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Larry Larsen LarryLarsen "Lightbulb"
  • Top five regrets of the dying

    @Maddus Mattus: Apparently it still hasn't paid off. Wink


  • How the Microsoft Courier project got canned

    @spivonious: When I played with this at CES I found it to be one of the most innovative experiences of the year for a folding laptop form factor. Viewing web pages on it was just breathtaking, and you could bring up a keyboard by putting all your fingers on the bottom screen at once. While I have never seen one in the wild, they do appear to be available. Too bad it doesn't have a pen digitizer.

  • Well, if you're in the market for three tablets

    @Proton2: Wow, you're paying too much.

  • Propellerhe​ads

    I love that robot arm game. Seems like it would make a much better flight sim though. Wink

  • What went wrong with the Flight "sim" genre from mass market perspective

    @kettch: DC felt pretty accurate to me, but not as accurate as BFV IMHO, at least for helicopters. I agree on complexity. There' s a time and place for it (certain adventures in FSX), but for the most part, I don't want to think about dropping flaps and futzing with targeting systems in a game like DC or BF.

  • What went wrong with the Flight "sim" genre from mass market perspective

    >>"Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat modification has been the closest to what I thought about back when all the true mass market flight games were around"

    I couldn't agree more. I had more fun flying in Desert Combat than probably any other game I have played. Ever. I think what made that game so good was how fluid it was and how accurate/fast the weaponing was. I could fly the C130 by myself and even use the canon with a macro on my throttle button.

    I really loved the helicopters in Battlefield Vietnam. Being able to set the radio to old 60s songs was genius, even if a rip of Vice City. Even today, every time I hear the Temptations Get Ready, I immediately think of flying fast and low in a Huey, tearing things up. With my Thrustmaster HOTAS the control of the helicopters in BFV was just magic. Maybe flying with a keyboard sucked, but for me I think that would suck in any game.

    FWIW, my favorite flying game now is Just Cause 2. Specifically the helicopters. But flying choppers with an Xbox controller is a little meh imho after so many years on a TM HOTAS. Still fun though.

  • Windows Home Server

    I think Home Server is one of our best products. There's an update that's been in beta for some time now. I've got plans to meet with that team on their Vail release so if you have more questions leave them here.

  • Microsoft Flight - who are they kidding?

    ManipUni said:
    Sven Groot said:

    I thought Flight Simulator was so realistic that some airlines would start their pilots out on it?

    There are a lot of pilots who use Flight Sim for training. It's great for practicing checklists and navigation. Of course no (affordable) simulator can replace actual flight. When I was in flight school, FAA regs allowed you to mark down some amount of hours of simulation in your log book each year. Flight Sim isn't one of the systems you can use for this. When I finally got some simulator time, it was this horrible desktop box with some gauges on it. Like some kind of flight Eniac from the 50s. I used it for an hour, which was a horrible experience, and then went home to MS Flight Sim which was so much more realistic and detailed that it put the simulator to absolute shame.

  • Microsoft Flight - who are they kidding?

    exoteric said:
    LarryLarsen said:

    The last flight simulator I tried was F-29 Retalliator, that's a couple of days ago. I never tried Flight Simulator but was in a state of monumental disappointment about decision to shut down work on the product and fire all developers because seeing some of the latest beautiful photo-realistic screenshots made me want to try it and it appeared to be the best game of its kind. I really hope this new effort is not an attempt at a dumbed down Flight Simulator but an honest attempt at continuing the series, albeit under a new name.


    Speaking of simulation. Take a look at this Brian Beckman video about real-time simulation of tire-physics, in the context of Forza (Forrrrza). It's a great video.


    It's worth getting, especially now that you can find it on sale. With DX10, multi-mon, and multi-core support, it's not even close to being dated yet, and nothing can touch the graphics/detail on it, IMHO.  I like Xplane, but I've been playing FS since 1.0 on my TRS-80, so I have a special place in my heart for the title.


    I agree, I was more than a little disappointed when they shut that team down, but I suspected it wouldn't stay gone. It's the oldest video game in history, we can't let that one go. 

  • Microsoft Flight - who are they kidding?

    FWIW: I'm a huge Flight Sim fan with 3 x 42" 1080p displays and a full Saitek control setup on my desk at home. So I'm following this very closely. I reached out to the team behind this yesterday. I wouldn't assume what they are going to do, but when they are ready to pull the curtain back and talk a little more about this, Channel 9 will be there.