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Luke Puplett LukePuplett
  • This May Be Your Next Mouse

    Yup I'm with Odi; develop a couple of longer distance SideSight sensors under the front of the keyboard or something so the 'mouse' is no longer a feature. I'd be happy to drag my thumb around on the desk as the pointer - thinking about it, its not dissimilar to a large trackpad with Macbook style gestures.


    It's true that we will be up for all kinds of RSI injuries if we have to hold our arms up touching an LCD screen all day.

  • Dare to Dream Different - Finalist Gudmund Aasgaard

    "...well if you have to Tazer animals then we'd like it to be on a Microsoft stack." LMAO

  • The Visual Studio Documentary: Part One (In celebration of the 2010 Launch)

    Scott “Um.. Ah..” Guthrie wrote a mock-up of Visual Studio in a weekend! Never mind Lake Bill; the campus needs a Fountain Scott!

  • New Features in Web Platform Installer v2

    Firstly, I feel that variety is the spice of life and that while the office-based videos are cooler, I almost always want a better look at what's on the computer screens than can be achieved by waving a camera at it. So this format of video is good for that.


    While I have you, some other suggestions and moans; please can you fix the site so I can login and comment without interrupting playback? And have you thought about a video queue and single player (with size options)? This would also prevent the volume resetting each time. And if you could make it always on top and 50% transparent so I can keep working. And a new car and a slice of cake.


    Thanks Wink

  • Jeffrey Richter and his AsyncEnumerator

    Differences with Parallel.For? One that springs to mind is that an application on current or myabe not-so current .NET technology can leverage this technique.

    Top marks, Jeff.