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Wayne Taylor Kryptos Backup People!
  • Battlestar Galactica Series 2 ... start date & time


    Good call! I agree completely that it ended with a bang! Never knew about the Sky Programme website either, when looking throught the listing I noticed this also.....

    07.30  SAT 7 05 STARGATE: INFINITY

  • VMWare Player

    VMWare are giving away VMware Player, which is free (beta), supports USB and loads VM Images! Big Smile

    So when will VirtualPC support USB....... until then I think I'm switching.

  • will Vista succeed on word of mouth?

    Home Users

    I would advise them to keep what they have until the required the purchased of a new PC or Laptop. If Vista is expensive as XP for the upgrade.

    Business Users

    I supply Support and Installation services to SME's here in the UK. Microsoft Software (IMHO) is great software. It's just real hard to sell good software when you don't get any real advantage for the investment.

    You can go out today and Purchase a PC with XP Pro on for around £300. Which is cheap and will do most tasks for the advage office memember, now add on office, £ 120 to £200. (depedning on which version on how it's purchased FBP, OEM, etc). Now your £300 pc is £500. (with out any screen).... now but 20 of them for the office staf... yep you have just spent 10k.

    When Vista hits the shelfs so will office 12, not everyone will upgrade due to the cost implecations.

    It's to early to say if Vista will be worth the upgrade, I have installed MSN desktop search onto some of my clients PC's and every user from young to old had said to me they find it real useful, which makes me think when people use Vista and it's search along with Virtual Folders (very bad name btw!)... will this be the killer app that will push Vista to the masses.....?

    There will be lots of useful stuff in Vista for rolling out across networks and managing, but I would be selling it for the benfit of myself and not my customers....

    Sorry to rant a little...... Enjoy! Big Smile

  • Bill Gates - Coke Commercial

    Bark at the moon wrote:
    I think he did it because it was fun. Let's apply Occam's Razor and assume that the motive is that it was fun to do.

    Thats pretty much what I was going to say about this, he did it to show he has a sense of humor........

  • Overboard with zip ties?

    No Way!

    I wished that all cabinets look like this! Big Smile

  • E-Books: Does Anybody Buy Them?

    I've just purchased Dan Brown's Deception Point as an e-book. This is the first e-book I have purchased.

    I have an m200 tablet pc which I found got to hot (even with the backlight on low and the proc set to min), also I was very nervous with the thought of dropping of to sleep and dropping it.

    I then switched to reading the same book on my PDA, which as others have said is the best way. The light doesn't bother my wife-to-be at night. If I drop it, which I have it doesn't break.   Big Smile

  • What Anti-Virus Software do you have?

    jonathanh wrote:
    sheeeng wrote: Norton always crashes my system after sometimes... I don't use Norton anymore.
    If I recall correctly, poorly-written anti-virus software is the #2 cause of bluescreen crashes. #1 is poorly-written display drivers!

    This is a very true statement, I was presented with a laptop to yesterday, running Windows XP SP2 and Norton's and it was bluescreening on boot up.

    Popped into safe mode and disabled norton from running, restarted, still bluescreening, back into safe mode and uninstalled the video driver.

    Restarted, it booted fully redetected the graphics card, restarted 10 times and it seemed fine after that.

    Big Smile

  • Class's

    Wells I don't mind being corrected on my English! As it's rubbish...... thanks for the tip!

    What you says makes sense. I think I begining to get my head around this now.

    I think I'm going to start writing some code and play around with some ideas. I'll also re-read what I've already read, to see if it makes more sense.....

    This is great so much easier than trying to figure out if you really understand a topic on your own.

    Keep them comming! Big Smile

  • Class's

    zhuo wrote:
    Objects are instances of Classes. Classes are like the blue prints of a house. Objects are actual houses built using the blue print.

    Classes allows you to encapsulate functionalities and relevant properties. The hard question is often where to draw the class boundary, i.e. how do you decide this functionality belong in one class and not another? Depending on the development methodology and the type of application you are writing, you may not care.

    Well designed classes encourages reuse. Couple with other features of OO e.g. Inheritance you can build powerful reusable and extendable frameworks. The Dot Net framework is a true testament of this.

    I don't know of any good materials, the best way to learn is probably to start your own toy project and get stuck into it. Build a Wiki or something.

    James Big Smile

    Thanks for the reply.  This is beginning to make sense.

    So if I wrote an application to track site visits to customers, then I could write a class called customers and that class would have certain functions, routines and properties that I could call over and over?

  • Class's

    I'm a novice programmer, I use to write software when I was younger back in the Quick Basic Days....

    I'm trying to get back into more of a hobby than anything else. I've been reading up on a few things, but I seem to have two areas which I think I'm over complicating in my head.

    These are Databases and Classes.

    Right now I want to get my head around classes, can any one help? From what I understand thus far a class is your object in OOP, is that correct?

    Why right a class, I don't fully undertand the advanatge, although it appears the "right thing to do!".

    I hope people can recommend some good advice reading material to get me started.

    I'm the kind of person who really wants to do things the correct way.

    Thanks in advance.