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  • Visual Studio Achievements Widget

    They provide a section you can add widgets of all sorts, some specific to community server, and others are generic or external.

    The best place for this was the generic widget but I noticed it swallows the Javascript. I've tried all combinations, including putting it inside an iframe, div, paragraph etc. with the same results, anything I place in that can be rendered is rendered, but the javascript disappears.

    Will try the forums for assistance. Thanks for your time. Smiley

  • Visual Studio Achievements Widget

    Will put it back, had removed the script.

    Edited to put the link


    Under the header VS Achievements

  • Visual Studio Achievements Widget

    OK, now I'm probably doing something very silly or getting an obvious thing wrong. My blog is on community server, and when I adding this script I get nothing. Anyone here use community server who got this to work? 

    Only other problem I've had on community server was the follow button for my twitter account. It didn't show up as desired, I just left it there since it works but it's text based and not the button that I wanted.

  • [Special Edition] Achievement Unlocked! - Visual Studio Achievement Beta Released

    Awesome, I first read of this here, 


    and was excited that an update mentioned that Microsoft was looking into this. Downloading as I type.

  • Mango Jump Start (06): Windows Phone Multi-tasking & Background Tasks

    Loving these videos since I discovered them. A fun and entertaining way of answering the questions I have. Shortened my learning curve cause all I need to do is watch the video of the feature I'm interested in and I'm already familiar. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  • Fun is... using the same code on three different platforms. XAMLFinance shows us how.

    @Jamest: Apple will need to support XAML for that to happen. I don't use Mono so don't know what became of the moonlight project, but if it is alive, in theory you could use some of the XAML to build apps for iOS.

    In any case, using Mono, you can still use your .NET code for other platforms so there is still some level of re-use. 

    What this post highlights is the almost seamless experience of building on the Windows ecosystem. Which is great.

  • Fun is... using the same code on three different platforms. XAMLFinance shows us how.

    This is just so cool. I like the way that I didn't have to learn anything new for developing for windows phone. Same language, same environment, same xaml (pretty much), and I can take my apps desktop experience to another device. I'm completing my first win phone app and love the way I can just re-use code and mark-up between the desktop version of the app. 

  • Check It Out: Mouse Without Borders

    Blushing Oh so sweet

  • Behind the Windows 8 Metro UI

    Finally found this interview. And the answer to my left handed question is very good. At the time of my asking I hadn't seen that you could swipe from the left to bring in previous windows. So all in all. Windows 8 is a big Win.

    Love the Metro UI since first seeing it on Windows Phone 7. The only problem I have with Windows 8 is that for a whole week I didn't get to think of WP7. Now I constantly think of both, and scenarios to get apps that work together utilizing both platforms.

  • Lap around the Windows Runtime

    Joining the side story about WinRT and .NET here. When .NET came out, it covered a lot things that devs had wanted in the 90s. Managed memory, a common type system etc. Anyone from the VB6 and VC++ days would remember that these types didn't talk nice, String in VB, and you don't know what kind of string to use in C++, CString, char*, CHAR* BString etc. 

    So many of these things were addressed and a new language came on board. Building web apps wasn't a totally alien experience anymore, objects written in one .NET language could be accessed from another with ease.

    .NET however left gaps and I remember reading many suggestions, debates etc. (probably participated in one myself) about all the stuff on platform invoke etc. A common suggestion was that instead of having all this pInvoke stuff, an Object Oriented API would be a welcome addition because you still cannot easily figure out what kind of type to pass when the API wants a pointer. 

    So this is pretty much what WinRT is. It covers the gaps that were left by .NET and means that we don't have to write as many, if any, pInvoke statements. That's what I think anyway.