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Massif Massif aim stupidly high, expect to fail often.
  • Does intellisense make hungarian notation passe?

    I still use the m_ for private members. But I never liked the rest of the notation, and dropped them as soon as I could. It's not like everyone uses them consistently anyway. (And if I see pszrBlah or whatever again... I'll scream.)

  • Why is C# better?

    Tensor wrote:

    You say yuo think 3.0 will widen the gap - in which way? LINQ will be implemented in both.

    I was thinking more of Lambda Expressions and Extensible methods. It is these more obscure features which I THINK - and I'm stressing that this is just a guess - is going to be where the differences will come.

    As for the "is it just personal preference" question. All programming languages can achieve the same thing - it's always a question of which tool makes it easiest to achieve what you want, and which tool you like.

  • Why is C# better?

    To be honest I struggled to see the difference in terms of features between C# and VB.NET.

    [edit:] I've just found out that operator overloading is a new feature in VB 2005. So it looks like VB has a different set of obscure language features.[/edit]

    However, I'm not sure how that changes with .NET 2.0 - does VB support anonymous methods and suchlike? If not then it's a fair guess that C# 3.0 will make the difference more noticable.

  • Microsoft Update and Windows Genuine Advantage

    Judging by the fact that every time I've installed the nVidia IDE drivers they've completely nuked my PC - I'd say nVidia.

  • Leaving Channel 9...

    I'll see your Florida, and raise you Havana.

    Have fun.

    I wish I had a nice camera, I've got a knackered Fuji Finepix 1300. It's really annoying to think that my girlfriend's phone is a better camera than my camera.

  • Nice IE7 touch

    ZippyV wrote:

    Please do not place any shortcuts on the desktop.
    Outlook has a good way to do a safe start: hold the ctrl button while you click on the shortcut. Every application should support this.

    There's always been an IE shortcut on the desktop - they haven't added anything.

  • Borderless Browsing

    I'm afraid I'm not with you - for two reasons:

    1 - I can't see the border on my copy of i.e. 7.

    2 - I rather like it. Makes the page feel more like a paper page. But I guess that's just personal preference.

    [edit:] I just noticed that it is simply difficult to see on pages which aren't white. - I still think it looks better that way though Big Smile [/edit]

  • I lost my direction on software

    rjdohnert wrote:
    Just because I think MS is spying on me, doesnt mean they arent.  They are and only irrational zombie boys think that if Microsoft could, they wouldnt.
     Odd - I was just thinking the exact opposite. I mean, what would MS want to know about your computer use exactly? Do you think there's a sweep stake on the largest (I need to watch my language) collection on the internet? Do you think they seriously care?Of course nearly everyone gathers usage statistics - but is that evil? Does it really make a huge difference to your life if someone in Microsoft knows that user 1,245,231 gets a lot of error messages from Outlook?

  • Tell us something about your culture.

    SlackmasterK wrote:
    Yet by some definitions, America has more culture than most others.

    I'm curious what those definitions are. As for me, I'm born and bred UK - English to be precise, seeing as all the Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish folks I know get ticked off being lumped in with us anglo-saxons.

    I grew up in a typical sleepy suburban village, so I've got the agatha christie view of england, except with broadband and expensive bus services.

  • UML Tool

    The company I work for is trying to settle on a case tool for the software department.

    It has to be UML 2.0 compliant, but apart from that we're pretty flexible. We're currently using System Architect - and hating it, so much so that it's putting everyone off modelling altogether.

    Can anyone recommend a cheap case tool which would fit the bill? At the moment we're looking at a few, and Poseidon is beating the competition hands down - but are there any alternatives we haven't seen?

    (I suggested using Team System, and was told that as we're not a purely microsoft development house it wouldn't be viable.)