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  • British can't handle spice?

    , Proton2 wrote

    I do not like spicy food, and I don't like Thai or sushi. I guess its burgers for me.

    Well probably not these burgers :D

  • triple your battery life with sand

    , cbae wrote


    Great. Another commodity that the Middle Eastern countries can literally dig up from the ground and sell to the rest of the world.

    Anyone with access to (non-sedimentary) rocks can make it... we're all good :D

    , brian.​shapiro wrote


    Hm.. well I was thinking of beach sand, which would not be an ideal source. Desert sand would work too if its quartz rich, I guess. I don't know much about the minerology.

    , kettch wrote


    Good point. Depending on the beach, it may be too organically derived to be useful.

    Well a bit of purification and I imagine it'll be no problem, much like extracting a metal from its ore. My best guess is that the main impurity in beach sand would be CaCO3 - you could probably dissolve that out leaving the SiO2 intact with the right acids or remove it through thermal decomposition. Other organics can probably be burnt out.

    The original paper says they used "beach sand" they collected at a reservoir in Texas. The main purpose of using quartz (as opposed to other forms of SiO2) seems to be that it confines the product of the reduction into nanoparticulate form - I'd guess to do with the grain structure or something in the original crystals - but they really should show that doesn't occur if carrying out the synthesis with a nanoparticulate amorphous SiO2 precursor too.

    Also they tout the environmental credentials of the synthesis - bollocks to that, they use copious amounts of HF (one of the nastiest industrial chemicals around),

    All in all an interesting piece of work, though.

  • triple your battery life with sand

    , brian.​shapiro wrote

    I wonder how they would source all the sand..

    Please tell me that was in jest...

  • SpamSpamSpam


  • SpamSpamSpam

    The board's been seriously flooded again...


    (only two pages in CH so far though...)

  • 4th July

    , ScanIAm wrote


    I wasn't clear.  Bump up Alice's salary, too.  If raising minimum wage causes the next few levels to feel slighted, resolve the issue.  At some salary level, however, you won't have to do this because the point isn't to simply give everyone more money, it's to push the lower end up so that the inequality isn't so extreme.

    If the business can't do that, then, again, they are staving off the inevitable failure by exploiting their lower level workers (Bob AND Alice).

    What you propose is called inflation. It won't make anybody better off but does hurt a country's economy if over indulged in.

  • 4th July

    , JohnAskew wrote

    @bondsbw: The middle class is shrinking and the poor are increasing. Regardless of any numbers, a single income family cannot afford what it could in the mid 1960's, not even close. For anyone who wants to argue, you probably do not remember that far back.

    OK, I call bullshit, complete bullshit. How many foreign holidays did you take in 1960? How many white goods did you own? How many cars per household? How many of the latest expensive gadgets (or whatever the 1960s equivalent was)?

  • System requirement on user logins. Status: Failed.

    , magicalclick wrote

    I might as well just reformat my Windows Phone just to fix those??? What????

    Erroneous reductio ad absurdum. That's like using a piledriver to pin something to a noticeboard.

  • System requirement on user logins. Status: Failed.

    @magicalclick: I'm also replying to this here.

    I don't doubt your experiencing some kind of bug or issue related to WLID. It's happened before.

    But your first post about it in CH was factually incorrect and hugely, unnecessarily, conspiratorial.

    And it's not like clearing your cookies to see if that solves the issue is onerous. Heck, you could use private browsing (or (in IE, at least) ctrl+F5, although that's not quite the same).

  • System requirement on user logins. Status: Failed.

    , magicalclick wrote

    Current status: Failed. User is forced to login.

    We've been over this, it only applies if you're ALREADY logged into Windows Live ID (or have some problem relating to your WLID cookies).

    Yes the current behaviour can be non-ideal but let's be accurate...