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Ion Todirel Ion Todirel buuu
  • Games Future: Dedicated Consoles or PC/Mac?

    agree, but they will be PC-based is the question, or not? I think all will be PC-based

  • 1.1 and 2.0 working together, can I do that?

    That depends if you have .NET 1.1 installed (for .NET 1.1 Assembly) or not. If you have, is not a problem. If you don't have you may have problems, this depends on what you are using from BCL.

  • Is Acrobat Really so 'unstable'

    ScanIAm wrote:
    H4L0PR1CK wrote: Everytime I try to view a pdf online, it crashes my PC. Well, not exactly everytime, but the vast majority of the times.

    Does this happen to anyone else? It happens to be across 3 seperate machines. If acrobat is so unstable how the hell did they manage to become the defacto standard?

    Try to open any of the PDF's here, I have been trying to open the Attleboro Weekday schedule for an hour.

    I wonder if anyone at MS actually checks all the error reports I am sending when Acrobat crashes.


    In my experience, Acrobat is like that one annoying roommate you had in college:  They move in, drink all your beer, sleep with your girlfriend, and then they won't pay rent nor will they ever really leave.

    Good times.

    Yeah, Acrobat crashes about 25% of the time for me, too.
    i totally agree with you, same with Flash. BTW is there any way to do mini app in browsers like Flash, Java Applets, ActiveX does? with .NET or something.

  • Games Future: Dedicated Consoles or PC/Mac?

    I don't know, what do you think?. 

    I play games only on PC i don't have a console, even if they are relatively cheap. (enyone know how many games are released on consoles (xBox/PS ...) vs. PC?) In what direction this is going?

  • The Poll Sugestion

    Charles wrote:
    Write the poll choices for this and I'll make it an official poll...
    can you put a track bar? (min value = 4, 'max' value = 12 and max value = more than above) if not then just < 6, 6-8, > 8

  • The Poll Sugestion

    littleguru wrote:
    Manip wrote: How many hours can I sleep? 8-9hours... How many hours do I sleep? 6-7hours.

    from 4 to > 13 - it varies. It also depents on how much time i have for my favourite hobby...
    what is your favorite hobby?

  • The Poll Sugestion

    Manip wrote:
    How many hours can I sleep? 8-9hours... How many hours do I sleep? 6-7hours.
     many is the right word. If you working 20h how many hours can you sleep Manip?

  • The Poll Sugestion


    how much many hours do you sleep? (me 6-7), and when? (i'm a student so is obiously when, but in weekend not).

  • Apple's beauty inside

    just asking, in image posted by Minh: CPU, GPU and chipset? or what?

    EDIT: right chip looks like a Intel CPU.

  • 5381 is out

    SlackmasterK wrote:
    Odd, I've never been able to fit >4.36GB into a DVD-R or +R.  Must be a difference in how we all measure file sizes.
    i can write overburning DVDs (TDK) with 4.48GiB (and even 4.5), so i guess that depends on your drive (and disk), what drive do you have?