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Klaus Enevoldsen Klaus Enevoldsen Development has never been easier nor more ​complicated.​..
  • UX Guide and .NET Framework

    Microsoft has released a beta of their UX Guidelines for Windows Vista. It is a great guide and it has a lot of great advice. Those 600+ pages are easily read. J Lots of screen shots of good and bad ways to create GUI.

    I want to follow those guidelines!

    But I can’t!

    Because the controls that are used in Vista are not a part of the .NET framework. I could create the controls myself, but I like RAD and making a lot of user controls to follow the guidelines is not RAD.

    I guess I could buy the controls from a third part company. But I don’t want to!

    This is what I want:

    1)      When Microsoft releases a new OS with new guidelines, all ordinary controls that they use should be included in the .NET framework delivered with the OS.

    2)      When Microsoft releases a new version of Office I want the controls that they use (so that when I create applications that interact with Office, I can create a consistent UI that follow that written in the UX guide).

    3)      Faster delivery of the Guidelines when the OS is released (the UX guidelines is not yet completed and Vista is almost a year old).

    Any feedback? Big Smile

  • Hi, I'm Chris and I am a VB.NET developer !

    I love VB.NET! I have a CS-degree, I used to write code in Pascal (in the old days), C++ and Delphi. I can write code in C#, but I prefer VB.NET!

    That's it and that's that! To say that professional devs only use C# is a big mistake!

  • Anyone here bought Community Server?..

    irascian wrote:
    ... if so. How the **** do you purchase an upgrade?

    Tried Telligent's online "email me upgrade price" option. Twice. Not a thing.

    Tried their "Contact us" form and asked why they weren't replying and could I please have a quote (I paid for free upgrades for a year but the year expired before I got around to downloading the 2007 release).

    One week later still no reply (and yes, I've checked my junk mail folder).

    What a way to run a business.

    Time to just get on and write my own stuff I guess!

    Try to contact "Josh Ledgard" he works for Telligent now: http://ledgards.com/blogs/josh/default.aspx

    Good luck

  • Is Vista a modern ME?

    PaoloM wrote:

    As some of you guys may have vaguely suspected, I'm working on the successor to Vista.

    I cannot tell you what the plans are (and trust me, I'd sooo like to ) but you are all -in part- right. Vista is the end of something, but it is also the beginning of something else.

    Uhm, let's hope this won't get me in trouble

    Cool!!! I never liked Me but I love Vista, even if it just took up 5 hours of my free time this weekend for a reinstall and configuration (my media center was not working anymore Sad )

    Can't wait for the first preview of Win7...

  • Visual Studio 2008 already finished?

    I recieved an e-mail from MS this week, that said that RTM was very close and that they wanted to thank me for my feedback in the beta process... How nice...

  • Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to court I go

    Chadk wrote:
    Yes, cops are always very cool here in Denmark.  Drunk (I need to watch my language)s can insult them very badly, and they wouldnt care.In fact, drawing out a weapon(Did they pull out their guns in this case where you got caught speeding?) is rare. Shooting is reason to get fired unless you were about to die.   

    And yes. You can get arrested for insulting. But in most cases, cops dont do this.

    A formal investigation is conducted each time a cop draw and gun and fires the gun - even if it is only a warning shot...

  • Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to court I go

    DigitalDud wrote:
    Chadk wrote:
    Wow. Is the cops that paranoid in the US?

    In Denmark they would just ask you to get out of the car and talk to them, and ask if you were aware that you drove too fast, and that its not good for the security, and that they sadly have to give you a ticket.

    What a sad world the US seems to be

    I'm sure if you're smarting off to cops in Denmark you'd get a similar reaction.

    Actually no, the cops are trained to ignore insults, but there are rules for insulting an officer, so that they can arrest you and you can have some time to cool off. Speeding and traffic incidents are handled quite smoothly. But we have much more strict weapon law in Denmark and the cops are not usually in fear of the driver pulling a gun. In some situations the cops have a camera in the front of the car.

    You should always respect the law enforcement! They are there to help you - to serve and protect! Smiley

  • .NET framework source code can be yours!

    This is a big surprise! I am speechless!Expressionless

  • VS 2008 RC - or not

    androidi wrote:
    There's apparently some release announcement tomorrow and I'm betting for the VS 2008 RC.

    Another possiblity could be Silverlight 1.1 beta...

    I just saw this...


  • VS 2008 RC - or not

    androidi wrote:
    There's apparently some release announcement tomorrow and I'm betting for the VS 2008 RC.

    Another possiblity could be Silverlight 1.1 beta...

    I asked Scott Guthrie about it on his blog and he confirmed that RC of VS 2008 is very close. But the TFS Beta 2 refresh has a 2 week window for finding bugs. What does this mean? That we will have RC when the feed back from TFS Beta 2 refresh has been processed?

    I hope that VS 2008 RC will be released soon, my bet is within 2-3 weeks.