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Fabulous Fadz Fabulous_​Fadz Option WP8 On
  • Lap around the Windows Runtime

    Joining the side story about WinRT and .NET here. When .NET came out, it covered a lot things that devs had wanted in the 90s. Managed memory, a common type system etc. Anyone from the VB6 and VC++ days would remember that these types didn't talk nice, String in VB, and you don't know what kind of string to use in C++, CString, char*, CHAR* BString etc. 

    So many of these things were addressed and a new language came on board. Building web apps wasn't a totally alien experience anymore, objects written in one .NET language could be accessed from another with ease.

    .NET however left gaps and I remember reading many suggestions, debates etc. (probably participated in one myself) about all the stuff on platform invoke etc. A common suggestion was that instead of having all this pInvoke stuff, an Object Oriented API would be a welcome addition because you still cannot easily figure out what kind of type to pass when the API wants a pointer. 

    So this is pretty much what WinRT is. It covers the gaps that were left by .NET and means that we don't have to write as many, if any, pInvoke statements. That's what I think anyway.

  • Your devices + OData + Windows Azure == happiness

    Downloading the video now. Looking forward to this. If there are two things that I'm crazy about these days (for months really), that would be WP7 and oData. To squeeze in a 3rd, Windows 8 is really cool.

  • Jensen Harris Walks Us Through the Windows 8 UI

    ,LarryLarsen wrote

    @Fabulous_Fadz: I just used your question about left handed users on Channel 9 Live. If you missed it live, keep an eye out for my interview with Sam Moreau on WinUI. It should be up in a day here.



    Looked for the video but cannot find it. Could you provide a link to it?

  • Keynote #1

    Aha, finally found the Keynote video. Need to watch the whole thing and couldn't watch it on the build site. 

    Loved Windows Phone and am blown away by what they did with Windows 8. thumbs up

  • Jensen Harris Walks Us Through the Windows 8 UI

    @LarryLarsen: Thanks. Wasn't watching live, but will be sure to watch the video when it shows up.

  • Jensen Harris Walks Us Through the Windows 8 UI

    My installation is almost complete, and I just thought of something when looking at the video again. For things like the charms, will they appear on the reverse side for left-handed people when they change a setting to say I am left handed. Much like mouse buttons reverse. Not that I'm left handed but I just thought it might be a good idea to have the metro theme optimised for lefties as well.

  • Visual Studio 11 Developer Preview: Introducing Page Inspector

    Way cool!

    Brings some much needed improvements to debugging web pages. It was especially difficult to do when looking at code/forms that were written by someone else. Just don't know in which control/webpart etc to find a particular element. I like this.

    Haven't hit the download link yet for the bits, but is this only available in VS2011 or can it also be installed as a CTP for use in vs2010 too?

  • Jensen Harris Walks Us Through the Windows 8 UI

    Up to now, I wondered how the metro UI would fit for large screens and thought that it wouldn't work. But after seeing a video of it in action, I like it. I especially love the fact that you can drop down into the traditional way of doing things and run some non-metro apps. I do a lot of work inside powershell and can't imagine Windows without it anymore. Still have one machine that has to run Windows XP, and that too now has powershell.

    Think the charms are great too. Hope there will be pen support, and good support at that because the only way I envision working with a slate/tablet is that it have a stylus so I can take notes. Or just show off.

    Downloading the preview bits now. And that's a big deal. I never run beta tools (let alone pre-beta) for anything with the exception of Orcas, and VS2010 which I just couldn't wait for. This here will be interesting.

  • Hawaii interns XAPfest 2011

    Loved Headshot. Thought the Ringify app was good too.

    I'm actually working on an app for a travel/holiday company with some features strikingly similar to breadcrumbs. In my case though, most of the information is coming from trusted sources and WinPhone app will be for discovery of items, comments etc. 

    Thought about the potential misuse and spamming so I have a rudimentary filter at the moment that takes out contact information such as email address and phone numbers when user's submit their feedback.

    Pictionary is a good idea, and I like the fact that a high school kid did it. When I was in high school there was no competition for developers, so I was just a geek who did weird stuff with computers when others were playing games. I think it was amazing that she went ahead and did this app even though as she said there was some things she didn't understand when she started working on the app.

    Great stuff all round though.

  • "Hello, Skype? It's me .Net... Can I record you?"

    Cool! Let me give this a try.