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  • Random

    Knickers to you - my house actually got broken into a couple of weeks ago. We were sleeping soundly upstairs at the time too.

    Weird feeling, still we've got a bugger off alarm now so they shouldn't be back to steal all the insurance replacements. (And I'm hoping they have real difficulty selling on the GameCube without any of its cables. They're not exactly worth a fortune brand new.)

  • How to execute batch file at end of install?

    I've used custom actions to run batch files. It's not pretty and a better way usually exists. Have you checked which type of custom action you're trying to run. When I tried you could run an executable or a library and it defaulted to trying to run a library.

  • Does intellisense make hungarian notation passe?

    I still use the m_ for private members. But I never liked the rest of the notation, and dropped them as soon as I could. It's not like everyone uses them consistently anyway. (And if I see pszrBlah or whatever again... I'll scream.)

  • Why is C# better?

    Tensor wrote:

    You say yuo think 3.0 will widen the gap - in which way? LINQ will be implemented in both.

    I was thinking more of Lambda Expressions and Extensible methods. It is these more obscure features which I THINK - and I'm stressing that this is just a guess - is going to be where the differences will come.

    As for the "is it just personal preference" question. All programming languages can achieve the same thing - it's always a question of which tool makes it easiest to achieve what you want, and which tool you like.

  • Why is C# better?

    To be honest I struggled to see the difference in terms of features between C# and VB.NET.

    [edit:] I've just found out that operator overloading is a new feature in VB 2005. So it looks like VB has a different set of obscure language features.[/edit]

    However, I'm not sure how that changes with .NET 2.0 - does VB support anonymous methods and suchlike? If not then it's a fair guess that C# 3.0 will make the difference more noticable.

  • Microsoft Update and Windows Genuine Advantage

    Judging by the fact that every time I've installed the nVidia IDE drivers they've completely nuked my PC - I'd say nVidia.

  • Leaving Channel 9...

    I'll see your Florida, and raise you Havana.

    Have fun.

    I wish I had a nice camera, I've got a knackered Fuji Finepix 1300. It's really annoying to think that my girlfriend's phone is a better camera than my camera.

  • Nice IE7 touch

    ZippyV wrote:

    Please do not place any shortcuts on the desktop.
    Outlook has a good way to do a safe start: hold the ctrl button while you click on the shortcut. Every application should support this.

    There's always been an IE shortcut on the desktop - they haven't added anything.

  • Borderless Browsing

    I'm afraid I'm not with you - for two reasons:

    1 - I can't see the border on my copy of i.e. 7.

    2 - I rather like it. Makes the page feel more like a paper page. But I guess that's just personal preference.

    [edit:] I just noticed that it is simply difficult to see on pages which aren't white. - I still think it looks better that way though Big Smile [/edit]

  • I lost my direction on software

    rjdohnert wrote:
    Just because I think MS is spying on me, doesnt mean they arent.  They are and only irrational zombie boys think that if Microsoft could, they wouldnt.
     Odd - I was just thinking the exact opposite. I mean, what would MS want to know about your computer use exactly? Do you think there's a sweep stake on the largest (I need to watch my language) collection on the internet? Do you think they seriously care?Of course nearly everyone gathers usage statistics - but is that evil? Does it really make a huge difference to your life if someone in Microsoft knows that user 1,245,231 gets a lot of error messages from Outlook?