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Wayne Taylor Kryptos Backup People!
  • WPF/Avalon/​PDC Display Screens System

    How Sad Sad

    Just replying to my own post to get it visible again...... sorry.

  • What's your opinion on this site?

    Looks good, did you do the design work? Seemed a little so when first loading (I'm in the UK), but once loaded it was much quicker... Is there any flash work in the home page.... I've only had a quick look round?

  • WPF/Avalon/​PDC Display Screens System


    A while back this was on c9, http://channel9.msdn.com/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=125355, does any one know where I may be able to download the code?

    I'm thinking of using this for a project, I may need help, so any offers would be welcomed....


    Wayne (kryptos)

  • C9 Gal Yay or Nay!

    yay! Big Smile

  • Microsoft Innovation

    I saw this a while back now, I thought it was just marketing, which it is but very good and intrersting, however they have updated it.

    I think there should be more this....

  • The coolest thing I saw at CES...

    booooo, I've just brought a telescope, I wished I knew that this was coming out.....

    Does any one know if it will be available in the UK?


  • Does Microsoft Charge too Much for it's Software?

    Hi All,

    I run a Service & Support company, which deals mostly with the SME market place.

    When speaking with customers and they want Office 2003 and you tell them it's going to cost £320 the response is, "how much!"

    So when your talking £320 x 5 or £320 x 10 that's alot of cash for a small company to swallow.

    You would think that Volume Liecensing would be the answer, it's not for this number of PC's it works out more expensive!

    Now, this is what is odd. Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 is great value for money! £800 for Windows Server 2003, ISA Server 2004 and Exchange 2003 with 5 CAL's!

    So why can't it be done with other software, as they have gained that market?

    One of the highest cost's on a new basic office PC today (not high spec!) is the OS so why not sell it for £49.99? instead of £89.99 (oem).

    I agree it cost's money to develop software, but with office isn't 80-90% of the product done? Do they have to charge as if they were writing it from the start each time.

    Don't get me wrong, I like MS and the software the produce, I want to sell more of it, but when your trying to sell a £320 to someone who can "get it of there friend" for £2, what do you do? Shop them and loose the customer and put myself out of business?

    I do encourgae legal software usage, but it's hard at these prices.

    What do you think?

  • And the WMF patch is out ;)

    Sabot wrote:
    Manip wrote: Woot! I was two days away from switching to RedHat Linux... Because Linux has never been exploited and patches are released every few years not every few weeks like these crazy Microsoft jockeys like to...

    Manip ... read this ...


    Intresting isn't it? Peoples Perception.

    I don't use Linux, I have installed various distro's but I just don't like it, I think it has a place thou, in devices like routers.

  • a usb key with a size meter ....

    Big Smile Very Cool....

  • Late Christmas Present

    Hi All,

    Received a late Christmas Present today......my channel9 guy! No camera with me at the moment, I'll take a pic later and post.

    I sent my postcard a couple of months back, so it takes a little while to come, but hey he's here!

    Thanks C9 Team Smiley