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Joshua Ross JoshRoss Drinking Ovaltine since 2004
  • Ballmer to Buy Clippers?

    Since he isn't buying them for profit, maybe he'll rebrand the team to the LA Windows Clippers, the LA Developers, or Clippers for Workgroups 3.11.


  • Ballmer to Buy Clippers?

    Good for Steve. I'm glad to see that he found something to buy


  • EF7 announced

    Major version bump == breaking changes. What's the big deal? At least they are calling it the same thing. I've lived through a bunch of MDAC versions, nothing surprises me. Besides, the source repository is online. How bad can this be?


  • Surface Pro 3 Usable Space

    I was looking at the specs for the SP3, and the Storage section seems a bit strange.

    The 64GB has > 36GB of usable space, so 28GB for OS.
    The 128GB has > 96GB of usable space, so 32GB for OS.
    The 256GB has > 211GB of usable space, so 45GB for OS.
    The 512GB has > 450GB of usable space, so 62GB for OS.

    Were is all that extra space going?

  • Adventure with Types in Haskell

    Has anyone posted this yet? Simon Peyton Jones FTW.

  • SilverLight SystemColors - All black?

    I remember reading something, somewhere, that things like colors took up too much space in the runtime, and in order to keep the download small, they were jettisoned.


  • Free Office Online

    , cheong wrote

    Last month, I was working on an Excel file that contains about 0.7 million VLOOKUP() formulas over 4000 and 48000 rows ranges. Opening on my machine takes over 2 hours with 100% CPU usage and any editing was painfully slow. Such operation can easily suck up the power of your server. (In the end I rewrite the file to use VBA instead and the calculation completed within 5 seconds.)

    Make sure that calculation options is set to manual, if you are making changes to data related to vlookups. I can't underestimate the importance of this.


  • Free Office Online

    You can create online surveys with excel and have the results go into a workbook.

    I almost ended that with in the cloud, but I would have had to hit myself shortly after.


  • Laptops for Development

    @Bass: I wish someone would figure out how to make a trackpad work right in Windows. Apple has a great trackpad, but it just doesn't work on a Mac running Windows.

    I'm not sure what it is, but there seems to be something fundamentally wrong with Windows, in regards to trackpads.

    RDP seems to work well enough. Although, I haven't tried parallels, I would image that it wouldn't mess with native experience.


  • ScottGu promoted to EVP

    It will be interesting to see how he does with this new role. Hopefully Azure turns out better than SilverLight.