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Michael Butler Michael Butler
  • Bing's new logo.

    Logo seems fine to me. I just wish Bing would concentrate on getting all the features out to the rest of the world. The UK Bing page is always lagging well behind the US functionality and I expect it's even worse elsewhere.

    One Microsoft - One Web - One World

  • MSDN forums down?

    codeplex.com is down as well, wonder if it's related.

  • any other niners on facebook?

    I'm on Facebook, but that's for people I've actually had at least one "real life" conversation with.

    Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter are my public facing social networks.

  • Build 2013 predictions?

    , chb wrote

    session listing are already available http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Build/2013

    ... so there will be a small 0.1 update to DirectX ... and a talk about webGL, so I assume we will see webGL Support in future version of ie.

    Lots of good stuff there. I can see I'm going to be watching videos of the sessions for weeks.

    No TBA sessions listed this year, does that mean we have no surprises in the Keynotes.

  • Build 2013 predictions?

    My prediction. Lots of cool stuff to get my dev juices flowing... and lots of stuff that my job won't allow me to use until service pack 2



  • Samsung ATIV-Q: Quite Interesting

    If only this was an 7-8 inch device, it would have been perfect for replacing my Nexus 7.

  • XBox One: I'd love to see Microsoft pull a card out of their sleeve.

    , csinger wrote

    I have been following the various news on the XBox One and I am pretty excited by what its future holds.  I think Build will be very interesting (here's hoping for an actual App store - getting a native Plex client would be awesome).

    The one thing that I think is currently a big miss is the XBox 360 experience.  Because the XBox One doesn't have backwards compatibility, one needs to have both devices.  Well, that potentially means the need to keep around 2 Kinect devices which is a bit unwieldily.

    So here is the "card" that I hope Microsoft hasn't shown.  I would love to see the 360 daisy chain with the XBox One.  I'd love to see that in fact they have two HDMI inputs but chose to keep one of them hidden for this unveiling.  I could see one going to a cable box and the other plus a USB connection to the 360.  Now you have a way for the XBox one to control the 360.  The Kinect could even pass through from the XBox One to the 360 over the USB interface.  Just a firmware update to the 360 and everything works.  With the new 360 styling it even looks like it could fit as a daughter device.

    I think that would be a killer maneuver.

    Anyways, one can dream can't they?


    i like your thinking, but think it would be unlikely. I want to see if I can plug a PS4 into the HDMI in of the Xbox One and swap between PS4 games and XBox games Wink

  • Visual Studio 2013

    , vesuvius wrote

    Yes it will be out just about a year after Visual Studio 2012.

    No announcements from the C# Team or whether TypeScript will be a part of Visual Studio? What of Roslyn and the usual announcements for Client and Web based development stacks like WPF or ASP.NET? I feel things have changed direction at Microsoft in the last few months, but I can't quite figure out what it is.

    They are saving the good stuff for BUILD. Although all the new TFS stuff has got me excited. (I'm a strange sort of geek Wink )

  • XBox One, the trinity of operating systems ?

    This aspect of the Xbox One is the bit that has me most intrigued. Would love to hear more on C9 about the details. I've been a big fan of Dave Cutler since I read the book about the creation of Windows NT.

  • Surface Smart Watch Rumors

    , blowdart wrote

    I'd rather like a watch which had my live tiles mirrored to it. And appointments.

    Nothing more. I don't want to read emails, or reddit, just the time, appointments, and maybe the weather, plus unread emails to prompt me to go to my phone to check them.


    Add Nike Sports Watch type functionality and I'd be interested.