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Ion Todirel Ion Todirel buuu
  • 2019 is one step closer...

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote


    Because that's when Microsoft finally fixes Windows. Smiley

    the next C++ standard, C++17 Big Smile

  • 2019 is one step closer...

    2017 is closer, we only care about 2017

  • HomeOS vs Google's Nest acquistion

    , magicalclick wrote

    A lot of Apple fans are unhappy with it. For me, I will just stay away from killer AI house, remotely turn on AC to waste my money, and remotely unlock my door for thief easy entry. It makes things too easy. Hack into account with social engineering. Check if anyone is home remotely, unlock front door remotely, get in, grab stuff, leave before dumb user gets suspicious.

    it's only a thermostat Smiley 

  • RaspPi B for $30

    , Bass wrote


    I know people have run Windows 3.1 on it. ARM is not that bad at emulating x86 (I've read at least, it's less overhead then doing the reverse because of the RISC->CISC thing). And of course there are native ARM versions of Windows, but good luck trying to get a single user source license for one. Smiley Could be an interesting project for a C9'er with connections though!

    I would've thought that it's actually the opposite, the richness of x86 would be harder to emulate on ARM than the opposite

  • Building a home NAS

    I decided to go with a standard version of Windows Server and a mini-ITX form factor motherboard and SFF case like the Silverstone SG05, or the Fractal Design Node. I use mostly Windows, and Open source implementations of SMB suck in terms of performance, based on what I've researched so far, freenas is particularly notable. I don't want my bottleneck to be the software, that would be kinda stupid, so no Linux. I really liked freenas, but was quite disappointed when I looked at the numbers a while ago.

  • How would you convert C# class to C++ class

    , cheong wrote

    And if you're programming for non-CLI C++, you'll have to choose which of the many "string types" you want to use in your class.

    Go with C++/CLI if possible.

    errr!! always choose ISO C++!! there's only one string type, std::wstring, that's what you should use most of the time anyway

  • How would you convert C# class to C++ class

    why would you want that in C++, how would you use it? are you talking about C++ (as in ISO C++), C++/CLI, or C++/CX?

  • Visual programming language vs text based programming language

    A general purpose Turing complete language would be quite impossible to represent efficiently using visual markers and blocks, not to mention coding productively in that, domain specific languages (like Verilog) are more suitable for that sort of representation. It is useful however to have a representation of some of the code visually, like threads, state, UI etc. and some specific aspects of the language can be represented visually.

  • new MS compiler that convert .Net app to native app.

    , felix9 wrote

    I think games still need to deal with GC pauses, so, not too much Wink

    that, yeah, plus if you need all the cycles, something that "hides" things from you won't do, but some games might be able to deal with the latter

  • Is there no Microsoft Redmond Tour?

    , RanmaKei wrote

    @MasterPi:yeah that would have been a good idea. I met some friends that knew Microsoft employees(one worked in the xbox gaming division on the forza game and I met him), but the employee didnt offer to give a tour. He just mentioned that I could visit the visitor center. Perhaps it was because their team is busy getting ready for the xbox one launch.


    I did a quick walk around some of the campus and it looks pretty awesome, just couldn't go inside Sad


    you need better friends Tongue Out