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Ian Walker Ian2 In geeks we trust ...
  • Cortana, where are you?

    Thanks, working in the UK now.

    Now I just need to do some work on that British reserve .... 😊

  • Cortana, where are you?

    Pretty smooth phone upgrade to 8.1. Might have to investigate some US proxies to play with Cortana though, shame, she should have been enabled for any dev phones wherever they are.

  • The Future of the Start Screen

    I think almost all tech-savvy people will love this. 

    If it transpires that my Granny can also use it then Bingo!

  • Cortana vs. Siri

    I thought Siri was a bloke? 😉

  • Windows Phone 7 & Universal Apps

    I'm not updating any WP7 apps anymore after I heard what the market split was (sorry I don't remember exactly but wp8 is obviously way out there)

  • Laptops for Development

    I pondered a little and realised this:  When I have been working hard (and earning good money) I treat myself to the 'finest device that money can buy', other times (like now) I am just more sensible about it.  Same with cars I guess (though I am not really into them).  Light aircraft as well.

  • Laptops for Development

    @CaRDiaK:I will have to check one out.  I have a table next to me with an AOC Ultra-Widescreen which is nice, but I guess the pixels on that are not going to be so densely packed as that Samsung? 

  • Laptops for Development

    @figuerres:I love the Surface in all places except on my lap or on my bed*.  The double jointed stand is an improvement but it still doesn't sit as comfortably as a laptop. 

    Re the Samsung - I'm not sure I would benefit from anything with a higher resolution (but would be happy to be proved wrong I guess)

    * Not in the biblical sense you understand.

  • Laptops for Development

    @CaRDiaK:Nice!  If I was going to be critical (which I'm not) ... 

  • Laptops for Development

    I like the Vaio Duo 13 (which strictly speaking isn't a laptop) but make sure you get the 8GB if you are doing anything with Virtual machines inc Windows Phone emulator).

    Now it is probably a very unfashionable thing to say but pretty much anything with an i5 or above with 4GB RAM or more is sufficient these days.  (My backup machine is an old Lenovo Thinkpad x21 and it still does everything - which for me is SQL Server / ASP.Net + Windows Store and Phone development with the odd Virtual machine in the mix for support)

    Now everyone who posts after this is going to tell you why you need to max out your Laptop from the get go but I just wanted to be straight.  Personally I would focus on the ergonomics of the most commonly used area and spend any spare cash on a decent chair - you won't regret that decision later in life!