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  • DeLorean

    , bondsbw wrote

    Apple has famously put the subject of resolution in perspective when they put out the retina display.  Human eyes have a resolution limit; there is certainly a point at which increasing the resolution provides little or no value.

    Assuming constant screen size...

    Of course that problem is resolved by just selling everyone VR headsets...

  • dr. who what will happen after this season?

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    At least she might have time then to finally respond to all of my marriage proposals.

    Sorry, she's definitely going to say yes to me first ;)

  • Mac OSX inside VMware on surface2 pro - keyboard issues

    @TheTraveler: I was going to suggest localisation settings... somehow I forgot to add the serious, helpful component to my post :S

    Glad you got it sorted though.

    (It sounds like a Danish keyboard layout is substantially different from a UK one, btw).

  • DeLorean

    , bondsbw wrote

    To reduce perceived latency, the system attempts to predict a few potential moves the player will make.  All of those are streamed to the client simultaneously, and then once the user actually presses the button, the system only has to choose among those predictions.

    The first title that will be released: Cat Simulator 2014 - Schroedinger Edition.

  • Mac OSX inside VMware on surface2 pro - keyboard issues

    @TheTraveler: Wait... is alt gr + number some weird Mac thing? Because the alternate character of a key is usually accessed with shift, not alt gr. (€ and certain accents are the only characters I use with frequency that are accessed with alt gr, anyway).

    EDIT: Besides, on a proper keyboard layout @ isn't on a number key anyway ;)

  • USB major design flaw => exploit all devices

    , kettch wrote

    Untrusted USB devices have always needed to be treated as unclean. I'm pretty sure that I've heard of this kind of issue before.

    This. I'm not really sure how this is any different to, say, a hardware keylogger that's disguised as a flash drive, wireless mouse transceiver of hidden inside a keyboard.

    Remember, folks, always use protection:

  • Police notices on Pirate sites - anyone know how this works?

    , evildictait​or wrote:

    But seriously, I'm not sure what the issue is. City of London police don't have policies, laws or priorities set by City of London, but by the UK Home Office.

    Actually the City of London Police Authority is the City of London Corporation - http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/about-the-city/who-we-are/police-authority/Pages/default.aspx/.

    Now of course they don't set the laws that the police enforce but they are responsible for the management, accountability and priorities of the police - fulfilling the role of the police and crime commissioner in other forces (and those who don't like the City's electorate should probably be grateful they don't have the same structure as other forces...).

    Note that the City of London Corporation (aka Corporation of London) is not a corporation in the sense of a private interest but the equivalent of a borough council for that region of London.

    And the insinuation that City of London police are in the pocket of big business because they are nearby misses the rather important fact that City of London police have put more rich people in jail for rich-people crimes like fraud, embezzlement, ponzi schemes and the like than probably the rest of the UK police force combined.

    This. It would not be in the interest these big businesses to have a generally ineffective police force anyway (it's a kind of prisoners dilemma - fraud is only going to benefit you if you're the only person doing it).

  • I've had major problems with my new Sony Vaio laptop

    The thread is on track to be the new world's hardest riddle thread...

  • Police notices on Pirate sites - anyone know how this works?

    @Bass:Because virtually nobody lives in the city of London so the main funders and users of council services are the business. Presumably the reason business don't get to vote in other local authority elections is because their owners/employees will be adequately represented by their personal votes.

    Essentially what you're proposing is a virtually unelected council; or at least one that is elected by a tiny, tiny minority of those they serve.

  • SpamSpamSpam


    I think he's spammer... :S