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  • Instrumenting your Web API using Application Insights with Victor Mushkatin

    I was disappointed in this video.

    Lots of operations were carried too quickly, and without saying what was going to be done or why. E.G. why was there a failure at 08:50? With a MP4 video it was impossible to see what was typed in the URL because of video compressions.

    In addition an up-front description/diagram of the whys/wherefores would have put the system into context.

    I am left missing lots and lots of knowledge which could easily have been explained.

    Do not forget also that for much of your audience name changes of services are very new and not yet ingrained - requiring processing power to work out what you mean whenever you mention them, whereas you have been living with it for months.

  • SQL Server Data Tools

    Why don't you have someone present who understands the product, and has researched what it can do and how rather than just relying on out-dated knowledge.

    Saying "oh, I didn't know it could do that" is just the same as those devs who you were criticizing at the beginning for now knowing it was there at all because they were used to other tools such as SQL Server management studio.

  • What’s New in Windows Communication Foundation 4.5

    Not found! Sad


  • The Service Bus Security Model

    Very useful. Pity I had to listen to tens of hours of linear video before finding this information rather than being able so simply search for info with Bing.

    Tip: please be careful to call out all acronymns. Trying to work out what you are talking about is difficult especially if you are not sure whether a letter in an acronym you are saying is an S or a T etc

  • Understanding complex code with Code Map

    1. I have Visual Studio Ultimate 2012 and the feature is not there.
    2. The link to the alleged MSDN article does not work