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Ian Walker Ian2 In geeks we trust ...
  • Nintendo 3DS

    @CreamFilling512:That would be nice, especially 3D YouTube videos (there are a lot)  but I'm not expecting it myself.

    I just took my card out of my 3d camera and it showed the photos in 3d on the screen so this boads well for thre use of the new 3D format (MPO)

  • Nintendo 3DS

    Update 2: Had a play with 'Ashphalt 3D' - your typical driving game I guess.  Interesting effects in 3D - screen status updates apear on your windscreen (which is a little distracting until you get used to it)

  • Nintendo 3DS

    @kettch: The nice thing is it doesn't need to as Nintendo know what they are doing!  (I did say amateur photos and videos).

    Update 1: Did a system update and got a free video sample in 3d - looks fantastic (superior to the Fuji 3d display on the back of my existing camera - though obviously the camera on the 3DS is nowhere near as good as the Fuji - which would be boune out on a larger screen)

  • Nintendo 3DS

    @cheong: There is a slider next to the screen to switch back to 2d - it's still good (but I miss that extra dimension!)

    I should add that I have been a member of the British Stereoscopic Society for the last 20 years or so - headaches are generally caused by misaligned images such as might be the case with amateur photos/videos (where two cameras have been aligned badly for shooting).  I don't expect it to be much of an issue for the 3DS but let's wait and see before we spread too much FUD about it. 

    While we are on the subject, there has been a lot of press recently about the eyes having to focus on one point while the brain perceives another - my own experience is that this isn't an issue, so I wouldn't let it put you off from what apears to be an excellent device!

  • WP7 , My Feedback for Microsoft

    I'm generally happy but have big issues uploading new apps or updating existing ones. 

    Have just spent the last two days trying to do an update over my broadband connection. 

    I suspect that I am suffering as a result of two things:

    1. The popularity of the phone for development

    2. My poor broadband connection (I live in the Country - supposed 8GB is nothing like that in reality)

    Anyone else having issues?


  • Nintendo 3DS


    It proves that the 3DS is going to be a viable platform for virtual games (ie games based in reality with 'cyber sprites' for want of a better term).  It is potentially a whole new gaming genre that I have only seen demoed before (ie never in a retail system) and then only in 2D! 

    This really is next gen IMO and I already want this functionality on my phone (are you listening Nokia?!) - It opens up new possibilities for gaming when combined with the on-board 3D camera(s) that really have to be seen.

  • Nintendo 3DS

    @spivonious:Surprisingly good - the 3d feels very natural if you are using the 3DS yourself (I imagine if you were looking over someones shoulder you probably would not get as good a 3d)

  • Nintendo 3DS

    Just took delivery a day early of a new gadget and have to say that it is pretty awesome.

    hardware feels good, solid and not 'plasticky feeling'.

    Just had a play with one of the inbuilt 3d games ' face raiders' and was blown away: here's the setup:

    First you ou take a 3D photo of your own head, then the DS creates an animated version and starts to blast it around the room (the screen acts as a camera viewer with the heads flying around your current location in 3D).  You aim at the moving heads and blast them out of the sky, the heads laugh at you and try and kiss you.  You miss a shot and it takes a virtual chunk out of your room-  as you move the camera the removed chunk stays in place - how cool is that!

    This is not your Dad's Nintendo DS  ... instead of seeing kids quietly sitting intently staring into their DSi's you can now expect to see those same kids waving their 3DS's wildly around as they blast their virtual enemies. 

  • PDC 2011

    Best PDC experience was in Orlando - but can I suggest that this year MS hold the PDC in the UK ...

  • Getting started with Indie and/or Windows Phone development ?

    Some great tutorials off this link as well: