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Ian Walker Ian2 In geeks we trust ...
  • So who is the //build conference for?

    ,TomboRombo wrote

    I do not think silverlight or .NET WPF is going away because of HTML5.  The world is much bigger than your little brains. 

    I don't think anyone believes they are going anywhere but in the family of Microsoft Devtech their status has been maligned.

  • BBC on a roll

    @PauloM: Sherlock - The BBC is saying Autum 2011 officially (only another 3 episodes).

    @Bas: "Smarmy Cumberbatch" - I think he treads a fine line but for me just stays on the 'he's such a clever * I will forgive him' side of brilliant.

    @Blowdart: Spooks minus 15 minutes? WTF?

    I watched the final episode (4 of 4) of Luther the other night - Series 2 is even better than series one - the final episode really pushes the limits.

  • So who is the //build conference for?

    <moan>My problem is I have a load of HTML experience that I thought I could all but leave behind 'been there done that'.  Now it looks as though I have to dredge it all up again which is a real bummer.</moan>

  • BBC on a roll

    Spooks, Sherlock and Luther all consistently good over the last year. (Hope it continues).

    (If you are not in the UK check these out on NetFlix).

    What new shows from the US should we be looking out for?

  • So who is the //build conference for?

    At the moment HTML5+JS+CS is pretty crap for development, the toolsets will improve but IMO this is only ever going to be the short term future.  Maybe 5 years then something better will replace it.

    Silverlight is better but maybe it is destined to be tomorrows betamax - Jeez - I sure hope not.

  • So who is the //build conference for?

    @brian.shapiro:"WindowsDiv" and "WindowsDev" ?

  • So who is the //build conference for?

    I may be completely wrong but my take is that BUILD is either:

    1. (Optimistic View) an attempt to consolidate WinDiv and DevDiv by forcing them to work to a common goal.

    2. An attempt by WinDiv to take some ownership of what was previously a conference owned by DevDiv (ie the PDC).

    My earnings this year have been diabolical (based partially on my enthusiasm for windows phone development) so it is unlikely that I will attend in person.

  • For American Niners: Have a fun, happy, safe 4th of July!

    Congrats guys, have a safe day (strapping webcams to fireworks might not be 100% safe)

  • Mango Beta 2 for your phone is released for wp7 devs

    Sad to say:

    Coffee Shops  (Starbucks - granted, I probably could have just carried on walking around the next corner)

    Jack Wills, Joules, Abercrombie, Cath Kidson ...  (All favourite shops of my two Daughters)

    Computer /Gadget shops (interestingly I found a new shop which looked to be based on a typical Apple Store - it was called "Currys Black" I think)

    Record Shops (old habits die hard)

    Cinemas (was looking for an IMAX in case I had a bit of extra time)

    But in general I just used the extra search options to see what was in my immediate area. Nothing that I couldn't do in existing apps but better all in one place.

    Bottom line I had a limited amount of time but was able to maximise it using the new search options. 

  • Mango Beta 2 for your phone is released for wp7 devs

    Bing search additions are awesome. Search is a natural place for "Scout" - I am in a strange town today and have used it several times already (granted, I could have fired up ScanSearch app but having the option off the search button just feels more natural).