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  • Interesting Vista Music vs. Network article

    Over on the Inquirer, the article: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=41842 states...

    ~In this, Vista seems to be showing its legacy of "cooperative multitasking" from Windows 3.0 onward.~

    I assume that this is just an inflammatory jibe, and that the writer didn't actually believe that to be true.

  • Interesting Vista Music vs. Network article


    This is naturally the type of thing the Inquirer and the other "Tabloid" sites live for.

    The original thread on 2CPU.COM is interesting more for the number of posters who immediately decided the cause was DRM... 'cos it's got it's fingers in everywhere dude !!

    Nevertheless, I'm sort of curious as to what it's about and what's causing it.

  • Engadget: How would you change Vista?

    Sven Groot wrote:
    jamie wrote:
    evildictaitor wrote:
    Removal of the DRM service in Vista is taking away your choice, not adding to it.


    sorry.  um its taking away cpu cycles...

    Dear God not this again...

    The DRM support is not used at all until you play DRMed content. Until you do that, it's not active. It uses zero CPU cycles.

    With Vista's DRM support you have a choice: either you use it, which means you can watch protected Bluray discs or what not. Or you don't use it, in which case it makes absolutely no difference that it is there.

    Without Vista's DRM support there's no choice: you just can't play your content.

    So how exactly is Vista's DRM support taking away choice?

    There are a billion-and-one legitimate reasons to not like Vista (most of which I probably won't personally agree with, but they're still legitimate reasons). DRM isn't one of them.

    Self proclaimed Vista DRM expert... Peter Gutmann... would appear to disagree.


    He's at it again, taking to task ZDNet's George Ou.

    Personally, I don't know sh1t about how Vista's internals work, as I suspect do most 99.999% of commentators. However, this appears to be another one of those sore-spots that MS is allowing to fester.

  • Vista 9 months in - PC Mag Editor "throws in the towel"

    Chinmay007 wrote:
    Xaero_Vincent wrote:
    Although I prefer Linux these days, I don't see too many issues with Windows Vista on my laptop. Vista's security is very impressive and better than the average Linux distro. The GUI/shell is richer than XP as well, though thats more of my personal opinion.

    I think people just like to complain about things, especially when its about a flagship product from a large company and guaranteed to increase page hits.

    The thing is, I as many others, don't see any compelling reason to upgrade to Vista. Same thing happened with Windows 2000 though versus XP, but since many many people were upgrading from Windows ME to Windows XP, it (seemed) to catch on much faster. Basically Windows XP is a great OS. It's not a Windows ME. And most people are using it. So while Windows ME to Windows XP was a major improvement in stability and functionality, and certain performence (yes XP booted faster then ME for me), Windows XP -> Windows Vista is not.

    Win-2K is NT-5.0
    Win-XP is NT-5.1

    With Win-XP, Microsoft fixed the problems and the missing features of Win-2K and came up with a polished product, that pretty much does what is says on the box (albeit those features are a bit dated now).

    Rather than waiting for NT-7.0... I believe that MS should be focusing on an NT-6.1 release... i.e. doing an "XP" to Vista... and get the current release nailed before charging off on another major release.

  • Vista 9 months in - PC Mag Editor "throws in the towel"

    I see MS as being afraid that they won't sell a new OS version unless it's jam-packed full of everything they (and their competition) could think of since their last release... and this seems to result "blockbuster" releases... with stuff being there that really had no right having development focus... instead of incremental releases addressing focused areas of need.

    NT-3.5, NT-4.0, NT-5.0, NT-6.0 -- these were all recalcitrant.

    NT-3.51, NT-5.1 -- these were the gems.

    Why are we being inflicted with Aero-Interface, Media-Players, Media-Authoring tools, Fax & Scan, Meeting-Place, Full-Featured-Browsers, Email/News-Clients, DRM, Desktop-Search, etc etc, as core feature of an operating system?? and why is OS development being slowed down to accommodate those features, when more basic OS needs of Security, Stability and Compatibility are still wanting for work ??

    Apple is a niche player, and at the moment, MS seem to be falling into the trap of trying to focus on matching it's niche market features, rather than focusing on it's own strengths... the long suffering business sector... who really don't value those features.

    As I see it, the OS would work and progress a whole lot better if MS were to bite the bullet and spin off all the "consumer" features to the applications division, where they could sell (or give away if they need to) these as feature packs or feature upgrades and develop them at their own pace. They then might be forced to find out what people actually WANT vs. what the Windows marketing people want people to want.

  • Losing the will to live

    irascian wrote:
    Tonight we had one "lead developer" who told us, "not to brag or anything but I'm in the Top 10 of the world's best web developers".

    LOL... I'm also in the Top 10 of the world's best web developers.

    Unfortunately, my units are millions.

  • Lenovo goes XP and TP for Olympics

    harumscarum wrote:
       You have a link MB? From what I read all MS technologies..err all MS innovative technologies will be used.

    The story I saw was: http://www.arnnet.com.au/index.php/fp;2;fpid;10000;o;0;id;273129453

    There is also an item on the Inquirer site: http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=41724

  • Lenovo goes XP and TP for Olympics

    I see that Lenovo have announced No Vista and No Wireless support for their Olympics sponsorship.

    They've chosen Win-XP and Twisted-Pair only.

    The tried and tusted approach, I guess.

  • Airbus A380 runs windows?

    phreaks wrote:
    Sven Groot wrote:

    I ran across this picture of the A380 cockpit.

    Look in the screens on the far left and right, behind the side-stick. Looks like Windows to me.

    Ya, it *looks* like it could be windows...

    but what exactly is it doing? My guess is probably diagnostics fuel / part monitoring or youtube browsing.

    Running Flight Simulator ??  Perplexed

  • How Did You End Up in Tech?

    I was working in an office and studying Science (multi-stream) in my spare time... I ended up having to deal with the big "Sperry" to get through a Stats course, and got hooked. One thing led to another and next thing I found myself sorting out RPGII issues at work... and it was all down hill from there.