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Wayne Taylor Kryptos Backup People!
  • I need help....

    I have before, didn't get a repsonse. I'll try again, here goes.

    I have two tables one with list propertys (houses for sale) and the other is related showing images of that property. So one property and many images.

    I'm using VB 2005 as mentioned and the BindningSource, when you click through each image changes as it should, but I want to allow the user to browse the other images, which is proving to be more be a little difficult.

    I hope that makes sense, please reply asking your questions.

    Thanks in advance...

  • I need help....

    I need help with displaying Images from a related table, I using VB.NET 2005 and SQL Express 2005.

    e-mail me wtt[at]kryptos[dot]co[dot]uk.....


  • OST2PST File Convertor

    I have lots. And Can't open them with outlook, unless you know of a way?

  • OST2PST File Convertor

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know of a free supplied MS tool to convert from OST to PST?

    I have been looking on the web and all roads are pointing to this tool
    http://www.officerecovery.com/exchange/index.htm, which cost £400...


  • Question about related data....

    I have a master detail view on a Windows Form (vb.net 05 express using SQL 05 express).

    I have text boxes on the form to show the data from the Master table of the relationship and a grid control to show the details table and the relationship works fine.

    What I want to do though is display the Details side in textboxes rather than a gridview.

    How to I get the fields on the details side to update/sync as you move from one record to antother...?

    Don't do alot of coding, but you have to start somewhere right? Perplexed Tongue Out

  • Maybe MicroSoft Should Develop THIS...

    Manip wrote:
    W3bbo wrote:
    Manip wrote: Yeah... It's a shame nobody has come up with some way to remotely access a PC... But suck crazy technology would take a team of geniuses to come up with; I mean accessing a PC remotely? That's just insane!

    That's rich, coming from someone who chastsised me using TermServ to control my LAN's webserver.

    When did I do that? ... I prefer VNC myself (or RAdmin). Terminal Server's reliance on a DC isn't great for any kind of small network.

    You can us Remote Desktop/RDP in a peer to peer network or to your home pc without a server.... why do you require a server?

  • WPF Project Who wants to help

    CodeMonkey666 wrote:
    You may want to start a gotdotnet workspace for little projects like this in the future. Many people love to get involved.

    Thats a good idea....  Big Smile

  • Yet more Windows Update fun

    I have had this happen when the time zone is incorrect and/or the time/date.

  • WPF Project Who wants to help

    Fair enough, I just want it to be good.

  • WPF Project Who wants to help

    I have been asked to develop a Shop Window Display System for a Estate Agent (UK).

    I think WPF (aka Avalon) would be great for this application. Does anyone with xmal/design/sparkle experiencewant to help me out?

    Willing to pay (if reasonable)......I'm not getting much for this myself.

    Thanks Big Smile