@FZ14: You wish for jQuery to be ported to TypeScript.

I just want to point out that you don't actually need to port existing libraries to TS in order to get a strongly typed experience consuming them. TS let's you write "declare files" that describe a typed view of existing code, so that you can get IntelliSense and type checking against them when you consume them from TS.

The TypeScript site contains several examples of this on the "Run it" tab. For instance, the "JQuery Parallax Starfield" sample contains a "jquery.d.ts" file that does this for jQuery. Check it out!

Our hope is that authors of JS libraries will also author .d.ts files for them. If you write your library in TypeScript, the TypeScript compiler can also generate a .d.ts file for it, along with the JS.

As a matter of fact I wouldn't be surprised if some JS (not TS) editors would start picking up .d.ts files so that they can offer better tool support even for vanilla JavaScript programs that consume those libraries Smiley.