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Sean Kearney

Sean Kearney Energized​TechPower​ShellMVP I never met a computer I didn't like. Just don't tell my wife!

Niner since 2008

  • Ping 220: ReddX, Skype update, White House dress code, Ballmer moving on, and more

    Rick! Dude!

    The COMMODORE SX-64!  You absolutely rock!  I haven't seen one of those in ages!

    Very sweet vintage :)



  • TechEd Countdown Show: The One about the Bag and Restaurants

    Rick and Joey....

    You know I SWEAR when that video was done you saw the old ones from "Energize IT 2008" in Canada..... ;)

    "But wait! There's MORE!"

  • TechNet Radio: IT Time - Valentine's Day Special! The 14 Things we LOVE about PowerShell


    My badly written poetry is EXACTLY why I focus on Servers and Technology and doing well at what I do.... :)

    But what if I take up a Night job?


  • TechNet Radio: IT Time - Valentine's Day Special! The 14 Things we LOVE about PowerShell

    If thy needeth them, here be the words from the PowerShell Love Poem

    How do I love Thee Powershell?
    Let me count the ways

    I love thee for thy Cmdlets
    A Verb and Noun to see
    that Simple pair of wonder
    unleashed for you and me

    I love thee for thy Objects
    Unlocked for all to use
    Their Methods and their Madness
    Yet never to do they bruise

    I love thee for thy Help
    Which makes life oh so fine
    The basics and examples
    And more of it -online

    I love thee for the Shell
    Oh Rich and lovely Blue
    that shimmers on the Flat Screen
    And makes me feel anew

    I love thy integration
    You see to work with all
    Using CIM and MOF
    You're always on the Ball

    Oh thy Workflows and Remoting
    Modules and DSC
    Easy to build Cmdlets
    That set the systems free

    On this brightest day of hearts
    With forgiveness in the air
    With Speakers Tweeting love
    Admins smiling without care

    I beg thee PowerShell
    and I'm asking on my knees
    forgive last Mondays use of Vbscript
    I ask you oh so please!


  • Ping 195: Satya is the new CEO, Super Bowl Commercial, Education Offers, Foursquare Investment, and the Olympics on Azure

    Gotta say LOVE the reference to Pet (Still remember them VACUUMING the keyboards in high school to get them working)

    Absolutely.   COOLEST commercial done.   Very unifying.  Thumbs up !

    ....and a Double thumbs up to Satya Nadella.   I was very impressed with how open he was in trying to resolve the issues with the Community.    This could be a very interesting change in the winds for Microsoft.  :)

  • Cloudy with a chance of ZOMBIES!!!

    WATCH THE HELL?!?! Only TWO WEEKS before MVP Summit and you have FREAKING ZOMBIES on CAMPUS??!?!

    Just HOW!  HOW can you CLAIM to provide a safe environment for 1000's of the most passionate Community minded people with Freaking UNDEAD ZOMBIES in REDMOND!?!?! Are you NUTS??!?!?

    You know, at one point I thought you guys were the coolest thing since Double Sided floppies.

    But now.... I ... I just don't know.... what to think.    Digging up bodies, employing them to operate the cloud.   The extremes you go to.... You should be so ashamed.

    You know DARN WELL oh 'People at Microsoft that I would have HAPPILY done it all in PowerShell.   Maybe a script or and a little scheduling combined with some DSC and SMA.   Highly cost effective. 

    ...and No zombies required.

    *sniff* ---- you make me sad Sad

    Sean "Leaving No RedBull Unturned" Kearney
    the Energized Tech
    Windows PowerShell MVP

  • The Microsoft TechEd 2013 bag is revealed…and once again, it’s super-green.

    And on top of the ECO Friendliness it has something that Powershell People with LOVE! It has BLUE - perfect for use with Powershell Scripts Smiley

    GET-MSTECHED | REGISTER-NOW ; #powershell Smiley

  • Behind The Maps - UltraCam

    So hop to it!  More pictures of Canada.  It's not all just snow and ice (Well maybe North North North North North Winnipeg)

    Hello Half Canadian, I'm a pure American that is almost Canadian.  I just can't speak Yankee anymore... Wink  Been up in Ontario WAAY too long.... Tongue Out

    Damn I could go for a Dunkin Donuts right about now.

    Yeah, damn.  That's a BIG camera.  So....er... I'm guessing it won't run of "Energizers" eh?