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Massif Massif aim stupidly high, expect to fail often.
  • I finally bought a Windows RT tablet against my better judgement

    @Dr Herbie: I don't know; aside from being a pretty handy productivity tool (my wife used hers as her sole laptop, and still calls it her laptop...) It beats the pants off an iPad when it comes to media sharing. I was sharing photos to a smart TV this weekend, the iDevices were hopeless, ages trying to find the right app, and most of them didn't work, the Surface was three clicks. Charms -> Device -> TV.

    I'd say WinRT has a good bit more functionality that iOS (in my limited experience of iOS).

  • Microsoft buying Nokia ?

    I for one, weclome our -


    I probably can't comment.

  • ReFix

    Anyone else heard of this project: http://refix.codeplex.com/


    I think it looks pretty handy, as it's picking up on the one part of Maven that I thought .NET could do with.

  • What would you do for MS?

    Michael Butler said:

    If I could work at Microsoft, it would have to be Steve Ballmer's job. No point trying to work my way up Wink



    I know you're being facetious, but this is kinda my problem when it comes to working in a big company. (And unlike others I would like to work in a big company because I know I work best when others are around me.) But what would I actually DO for a big company?


    Technically I'm a dev, I have pretty good dev skills, but that's not what I'D bring to a company, it doesn't reflect my personal strengths.


    As a person, I bring ideas, like for everything. You want a feature? Sure, give me ten minutes and I'll give you a list of ideas; I'll even give you rough ideas on how to implement them, and how to gradually introduce them if they're a dramatic change. I've got a bit of a reputation for being a original (that's the polite term) thinker, even when I think I'm being pretty conservative.


    But in what job would an organization find that skill useful? Short of CEO? It's vexing that MS haven't written asking me to lead them, but what's a guy to do?


  • C# Extension Properties?

    ExceptionDuck said:
    Jonwib said:

    I did something like this to copy Jquery.data function


    public static class extends{
      public static Dictionary> v = new Dictionary>();
      public static object data(this object o, object key,object val = null)
       if (!v.ContainsKey(o))
       v[o] = new Dictionary();
        return v[o][key];
       v[o][key] = val;
       return val;

    It won't distinguish between equal simple types, but for complex it works well.


    With this you can call any object's data method


    F = new Form();



    and inside F you could call


    this.data("language") and it would return "EN"

    Wow, thread Necromancy!


    Also, use F# you can extend everything Smiley

  • Can visual studio's ctrl+arrow cursor moving logic be made camel-case aware?

    It'd save me a lot of time skipping over method name calls when I want to change something in the middle.

  • Why does C# not support this?

    Minh said:
    Maddus Mattus said:

    What if I had this really common scenario?


    class Chicken { }

    class Hen : Chicken { }

    class Rooster : Chicken { }


    List<Chicken> roster = new List<Chicken>();




    That was going to be my next question Smiley


    And for all that breakage and confusion, what does it get you really?

  • Why does C# not support this?

    Maddus Mattus said:
    Massif said:

    I hate var's


    they are for lazy programmers Smiley


    and worker.DoWork() would not be possible, because DoWork has a return type. Ignoring the return is not 'first class' as Erik would call it Smiley

    Or of course:


    ojbect thing = worker.DoWork();


    And, if you have a class A which inherits from B which inherits from C (and DoWork implementations returning As and Bs) what does:


    C wtf = worker.DoWork();


    Resolve as? It'd just be too confusing for us humble programmers.


    And I'm not letting you take away my god-given right to ignore return values! Big Smile

  • This is getting weird, I need input.

    Sven Groot said:
    Maddus Mattus said:

    Yes, that's part of it. But so's Bernoulli's principle. Some people (I'm not saying you're one of them) seem to believe that because the equal transit time explanation is wrong, Bernoulli's principle itself is wrong or doesn't apply to how wings generate lift. But that's not true. Bernoulli's principle works and is part of how aircraft generate lift. It's just the equal transit time part of the explanation that's wrong. What you're saying is also part of it, but not the only part. It's really quite complicated. Smiley

    So the pressure difference comes from something else? Like turbulence under the wing?


    Gah... I could look something up, but I'm supposed to be pretending to work.

  • Why does C# not support this?

    Well what would


    var whatAmI = worker.DoWork();


    Do? and of course what would:




    Do when we don't care about the return?


    I also don't like it because it doesn't seem properly polymorphic to me, as the return type is clearly related to what the function does, and now the identically named functions are clearly doing something different. But that's just me.