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  • Solar energy technology advancement

    @elmer:Gives a whole new meaning to "push! push!" when out of fuel..

    "Gas powered vehicles have an important role to play in improving air quality in UK cities, but the Bio-Bus goes further than that and is actually powered by people living in the local area, including quite possibly those on the bus itself."

    In my lifetime, vehicles will never need to 're-fuel', that is a worthy goal. I wonder how many years I need to stick around.

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    , dahat wrote

     ...you are advocating for unequal treatment of a pipe...

    No, that is what you are doing.

    Unfettered pipe flow is not "unequal treatment", knucklehead.

    Paying for greater bandwidth can be a way to eliminate competition from start ups.

    Through collusion of Corporations, which is the norm, making the bandwidth necessary for a garage start-up so expensive that only deep pockets can afford it is what you are advocating. You are turning a blind eye to this anti-public-trust inevitability. 

    You support oppression of emerging business in favor of the Goliath's. That sucks. That doesn't have to happen. The internet and it's copper or glass is not going away.

  • Microsoft Watch

    When a salute can render you unconscious...  article

  • Solar energy technology advancement

    Fool's gold, iron pyrite, is a candidate for solar cells in place of silicon.

    There's just a bit of a purity problem inherent in iron pyrite that needs to be overcome, first.

    Iron pyrite is much cheaper than silicon... and being an igneous rock, I would imagine labs will find a way to resolve the purity problem and grow the crystals quickly artificially sometime soon.

    I'd love to live into the age where oil and coal are deprecated.

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    @dahat: There you go making something simple into something complex.

    Monetizing the pipe will screw garage-born innovation and start-ups, completely monopolize the internet. You're asking for Corporations to dictate traffic and that's just wrong, Corporations cannot be trusted with something as ubiquitous as the internet and the flow of digital data.

    I look at the internet like a public school or library. You don't charge for admittance, only for late fees. The internet should be an open forum, not the exclusive playground of the well off. Those in favor of 'classes of internet access' are oppressors of competition, start-ups, and the poor.

    You can make the argument of costs here, costs there, but the philosophy is what is at stake and the philosophy is either 1) open, inclusive to all, or 2) monetized for profit and exclusive to those who can pay for the quick responses that a garage start-up will always need in order to succeed.

  • Solar energy technology advancement

    @ScanIAm:good trade, we can fish elsewhere

  • Net Neutrality has a new champion

    It damned simple. Stop monetizing the flow of digital information. Just like highways. 

    Anyone thinking it's not this simple is prying open the Capitalist Pandora's Box of Profit Modeling and they are already swimming in the wrong lake.

    Why does anyone want to make this complex? Just stop monetizing the pipe. Send your data and be quiet.

  • what happened to the videos


  • Solar energy technology advancement

    Small nuclear power stations are much too dangerous to use. I've seen the plan to house these "in neighborhoods", the nuclear sub sized power units, which can be driven away (or stolen) with an 18-wheeler. It would be too much for a terrorist to ignore, but it makes sense otherwise.

    Batteries are the key to escaping the Energy Economy our world wars over... I think nano-technology will make energy much less contentious and take us to the next World Economy issue (to war over...)

  • Solar energy technology advancement

    They created Silicon 24 allotrope using a novel high-pressure precursor process. First, a compound of silicon and sodium, Na4Si24, was formed under high-pressure conditions. Next, this compound was recovered to ambient pressure, and the sodium was completely removed by heating under vacuum. The resulting pure silicon allotrope, Si24, has the ideal band gap for solar energy conversion technology, and can absorb, and potentially emit, light far more effectively than conventional diamond-structured silicon. Si24 is stable at ambient pressure to at least 842 degrees Fahrenheit (450 degrees Celsius).

    Now that oil and gas are cheaper, renewable energy research is destined to lag... drats.

    This looks promising for solar cells...