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JohnAskew JohnAskew 9 girl in pink sweater
  • my biggest wish for MS to do on 2015.

    , MasterPi wrote

    Like they own Game Studios, MS should own App Studios as well. Let them run independently, but with the single requirement that they release Universal Apps first.

    +1   sounds like a good plan


  • Meanwhile, at Microsoft

    W3bbo's cool.

  • Meanwhile, at Microsoft

    , cbae wrote

    So, is W3bbo the same guy as PopeDai?


    Survey says! ...... yep.


  • my biggest wish for MS to do on 2015.

    , Ian2 wrote

    @JohnAskew:So you think Microsoft should be a software development company?

    You are a funny man, Ian. Yes, sir, I think they should.

  • my biggest wish for MS to do on 2015.

    I want MS to fund massive development of good phone apps. In-house or contracted, I don't care. I'm sick and tired of having a dead-end smartphone.

  • Meanwhile, at Microsoft

    August is Dungeness crab time in Seattle/Redmond. Boy I do regret being land-locked...

    W3bbo cut off his hair. You still have hair, Sven?

    I wonder if those things can go one wheel around a tight corner?

  • Need a Windows Phone app for this...

    , cheong wrote

    @Bas: Needing a credit card was quite a hurdle for me for buying the MSDN subscription myself. (I had no credit card at that time, and have to apply for one specifically for this)

    For cooperate developers I don't think they'll settle for Express versions anyway.

    I admire your restraint in having no credit cards, that's powerful discipline, honestly, and a great plan as long as it's feasible. There are way too many 'need card' situations to not have any.

    19$ and credit cards absolutely DO prevent those awesome kids who'd otherwise develop something to see if the can make money. They will NOT spend ten pennies and they should not have to, they should not have to use a credit card either. Perhaps this is accommodated for with educational licenses, but the fields need to be flooded... If you give that talented kid the incentive to make money without anything other than invested effort, I'd wager you'd see results greater than before. Perhaps the revenue model can factor in a commission on sales through the app store to recoup any lost revenue when one of these kids hits the lotto with their app.

    For the professional developers, like us, MS should post wanted apps, select from those who want to develop them - somehow - and either pay them on delivery and user acceptance testing or work with them to modify the app into shape. Hundreds of millions of dollars, we know that's what MS would have to invest. I'm convinced that the ONLY way to gain market-share is to provide more and better apps, that's the ONLY way to compete. 

  • boom baby

    I bet your office is not as clean as before... ;)

  • Why do some programmers write code this way?

    , cbae wrote

    In any case, this is bad form. There was no benefit either performance-wise or laziness-wise and certainly not maintenance-wise. I had to change the code to call the generic overload of GetUserID() that returns a UserID based on int. Had the code been written to use a local variable, I would have needed to change one line of code instead of 4.

    I see this kind of stuff so often, I often wonder if it's intentional or just due to laziness. I can understand not bothering with a local variable if a method is called only two times, but this one was ridiculous.

    It's the Arch-Villain of SuperCoder, I know his mark, it's "Cut & Paste" !

  • snake!

    , figuerres wrote


    Hmmm.... but with a bit of VOLTAGE you could make it do some creepy things.

    Just sayin.

    Oiy. Need to send a script to the producers of 'Sharknado', they'd be game...