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Wayne Taylor Kryptos Backup People!
  • Are you the next Microsoftie?

    What is the chance for those people without degrees getting selected?

  • Steve sells Windows 1.0

    TomasDeml wrote:
    Have you ever seen this video? Is it authentic?

    EDIT: More on Google...

    I think this is great, I've not seen it before... very funny.

  • Where's Scoble????

    jdgx wrote:
    It's been three WHOLE days and still no word from this guy........

    Hey, I think it would of been better to ask "Where is Scoble?" (IMHO)

    Due to all the goings on in London recently....

  • DRM, whats the big deal?

    trolane wrote:
    All i have been hearing about the last few days is how hardware drm is bad. My view of it would be it is not bad. My experience with DRM has been good. I purchase music from MSN music and have no issues with the DRM. I can copy it to any portable device (phone or my gateway mp3/wma player) , burn cds ( though no need to ) and play it on 5 machines. 5 machines allows music to be shared on 5 different computers, more then enough. I prefer wma or wmv over any other format as they have better quality. 

    In order for hardware to enforce DRM the media must be DRMed to begin with. So all the illegal content will still be usable while publishers issue DRM content. Who should have a problem with DRM content? The people used to ripping off content providers. I'm sure DRM content will have pretty liberal rights like MSN music has or else they would not like the MSN music service for delivering music.

    My only bad experience with DRM has been the people who cannot implement it as good as Microsoft, aka FullAudio. Formatting your machine with FullAudio licenses is a pita.

    I am a firm beleiver in "monopolies" being good when it comes to software. I never enjoyed having to worry about Netscape vs. IE in the browser war days. Netscape never supported the good stuff. Integration between products tightly can only happen under one roof. If this wasn't true using linux wouldn't be such a pita with the thousand mediocre software projects. All applications that integrate well are made under one roof. For example, office suites, browser/email suites.

    Anyways, the point is I have full trust Microsoft knows what it is doing and i'll still be buying from them till the day i die.


    I couldn't of said that any better myself!

    Well done, I fully support you!

  • Study Shows Windows Beats Linux on Security

    Beer28 wrote:
    Erisan wrote: Please help make SELinux even better.
    You have root account so do what you ever want (well ... almost, please read FAQ) and please inform the Russel Coker when you find a security hole!

    I DARE, I DARE microsoft to give us access to one of their machines with admin terminal access or admin remote desktop access and claim it's still safe.

    I DARE them. I'll wipe it out myself.


    Feedburner had a hackday recently. This is a cool idea and one we're working on internally at Microsoft. Invite a bunch of people over to hack on a specific product. [/qutoe]

    It's comming!

  • New CodeRoom Episode Released

    Rory wrote:

    As for WMP 10 - Both my SMT 5600 and my i-Mate SP3i shipped with 10. I'd be surprised to see a brand new unit ship without.

    Over here Orange are taking a life time to release a new rom with WMP10....

    I'm sure they are not going to release the update for the SPV C500 and force everyone who wants WMP10 to upgrade to the C550, when it's released. Sad

    Roll on for Windows Mobile 2005, when we can update our phones without having to wait for the provider to get there act togther.

  • New CodeRoom Episode Released

    figuerres wrote:
    Rory wrote: If any of you watch the show and would like to comment on it, then I'd love to hear from you.

    I put up some forums today so that you could all complain/praise/preach to your heart's content Smiley


    Hey there!!

    Ok I'll be there shortly.

    but first comment:  that link on serverside has no way to save the video, no way to watch it in a seperate media player window.

    so I can't size it or move it which SUX.

    give us a real link to view the darn show!!

    I second figuerres! I've been trying to watch it all day and its jumping all over the place, I can't find it on the other two links either......

    Talking about C550 (Orange UK Name) I have a image on my blog http://ksolutions.info/blog/archive/2005/02/26/175.aspx, it's meant to be out over here this month, does any one know if it will have Windows Mobile 2005? If not will it ship with WMP10?

  • Visual Studio Express VB Edition and Avalon CTP

    Thanks for the reply. I'm downloading the Feb 2005 VS Express CTP, as I type.

    Is that May 2 or 4th? Wink

    Fair enough, but surely it could still regulate the number of downloads via the web.....

  • Visual Studio Express VB Edition and Avalon CTP


    Does anyone know if the Express Edition works with the Avalon CTP.

    I've installed both and I don't see the the avalon project available within express,

    I've ordered the DVD for VS 2005 as I just can't afford an MSDN sub at the moment, if MS make VS2005 avaiable to order on DVD why not allow you to download, confused.                           

  • Windows Boot Screen Post SP2

    Thanks for all of the replys!!!

    Is it really that hard? Where is the image embedded?