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  • Why Microsoft Makes $5 to $15 From Every Android Device Sold

    There was also talk of Microsoft reducing or eliminating the Licensing cost of Windows Phone to make their own OS cheaper than Android.

    Must be the ultimate in irony that Microsoft makes money when they sell a phone, or their biggest competitor does.

    There was some argument, though, about how Microsoft reports these revenues.   One blogger/reporter noted that it could be rolled up into their Mobile market thereby making it seem as if the Windows Phone is making more profit (or selling more units) then it actually does.

  • is it IE or GMail that is forcing me to use Chrome?

    Why not just have multiple Users set in chrome.  It makes it easy to have multiple windows open, one for each account, at the same time and I haven't had a problem with it conflicting or crashing yet.

    Go to Settings >> Users >> Add new user

    Then you'll get an icon in the corner and click on that will allow you to select which account to have a window open for.

    Or you can have your account set up for multiple accounts and easily switch between them.  I like the multiple users option because it keeps things slightly cleaner but multiple accounts work well too.

    Manage multiple users on Chrome

    Sign in to multiple accounts at once


  • The new scroogled ad...

    What I have found nice about the Chromebook is that it is simple.  Don't have to fuss with updates, don't have to have all these different programs (Adobe reader, Adobe flash, Java, Office, Windows, Chrome, Firefox, etc.) fighting to run their update (hourly Google? Really?)

    For people who portability means "moving from living room to the bedroom" or occasionally using it in a remote location where often WiFi is available (it is in all the meetings I go to), the Chromebook works out pretty good.

    For Microsoft, FUD is nothing new.  This commercial, however, is a more negative FUD and that negativity leaves a bad taste in the mouth.  Unfortunately, for Microsoft, that bad taste is overshadowing the legitimate limitations and arguments no matter how well construed.

  • The new scroogled ad...

    The guy may be a bit animated, and all up-at-arms because of the definition of laptop used in the commercial but eschewing the view of things to benefit one platform over another is typical marketing.

    Somebody may be better to call out that Macbooks are not "real laptops" because they it  "... doesn't have Windows, ...", nor are any laptops running Linux.

    Personally, there is not all that much I do on my Windows laptop that does not use the Internet.

    Makes me wonder, does Microsoft see the Chromebook as enough of a threat to call them out in a commercial?  Curious people will now look and see what the fuss is all about.

  • Genius

    @evildictaitor: Oh Blushing

  • Genius

    Google started their counter-campaign too : Google to sell anti-Microsoft mugs

    Keep quiet we are listening to your call

    They both steal, scan and invade your privacy ... just one may be better at keeping it hidden and its users distracted than the other.

    Privacy is becoming the abnormal, rather than the norm.


  • SkyDrive with VS

    I know it is very, very limited but you can edit the files in SkyDrive in the browser.  It doesn't give you more than colored syntax but if you are only changing a thing here or there that may be all you need (before compiling).

    This was particularly handy for editing PHP pages for a project when I was away from my computer. 

    If you have a project in SkyDrive now, give it a shot. Navigate to the file and click on it. If it is of a form SkyDrive recognizes it opens it up in an editing window with a Save button.

  • Holy crap, Stack Racking is no more!

    A lot of changes going on in Microsoft, and many of these (like this) has the potential of being a really, really good idea.  Hope this means Microsoft is getting healthier again!

  • One more reason to get a chromebook

    I am so glad to see the co-working on the same document.  That was one feature I really like with Google Docs as my wife and I would work on the same document (family Christmas Lists Wink ) at the same time on our own systems.

    As the web versions get better and better (and even *gasp* work in IE!) it is a definite benefit to me.  I already like how I can edit PHP pages in projects in the web browser through SkyDrive with color syntax and etc. so when I go home and open it up in WebMatrix those changes are there!

  • SQLite Browser

    Firefox has a SQLite Manager extension (https://code.google.com/p/sqlite-manager/)

    "Manage all your sqlite databases using this lightweight extension for firefox, thunderbird, seamonkey, songbird, komodo etc. "