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Ian Walker Ian2 In geeks we trust ...
  • HoloLens

    , cheong wrote


    If they're using this kind of trick, I wonder how long you can wear it without getting headache. You know, it'd be somewhat like watching a low FPS film. It requires more work in your brain to join the images, and you'll get tired quite quickly.

    Frame/refresh rates have been a part of the issue in the past but in my experience the principal source of headaches has been poorly crafted / synchronised left and right images.  In this scenario - where the images are created/managed digitally this is unlikely to happen (there is no excuse) and the fact that the first thing the device does is to auto calculate the users' inter-ocular distance is a good sign so personally I doubt that it will be an issue.

  • "I think we can declare that Microsoft’s Windows RT experiment is officially dead."

    Although MS have said it will be updated in the Windows 10 timeframe so dead is not the word!

  • BUILD '15

    @TexasToast:It's taking the kids I would be worried about - it really starts to mount up then!

    (And I am also worried about how I get an 85" display back to the UK)


    You mean something like:

    Halo, Halo, Halo, what's all this then?

    (Best I could come up with)

  • BUILD '15

    , TexasToast wrote


    It is wrong because it sold out and now someone with better fortunes but poor keystroke ability cannot go.

    If their keystroke ability is worse than mine then maybe I did them a favour?

    Did you get a ticket?  (I remember sitting with you at BUILD Seattle a few years back for breakfast- I felt really lousy that day and ended up watching the keynote from a room in the main conference center!)

  • BUILD '15

    @Richard.Hein:You are a card.

    Everything OK?


    interesting blog post with details of Spartan Browser:

    1.Our new rendering engine will be the default engine for Windows 10, Spartan, and Internet Explorer. This engine has interoperability at its core and consumes the same markup you send other modern browsers. Our standards support and roadmap can be found at http://status.modern.ie.

    2.Public Internet web sites will be rendered using the new engine and modern standards, and legacy Internet Explorer behaviors including document modes are not supported in the new engine. If your web sites depends on legacy Internet Explorer behaviors we encourage you to update to modern standards.

    3.Our goal is interoperability with the modern web and we need your help! You can test the new engine today via the Windows Insider Program or using http://remote.modern.ie. Please let us know (via Connect or Twitter) when you find interoperability problems so we can work with the W3C and other browser manufacturers to ensure great interoperability.


  • BUILD '15

    So I cannot afford to go at the moment but I have signed up - in case my fortunes change.

    Is that wrong of me? :|


  • Build 2015

    That's 5pm GMT today.

    Thinking of registering in case my luck changes before May and I can afford to go - would that be dishonest of me?

  • Is Microsoft about to do an Apple?

    30 years ago today the iconic 1984 ad aired for the first time.