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GoddersUK GoddersUK My five year mission: To boldly split infinitives that no Niner has split before!
  • Nokia Too Many Lumia Sku's

    , LaBar wrote

    I think Nokia's marketing is a little confusing.
    There are just too many Lumia devices.
    From their site, just clicking - show mobile devices - brings up...
    Lumia 1520, 2520, 1020, 925, 928, 620 521, 520, 822, 810, 820
    Lumia Icon
    Lumia 930, 630 Can add these two to the list when they are announced at build.

    What makes it a little more confusing is higher numbers don't always mean better.
    Also the 2520 isn't even a phone, it's a tablet, but was listed along with the other phones.

    It just seems like a lot when compared to
    iPhone 5s / 5c
    Galaxy S4 
    Even if you use old versions of IPhone and Galaxy the user gets a clear picture - iPhone 2 / 3/ 4...

    Is there a reason you've forgotten to mention all the other (current) Galaxy SKUs?

    Not to mention the iPad version numbering system. I'm not sure the iPhone system was that logical, either (iPhone/3g/3gs/4/4s/5/5s/c).

  • Are emoticons racist?

    @itsnotabug: It is, but not because of the flippancy in my title. But because Apple design their own flipping emoticons so if they don't feel they're rendering a wide enough spectrum of people they have nobody to blame except themselves.

    In most instances emoticons bear no semblance to any ethnic group anyway...

  • Are emoticons racist?

    Apple seems to think so.

    Personally I'm disturbed the over representation of the 9-guy in c9's emoticons...

  • Definition of a lower-class developer:

    , spivonious wrote

    Aren't pretty much all big Android device manufacturers paying Microsoft royalties? This is no different.

    Personally I prefer the VLC approach:

    Oh look, we're in a jurisdiction that doesn't recognise quacktastic patents. Shame.

    (Yes, obviously VLC isn't Android and the patent holder isn't MS, but the approache is good.)

  • Feel-good corporate ads: your days are numbered

    @fanbaby: Mocking their own customers... smart move

    But rather amusing.

  • Oculus joined Facebook ... wut

    @Bass: It's a whole new Farmville experience...

  • Windows Azure -> Microsoft Azure

    , kettch wrote


    Is randomly removing vowels while keeping the pronunciation the same still in? Azre...Azur...Azr?

    That only works if you have an American accent though...

  • Official ​Announcemen​ts for Killings?

    Good grief, I was expecting a far heavier subject matter based on that thread title...

  • Surface Mini is coming ?

    @Ian2: The article claims to have been written 20/3/14 so I'm calling typo (although, since they don't link to the mentioned ZDNet article it's hard to know for sure...)

  • Yeah, I might have been wrong about the whole space travel thing.

    , Bass wrote

    It's worth noting that you rapidly experience time dilation as well as you approach c. Also, screw chemical energy. There is a metric ton of energy in ordinary mass which we don't know how to exploit well, but probably will within the next few decades (nuclear fusion). Consider that 1kg of matter converts to 89,875,517,873,681,764 joules of energy [e = mc^2] which can accelerate an equal mass to 259,628 km/s or ~0.86c relativistically.

    Using a engine that safely converts lightweight elements (which are all over the universe) to energy, getting across the galaxy might only take years or even months from the perspective of a person on a space ship.

    Fusion and fission are not total conversion though. They release a far, far smaller amount of energy so you need far, far more of them.