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Luke Puplett LukePuplett
  • New Features in Web Platform Installer v2

    Firstly, I feel that variety is the spice of life and that while the office-based videos are cooler, I almost always want a better look at what's on the computer screens than can be achieved by waving a camera at it. So this format of video is good for that.


    While I have you, some other suggestions and moans; please can you fix the site so I can login and comment without interrupting playback? And have you thought about a video queue and single player (with size options)? This would also prevent the volume resetting each time. And if you could make it always on top and 50% transparent so I can keep working. And a new car and a slice of cake.


    Thanks Wink

  • Jeffrey Richter and his AsyncEnumerator

    Differences with Parallel.For? One that springs to mind is that an application on current or myabe not-so current .NET technology can leverage this technique.

    Top marks, Jeff.