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Ion Todirel Ion Todirel buuu
  • ...for help programming and ​administrat​ion

    well i don't think so, but you can find almost everything (from Visual Studio Pro, music, movies to Vista for free, but if you are from US or ... you may have problems) on a P2P network like eDonkey, using a P2P client like eMule.

  • What are you listening to: 2006

    someone listen Death Metal? like DevilDriver.

  • development [H]

    thanks indigoblue

  • development [H]

    how about other C9 members, you don't use a development methodology? if yes or not you can say, we are a big familly like Charles says Smiley

  • Change current profile !

    i don't have a PocketPC device (but i use a emulator to test apps on CF), but if you could find where profile info is stored (since you can modify it must be stored somewhere) you may be able to change it. Be more explicite, what is SystemParametersInfo? is a function? where is stored?

  • development [H]

    littleguru wrote:
    ... with a little bit of UML.
    CRC? (Class, Responsibilities, Collaborators ~ Class Diagram)

  • development [H]

    die-Sel wrote:
    i use http://safari.oreilly.com/, it worth it in my opinion as i get access to loads of ebooks anytime i need them, save me of having to log the around i can view tham at work, download a chapter for the bus to work.

    Check it out.

    My approach to learning is simple, get stuck in and do it untill its finished. Its the only way to get it done. If you do a bit here, a bit few weeks l8r, ull enver get it done, because you will end up forgetting the start of the book or watever your learning and be stuck at the start again
    thanks for link

  • development [H]

    what development metodologies do you use (mostly) in your work? what other methodologies do you use? what others do you know? do you like UML? what online resources/books do you recomend to master one of the methods? what method (mostly) Microsoft use in its Windows development/.NET? please respond,


  • Windows Vista 5361

    Nitz Walsh wrote:
    Ion Todirel wrote: why you don't provide some images with OS X 10.4? at least 15-20.
    Uh...hello?  Apple.com?  They might actually have a few.
    yes they have a "few" i want more, than this: http://www.pbase.com/eugwanker/tiger&page=all,

  • .Net VS JVM

    Kerberos Mansour wrote:
    But what a 12 year net developer told me: if it has something to do with Borland (Anders Hejlsberg C# ) then I trust them, these guys know what they are doing and I respect them. It should also be noted that Borland has stoped supporting Delphi somewhat and moved on to C#
    Borland stoped to support their IDE line because they want to sell it. (C++ Builder, Delphi/Kylix, JBuilder)