce thus eliminate.

    For me the biggest disappointment is the loading circle. It seems the traditional HTTPGET/RESPONSE flicker has been substituted for this. In the real word you guys are in Seattle and I'm in England, so it will always take a little while to pull the data from your servers to my PC. The connection I have is also a major factor. That considered it does appear to me that Ajax as a technology was very limited to begin with, and the more data you have to send, the more inefficient and problem filled it becomes. It is only every best used in places like the following in news websites like The New York Times beneath

    To be clear, I'm not talking about Silverlight 2 in this thread at all, in my mind using a client side technology like Flash or Silverlight to handle something that can already be done via javascript/html is a bad idea... but many web sites keep doing it, so I may be a minority in this opinion.

    As far as the use of AJAX and your connection... the idea is to send less data than a full page refresh, which (in theory) should help you out, not hurt you. The initial page load contains the data for that first page, so that doesn't really involve any AJAX at all... but then when you page, instead of sending down 80-120k for the page, we send down a much smaller amount just for the new entries.

  • SPAM report

    Bas said:
    Duncanma said:
    I think that comes down to a theological question. Do gods create themselves, or are deified by their followers?
    I doubt we should really continue on this path Smiley

    I still think the spam button, with the idea of x votes == hidden ... with votes being weighted based on the user's history on the site ... is a good model. The other option is moderators ... which has many benefits above any automatic system ... or (and I think this is where we are headed now) a combination where users flag content as spam, and moderators are shown a quick list of flagged posts to make it easier for them to notice any inappropriate content and decide if action is needed.

  • c9 challenge

    jamie said:
    jeff....  you find this site consistantky as fast as the old site?  ..or even consistant?
    Jeff mentioned to me today that it gets slow for him from time to time (the word being used was 'pokey', but I can't remember if that was his word or mine). We are aware that there are stability issues, and when the site goes down it slows down for a bit afterwards.

    C9v3 used to crash the app domain as often as every few minutes... and would get slower and slower over a few hours... until we finally scheduled the app pool to recycle every hour or so. I'm not saying that was better or worse, it crashed much more often but recovered faster... bit of a toss up there ... I'm just pointing out that we aren't coming from an idyllic situation to a horrible one... in fact, I'd say that stability has improved overall. People were complaining on a regular basis with C9v3 that they would lose their posts after clicking add, amongst other errors, as just one example.

    I already failed your challenge by the way, right after reading it I found an error on the /shows/<show name>/ page and deployed an updated DLL to fix it. My apologies Sad

  • Posts not showing up reight away

    mVPstar said:
    Duncanma said:
    Strange, it wasn't happening to me before and now suddenly started happening every time I post.
    well it is a very new bug, created while fixing another bug... but I believe both of them are fixed now.

  • Profile paging is hard to use

    what if we sorted your threads by last comment? like we do the threads on the home page of the coffeehouse?

  • How C9v4 works

    mVPstar said:
    Sampy said:

    Will the Dev Diary have a ton of pretty pictures?

    it could... I like pictures.