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JohnAskew JohnAskew 9 girl in pink sweater
  • Cyber warfare and Hollywood cowardice

    George Clooney tried to have Hollywood folk sign on to a "up yours" petition and no one in Hollywood would sign it. 

    I think we are at war because we are being attacked culturally.

    U.S. citizens are abandoning the first amendment because of threats from North Korea and it's allies? That IS cowardice. I think our leaders need to let us know what they're going to do to protect us so that we can live our lives without fear and poke fun at any powerful people in the world. I want to see the movie simply to express DEFIANCE to Kim Jong Un and his egomania.

    Can we at least block NBA basketball game transmissions to N. Korea? That'd affect the pompous arse personally...

    haha up yours kim jong un

  • Ignore less secure GPO settings

    GPO = Group Policy Objects

    To argue with your point, cheong, how can "a more secure setting" be measured?

    I think I'm agreeing with Craig_Matthews on this one, but having to wait on IT to implement settings to allow us to work seems incredibly ridiculous and unproductive.

    Bureaucracy, it's what's for dinner.

  • Lumia 1520 wireless data issue.

    I heard of an auction attendee who used a cell phone-jammer to take proxy bidders out of play. But that seems unlikely in your case.

  • My top 10 worst tech for value

    Plasma screens run hot and wear out in short order compared to LED.

  • love this bit on the angular web site

    @figuerres: +1

    I used Click-Once when it was the Updater Application Block from Patterns & Practices to deploy to 250 laptops which were 90% of the time connected remotely to our network. Flawless. Easy. Why isn't this used more often -kind of success. It's still in use out there.

  • What gift do You want this season?

    , DeathBy​VisualStudio wrote

    World peace and an environmentally sound planet.

    As close as I can get; whirled peas & a sound planet...

    whirled peas    sound planet

  • love this bit on the angular web site

    , Bass wrote


    You are right. There is deficiencies on the web for highly interactive apps that need to be sorted out for the web to literally take over everything, if that's what we even want in the first place. But the whole "web is crap, we need to replace it entirely" is just another Itanium processor.

    And in the case of the Facebook apps, it's more that Apple's JavaScript VM in the iPhone is a turd sandwich.

    Exactly who said such, Bass? I did not.

    What I said is the truth, too many corporations try to shoe-horn enterprise applications into browsers. It is a mistake brought on us from those who know no better - upper level executives. It's an epidemic of stupidity. Browsers are burdened enough with simple shopping carts, and that's as deep as they need to go. Browsers are for reading, Bass. I see you understand this and agree. So chill out. You're over-reacting.

  • love this bit on the angular web site

    , Bass wrote

    There is strawmen here. Nobody was ever under any illusion that web development is the pinnacle of UI development. 


  • What gift do You want this season?

    Well, the oils that are extracted can help and not intoxicate.

    The Israeli's are doing a lot of research with this and old timers, including researching Alzheimer's.

    I remember a US comedian made a joke about what he saw in the old-folks-home in Tel Aviv -- dotty bongers -- LOL.

  • What gift do You want this season?

    , ScanIAm wrote

    A cure for Dementia/Alzheimers. 

    Or a surface pro 3.

    I read that marijuana delays the onset of Alzheimers if not outright preventing it.

    But, of course, a surface pro 3 might be easier to obtain, depending on your location.