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Ion Todirel Ion Todirel buuu
  • ASP .NET Web Controls?

    Web Services, Windows & Web Forms, Data Access and IIS. I don't know, right now ASP .NET basics, after that Web Services and Data Access.

    What good books do you know about Web Services, SOAP and WSDL?

  • Anyone ever thought about writing a book?

    do you like animation? Megas XLR, Appleseed and so on?

  • Ultimate gadget?

    hmmm, well you can use a tablet (movies, games, programming, books ... for almost evrything)/origamis, a PDA (music, phone, camera, video), and a smartphone (phone, ...). I would go for a tablet, PDA/smartphone.  

  • ASP .NET Web Controls?

    guys some books sugestions? (easy to "digest") i have:

    - Apress - Pro ASP.NET 2.0 in C# 2005
    - Apress - Expert ASP.NET 2.0, Advanced Application Design
    - MS Press - Introducing Microsoft ASP.NET 2.0
    - Wrox - Professional ASP.NET 2.0
    - Addison Wesley - Essential ASP.NET with Examples in C#
    - Syngress - C#.NET Web Developer's Guide

  • ASP .NET Web Controls?

    thanks blowdart, very usefull article

  • ASP .NET Web Controls?

    [I'm new to ASP .NET]
    what the difference between HTML Controls and Web Controls:

    <input type="submit" name="Button1" value="Button1" id = "Button1"/> 

    is eq. with:

    <% Button1.Text = "Button1"; %> <!-- C# code -->
    <asp:Button ID="Button1" Text="" runat="server"/>

    so question is how/who render/converts this asp/C# (or aspx pages in HTML) code in HTML (all controls inherits WebControl that has a method: RenderControl, this method is used to render...?) when client request page that contains this button.

    And what is a ASP .NET Web Control (how is inside, html code? or something?), what is difference between it and a System.Windows.Forms Control (besides GDI+). And what exactly happens when client request a ASP .NET page. (i know only about compilation and JIT + cache?, happens something else?)

  • Copy a music CD & you're funding terrorism

    they are crazy

  • Crazy Channel9 idea?!

    i think its a nice idea, but we have two problems: you can have a post where niner tagged it with coffehouse (even its a very technical problem, but hey you can do this and now) + linux (but talk only about windows), in other words tags may be inacurate; they are too lazzy to make major changes, and with existing posts.

  • A bet: Vista is going to be great!

    sorry David, i forget to say all ...

  • A bet: Vista is going to be great!

    maniac78 wrote:
    You're wrong. There I said it.

    Vista will be a success but only because it will be on every new PC from Dell et al. The problem is Vista could've been BETTER. Way better in fact. There should have been improvements to the following things :

    1) file permission management
    2) The start menu
    3) Registry management

    The "cool" UI is not important at all. In fact I hate the new UI. I hate the new file explorer more than anything.
    actually, UI factor is very important.

    Yes littleguru you are right, is another MS OS and all will gonna love it! (they don't have a choise) mostly because is another MS OS and second because of its UI. Users don't care about WCF, WPF and other technologies behind the scene they just want a easy to use OS.

    [Many Users Do This]
    And maniac78, don't forget that you can buy (PC Components) a CPU, RAM, HDD ... and Windows (XP or Vista or ...) separatly,  build a PC and install Windows on your own.