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Michael Butler Michael Butler
  • NOKIA Lumia 800 & 710

    The 800 looks nice, but for my next phone I really want a front-facing camera. I'll stick with my HTC HD 7 for now and see what comes early next year.

  • WP7 phones

    I've had an HTC HD7 since launch last year. It's been a good servant. The only thing I don't like on it is the camera, so I'll probably be swapping it for a new Nokia later this year.

  • Program for connecting to a telephone track and record in a database.

    , DCMonkey wrote



    Is TAPI still going?

    I haven't done any real CTI work since the turn of the century. I'd like to think they've moved on from TAPI because that could be a pain in the arse, almost as bad as working with MAPI.

    [Off to do some reading to find out what the current state of the CTI market is.]

  • Oh my God, add a start menu!

    I've spent a far bit of time using Windows 8 over the last day, on both a touch interface and with a mouse and keyboard.

    The Touch interface is wonderful and really flows and works well for me.

    However, I do like the mouse/keyboard interface too. It works, feels natural to me. There are a few annoyances that I'm sure will be ironed out before they get to the beta. I'm running this in a VM so I'm not getting the best experience.

    It would be nice if you moved your mouse pointer to either edge of the screen, if the start screen then scrolled in that direction, rather than having use the scroll wheel or scrollbar.

    Being able to hold the left mouse button down and drag to scroll the start menu would be cool too. (Works well in Civilisation anyway)

    Easier access to the shutdown button would be nice too.

    Some kind of keyboard shortcut pop-up list would be nice, make it easier to learn my way around with just a keyboard.

    Really think this has got promise.


  • Windows 8 download is live

    Having first tried it in a Virtual Box VM and finding the experience unsatisfactory, I've now installed it on my Acer Aspire Tablet PC. And I'm in love with it. Even this old hardware has a smooth touch experience. There are tell-tale signs that this is a developer preview but as a whole it does work very well. Off to try and build my first Metro app.

  • Why does IE9 does this?

    I'm glad I'm not the only who has this issue. It's so annoying to log on one day and find all my remember me cookies are gone. Used to be a pain with my old machine that locked up regularly, but even my new PC does it fairly regularly. Never been able to establish a pattern. Thought it was happening because of a bad patch.

  • What will you use your Windows 8 Tablet for?

    ,Harlequin wrote



    You can do that now. No need for a "Windows 8 tablet".

    Not found the right hardware to do it. I'm hoping Windows 8 will bring some better hardware in the best form factor. Plus using current Windows on a tablet is a PIA. I should I have said, I want Metro interface and OneNote together.

  • How do you watch your Channel 9 Videos?

    ,Ian2 wrote

    @Michael Butler:If you use the XBOX as a Media Centre extender then this works really well.

    but doesn't this require me to download the videos first?

    I want to be able to stream the Channel 9 stuff not wait for the downloads. I used to download PDC/Mix videos and use MC to stream them to my Xbox. I'd love a way to do it without downloading the videos first.

  • How do you watch your Channel 9 Videos?

    Usually I watch them on my home PC on the second monitor. Usually streamed now, although I used to download the full HQ videos.

    What I would like is a Channel 9 channel on my XBox, then I can watch the videos in the comfort of my living room.

  • What will you use your Windows 8 Tablet for?

    I have simple requirements for my tablet experience.

    OneNote with a pen input. I want to replace all my paper notepads so that all my notes are synced into the cloud and accessible from where ever I am. (Plus it will clear lots of clutter from my desk)