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Larry Larsen LarryLarsen "Lightbulb"
  • Microsoft Flight - who are they kidding?

    exoteric said:
    LarryLarsen said:

    The last flight simulator I tried was F-29 Retalliator, that's a couple of days ago. I never tried Flight Simulator but was in a state of monumental disappointment about decision to shut down work on the product and fire all developers because seeing some of the latest beautiful photo-realistic screenshots made me want to try it and it appeared to be the best game of its kind. I really hope this new effort is not an attempt at a dumbed down Flight Simulator but an honest attempt at continuing the series, albeit under a new name.


    Speaking of simulation. Take a look at this Brian Beckman video about real-time simulation of tire-physics, in the context of Forza (Forrrrza). It's a great video.


    It's worth getting, especially now that you can find it on sale. With DX10, multi-mon, and multi-core support, it's not even close to being dated yet, and nothing can touch the graphics/detail on it, IMHO.  I like Xplane, but I've been playing FS since 1.0 on my TRS-80, so I have a special place in my heart for the title.


    I agree, I was more than a little disappointed when they shut that team down, but I suspected it wouldn't stay gone. It's the oldest video game in history, we can't let that one go. 

  • Microsoft Flight - who are they kidding?

    FWIW: I'm a huge Flight Sim fan with 3 x 42" 1080p displays and a full Saitek control setup on my desk at home. So I'm following this very closely. I reached out to the team behind this yesterday. I wouldn't assume what they are going to do, but when they are ready to pull the curtain back and talk a little more about this, Channel 9 will be there.

  • So I decided I want a tablet

    ESgarbi said:

    To be honest I never wanted a tablet until I got mine at the Pdc and I truly enjoy it and use it a lot.

    I remember people saying that it was under $800 but Im not sure:


    FWIW: The PDC Tablet PC isn't actually a "Tablet PC" per se. The included stylus doesn't have passive electronics in it. There are elements to using a Tablet PC that you can't experience on this machine, such as stylus hover (without touch), press and hold for right click, and high quality handwriting digitization.


    As for Tablets (I love them BTW, I have a Motion M1200, HP HC1000, and HP TX2) here are some recent tablets to take a look at. These are also all multitouch as well as being Tablet PC's. I'm including the multitouch tech type, since that matters to many of us and isn't always easy to discern on a product page.


    Acer 1820PT (capacitive touch)

    Asus PCT101MT (resistive touch)

    Dell Latitude XT (capacitive touch)

    Dell Latitude XT2 (capacitive touch)

    Fujitsu Lifebook T4310 (capacitive touch)

    Fujitsu Lifebook T4410 (capacitive touch)

    Fujitsu Lifebook 5010 (capacitive touch)

    Fujitsu T900 (capacitive touch)

    Fujitsu TH700 (capacitive touch)

    Fujitsu T730 (capacitive touch)

    Gigabyte T1000P (capacitive touch)

    HP TouchSmart TX2 (capacitive touch)

    HP TM2 (capacitive touch)

    HP 2740P (capacitive touch)

    Lenovo ThinkPad X201 (capacitive touch)

    Lenovo IdeaPad S10-3T (capacitive touch)

    Panasonic CF-U1 (resistive touch)


    I think I'm going to do an all-up post on C9 soon on all the multitouch/tablet devices that have recently come out. Keep an eye out.

  • What do you want to know?

    kettch said:
    Dan said:

    I know I definitely see a difference in the comfort level of the interviewees when they are in the studio. There is a completely different atmosphere when you are in somebody's office. They aren't intimidated by the lights and cameras when they can be in their own environment. If they want to scribble on the whiteboard, then they can.


    I know it saves you guys a lot of work, but I really don't care about screen captures or fancy stuff. Intimate casual conversations are what made C9 great, and I don't think that you can accurately replicate that inside the harsh artificial environment of the studio.

    Michael loves to get out of the studio too, so we'll definitely be hitting more offices this year.

  • Your Favourite Guitar

    spivonious said:

    Favorite that I own is my '90 Charvel Predator. It's tough to beat those '90s import Jacksons as far as bang for the buck.

    I LOVED Charvels back in the day. I used to have a red Model IV-A with a floating cam Kahler.

  • Your Favourite Guitar

    I can't get down to one favorite guitar, but I'll tell you about my two favorite. The first would be my Green Jem.


    Loch Ness Green Ibanez Jem #103

    Originally my personal website (www.greenjem.com) was used to track the first 777 green Ibanez Jem guitars. They are all signed and numbered by Steve Vai. Mine is #103 and also has "To Larry" written on the back from Steve Vai. You'll see it has one of the very rare wrist rests on it that never actually shipped with the Jem because Kramer had a patent that it violated and wouldn't license to Ibanez.


    The second is a guitar I built myself.



    This one uses a Ibanez Saber neck and has a body that I built myself and electronics from a Saber. The body has two monkey grips instead of one, huge access cut away, the body is cut as thin as a Parker Fly, the front is signed (and scribbled on) by Joe Satriani, the back is signed by Steve Vai and Joe Dispangi (the guy who invented the Jem line of guitars). Evolution pickup in the bridge. The paint job was done by Darren Michaels, a buddy of mine who did all the original swirl paint jobs on the Jem and Universe guitars. This color scheme was eventually used in one of the G3 tours so the guitar matches very well with a couple of the posters from that tour that are also signed by everyone in G3. This one also has a Lo Pro Edge II tremelo and a rare wrist rest.


    All of these and more hang in my office at home.

  • The Radio

  • Blast you ThinkGeek!

    I really liked the concept for a Mame cabinet. I've got a old Gateway M1200 tablet PC I'm not using anymore, I might have to try that.

  • Nicely done, Channel 9 (posted by Dr Herbie).

    Charles said:
    sushovande said:

    Great job!


    Kudos to everyone who figured it out, figure out a way to find out, and even brute forced through the js. Smiley

  • ...my mom used a computer cause of...touch!  *updated*

    jamie said:
    longzheng said:


    * ok - it cant be mounted flat to wall  (not set up to do that on back of unit - so im building
    a shelf - 1 foot by 36" - with a keyboard drawer under it



    with this chair:


    and this keyboard drawer


    Hey Jaime,

    I think it could go on the wall if you want. Think of a picture frame, the computer in the analogy would be the glass. You need to build the part that holds the glass and then mount that onto the wall. Then slide the computer in. Just need to have the right cut outs for the buttons and CD drive on the side.