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  • Leslie Lamport ACM 2014 A.M. Turing Award Winner

    I want to say thanks for the interview. I understand Leslie Lamport thinks of solutions to problems in a non traditional way. A way that many others might not. I wonder how this has helped him in his life. How has it helped form personal views of the world? Does he look at all situations in life with a mathematical perspective? Relationships, decisions, politics? These might be to personal of questions to answer and I'll understand.

    I think its intriguing how smart minds think and interact with their surroundings. Take Albert Einstein for example. He is arguably one of the worlds most brilliant and imaginative minds. Yet even he was not perfect. He was not the perfect father and he divorced his first wife and had an interesting relationship with a cousin. So maybe he viewed personal relation ships like every one ells does or maybe he views them entirely different than every one ells. Turing is another fascinating mind who had an interesting life style and whom may have looked at the world a little different than many others. He ultimately committed suicide. The good all die to soon.  Richard Feynman, a brilliant man used to hang out at a strip club to study. Leads me to wonder what was going on in his mind when it came to ethics and the normality's of societies. Just makes me wonder how these people viewed the world. Please don't hate me for asking the question to some one who might think like these people who have worked their life around math and thinking out side the box. 

  • Ping 204: Build Recap, Channel 9 on Xbox One, Lumia 1520s on Delta, Lenovo 11e and Titanfall Updates

    The last console I owned was the original Xbox. I loved playing Halo and Halo2 on it. I'm contemplating getting an Xbox one. The new Halo under development, Star Wars battle field and Destiny all look intriguing. I like the look of titanfall but there is no campaign. It will take one of the other games I mentioned to tip the scales. 

  • Ping 204: Build Recap, Channel 9 on Xbox One, Lumia 1520s on Delta, Lenovo 11e and Titanfall Updates

    The devise/application I am most looking forward to in the future is the comprehensive theorem prover. There are a few questions I would like a proof for. First: Is Good an Evil a universal constant or are they constructs of human imagination. I imagine the machine that can answer this question would be one that can take human speech and turn it into mathematical logic. Second: Is there a God. I figure with a mathematical proof to this question the debate would end for many people and we could all get on in peace and harmony. I guess we would have to define what God is before asking the machine. Does our definition of God have a white flowing beard? Is God a man or woman. Or the definition could be as open as what created the universe? Is the universe intelligent? I can think of other questions to ask it but those would be my starters.

    I have asked these questions of both Bing and Google but both systems leave something wanting. Don't get me started on all the other methods for finding out these questions, they are just as helpful. That is why I look forward to having a comprehensive theorem prover. :)

  • Happy 10th Channel 9

    I have been tuning in for the last 9 years. Bill Hill was one of the great interviews. I am sorry to learn that he had passed away. 

  • Ping 200: The Show 200 Spectacular!

    @RicksterCDN: ping is my favorite show on Channel 9. Thanks for your response in answering my questions.

  • Ping 200: The Show 200 Spectacular!

    I liked seeing peoples work spaces. At :16 seconds there is a number on the wall. Was that from running a race or some kind of event? What is with all the orange shirts in the room? I liked the art work on the wall at 3:28. Is that his personal art work or did Microsoft hang the picture in his office?Hey that was Laura at the end of the video.
    Suggestions: Now that Bill Gates is back he can co-host an episode.:) On location taping at E3? 

  • Ping 197: Breaking records for nonprofits, Officially OneDrive, Nokia Treasure Tag, New Bing Apps, and ZOMBIES!

    @TrappedByZombies - My primary weapon of choice would be fast food because every one ells around here is dying from the heart disease it causes.  My second weapon of choice would be to give all the zombies a pack of cigarettes. That stuff kills. Third weapon I would have is a shot gun. 

  • Remembering Richard Feynman

    I always liked Feynmans analogy of chess and physics. 

  • Ping 195: Satya is the new CEO, Super Bowl Commercial, Education Offers, Foursquare Investment, and the Olympics on Azure

    I may have missed this some where but where is Lauara?

    I liked the Sea Hawks Jerseys. The green on them didn't cause to much of a problem. 

    I liked the Microsoft Super Bowl add. Microsoft does a lot of cool things. I don't know if people know all the cool stuff they do. so it was good to see some of it on tv. 

    The new CEO is a snappy dresser.

  • Lucas Joppa Connecting Environmental and Computer Science

    This was a very interesting topic. It gives me some good insight to real world situations of how large data is used. Its neat to see the passion for keeping birds and animals alive and forests green. Leave it to a bicycle racer to do this. I find that people who ride bikes have a more conscious interest in the world around them than those who drive cars. Not saying people who drive cars don't care, but fossil fuels is not good for the environment. 

    How does tracking the ecological environment make Microsoft Money? What is the motivation?

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