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Erisan Erisan
  • Oculus joined Facebook ... wut

    @Richard.Hein:Yes they did but they have tons of work ahead. DK2 1080p is just a beginning. And I very much hope they are able to work independently.

    If one of these bigger companies "had to" buy OR Facebook wasn't the worst possible choice. To me it would have been Microsoft or Apple since they would have killed Linux support instantly.

  • Oculus joined Facebook ... wut

    Palmer Luckey: "Why would we want to sell to someone like MS or Apple? So they can tear the company apart and use the pieces to build out their own vision of virtual reality, one that fits whatever current strategy they have? Not a chance."

    Well, to me there's still too many open questions to be able to make my mind what I think about this. But at a first impression is quite positive to me. Oculus Rift should be safe financially at least for now, so they can drive VR forward as planned which is most important at this point.

    I don't have Facebook account and it seems I don't need one to use Oculus Rift either.

  • Valve: Steam Dev Days

    @Bass: I have not seen any information about the price yet. The controller seems to be still in heavy development stage so I guess it's price is still pretty much unknown. Other manufacturers should make their own versions of the controllers which most likely have different price tags according to features they will provide.

    Other VALVe/Steam related news:

    Steam Client Update (In-Home streaming). I heard it's still using software to encode/decode so the performance is still not as good as it is going to be.

    Beta SteamOS ISO now available for testing

    It's very nice to see how VALVe and the community is collaborating.


  • Valve: Steam Dev Days

    Gamers may be interesting what Valve has in mind.

    Day 1
    Day 2
    VOGL: VOGL OpenGL Tracer/Debugger - Bonus Content

    Valve's VOGL Debugger To Be Completely Open-Source

  • The new scroogled ad...

    , AndyC wrote


    Today, maybe. But look at how much of Android's open source base is now actually used on Google's approved version of Android ...

    I'm not sure what would be the best way to measure it but I would say they share code a lot. Sure, Android on phones has some closed source applications installed. Nothing prevents someone to improve the applications found from AOSP or starting from scratch.

    You can download AOSP and run it on some phone, development board (PandaBoard, BeagleBoard, etc.) or an emulator.

    Community is porting Android and ChromeOS for various of new hardware as well. It's nice to see people doing that; having fun with their devices and learning new stuff.

  • The new scroogled ad...

    Erisan, I feel that we might be living in a historical moment here. The moment we'll look look back to and say, yes, the end of 2013 was when the Windows hegemony on PC finally began to fall apart. I'm crossing my fingers. Smiley

    I definitely hope there will be some big changes in near future. Android, Chromebook, SteamOS, Tizen, etc. lots stuff happening Smiley - can't wait CES 2014 and WMC 2014

    Of course tons of interesting tech is coming for normal Linux distributions to look forward: Wayland, kdbus, etc.

    We have no this kind of negative "scroogled" ads here so they are quite confusing. They would make more harm than good for the company.

  • The new scroogled ad...

    PCWorld: "Chromebooks charge into business market, capture 20% of commercial notebooks"

  • SteamOS beta released

    , Bass wrote


    I'm not too familiar with Docky (only read about it a little). So you can run Debian Wheezy basically, on a machine that's Ubuntu? It's all about overlays right, so like if your host is Ubuntu and your Docky doesn't depending on Wheezy, it doesn't need the Wheezy overlay? Does this all work well by the way? I heard it's kind of experimental.

    I'm not too familiar with Docker myself either yet but since it's hot tech at the moment I will give it a try. I'm using Fedora 20 as host.

    Hard way (own rootfs):

    $ dnf install docker-io debootstrap
    $ docker -d &
    $ debootstrap --arch=amd64 wheezy ./wheezy
    $ tar -C wheezy -c . | docker import - wheezy
    $ docker run wheezy <command>

    Easy way (public images):

    $ dnf install docker-io
    $ docker -d &
    $ docker pull tianon/debian:wheezy
    $ docker run wheezy <command>

    So you are able to run all Linux distributions on any distribution you like.

    $ docker pull base/arch
    $ docker run base/arch cat /etc/os-release
    NAME="Arch Linux"
    PRETTY_NAME="Arch Linux"

  • SteamOS beta released

    , Bass wrote


    Yeah of course you can also run Steam on many Linux distros. SteamOS is basically Debian Stable with a Valve-modified real time Linux kernel and Steam configured to run in BigPicture mode.

    Yep, I was using Steam on Fedora earlier but now I switched it to SteamOS. At the moment SteamOS LightDM has three sessions configured: GNOME (3.4), GNOME Classic (fallback mode) and Steam (Big Picture). It's interesting to see if there's any other sessions or desktops installed additional to "Big Picture" session in final version.

    Debian stable with longterm kernel (3.10.x) are excellent choices but unfortunately for example GNOME is already very dated - and it has weird configuration. If they are going to have some desktop pre-installed in final version I hope they will spend more time finalizing it.

    But I can see them diverging further in the future, both with increasing their modifications to the Linux kernel to enable better performance on games, as well as moving to Wayland or direct GEM/EGL calls for rendering. So you'll have a machine that will make much better use of the gaming hardware then a unmodified Linux distro or Windows can.

    It's going to be very interesting to see how SteamOS is going to evolve and how Debian's decisions are going to affect to it. At the moment Debian developers are having a discussion about if they are going to switch to Upstart or systemd. Wayland is very interesting topic as well.

    And just to completely go off a tangent. Docker is really interesting. How is it working for you?

    I have seen Steam running in Ubuntu+Docker so it shouldn't be an issue. I have done just some small testing and at least Debian Wheezy is working nicely:

    $ debootstrap --arch=amd64 wheezy ./wheezy
    $ tar -C wheezy -c . | docker import - wheezy
    $ docker run wheezy <command>

    systemd-nspawn or plain chroot works as well.

  • SteamOS beta released

    SteamOS and Steam Machines has long way to go but this was impressive first step. It will take a lot of time to get game developers familiar with a new environment.

    As a user who uses Windows only for gaming, SteamOS is a big improvement. It's flexible so I can make wild variety of installations in any way I like. I'm able to use my external USB HDD installation with all my computers which is alone a nice improvement and having a bootable USB stick for gaming is quite nice as well.

    On my work computer I'm probably going to run SteamOS on Docker.