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  • Of Course there isn't a shortage.

    @spivonious: it *should* be a matter of supply and demand, and all we hear about is demand, but wages are not listening. If the skill is there, that's what matters. 

    For one, I believe the 4 year degree gives the coder more intelligence than on the job coders. If you were to ignore individual effort, I would always give the nod to the graduate. PhD's are not filled because they don't pay -- as you pointed out -- most jobs are for coding and most PhD's are coding, right Herbie?

  • MS to pay China $140 Million for Tax Evasion

    , cbae wrote


    Don't forget the well-known beneficiary of the Double Irish--Apple.

    Grrr. They're richer and richer and richer and evading taxes when the USA is breaking bad. Ashsoles.

  • Solar energy technology advancement


    researchers took a blu-ray copy of "Police Story 3: Supercop" to create a quasi-random surface texture, and then put it on a solar cell. The results were encouraging: a 21.8 percent increase in absorption of light over the whole solar spectrum.

    I agree. We should champion solar energy at the expense of cheaper coal. Coal sucks. Just because I can get cheap socks at WalMart does not mean my feet will be warm because I wear socks. You want GOOD energy or socks?


  • Of Course there isn't a shortage.

    , Bass wrote

    When it comes to doing their part in lowering tech worker salaries, the leaders of tech companies don't mess around. They might compete in the market and even sue each other, but they are all strongly united in the goal of f*cking us over and work together in this at the highest levels. Just check out the no competitive hire conspiracy that was uncovered. This is real stuff.

    I agree. Skilled programmers are not compensated fairly. Their wages are fixed by the industry, which is the WHY in answer to the question of why there are too few workers, too few doctorate graduates in computer science. This is not easy work, it requires a bright mind and tenacity -- and compensation is WHY too few pursue the career. 

    If we want more computer science graduates and doctorates, we need to provide incentive$.

  • MS to pay China $140 Million for Tax Evasion

    Taxes in China? Fascinating..  /channeling Spock.

    A much larger claim could be put against pirated Windows sold to Chinese users, all of which evades China's sales tax.

  • OMGz my head is spining.

    Every free song kills a musician somewhere..

  • Solar energy technology advancement

    Eventually the daytime export of excess solar energy to the network would be so great that base-load generation would be affected.  Unless the electricity system was modified to take full advantage of this carbon-free energy, eventually the network would be disrupted and tariffs would rise in a so-called electricity death spiral.

    One pundit in sunny western Australia believes solar adoption will overflow the ability to take and distribute excess energy from homes and businesses on the electrical grid...

  • Finally ordered my Surface Pro 3


  • Google is trolling me.

    Dear Google, please grant magicalclick an honorary WebMaster program participant. He's the shizzle for your google, dudes. And stop pissing off his friend.

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion


    1. Supply: Please do not price-out garage start ups from high speed internet connectivity to their servers.

    2. Network: This is a public utility, like roads, where private roads can extend the public highways. Please regulate this utility so that private roads and toll roads are never put in place without proper consideration (private networks are fine, just no toll trolls on public routes). Private roads which extend the public routing are not able to be tolled, please.

    3. Consumption: Please do not let the rich consumers get high speed service while the poor consumers are denied high speed service through tolls, both In and Out traffic.

    Thank you for keeping Net Neutrality simple, because it really is simple, and it's a great idea.