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Michael Butler Michael Butler
  • Need this stuff for VS/C#, shipping with the ​framework/​CLR

    I think the author needs to have a look at Visual Studio and NuGet. Also the stuff Microsoft have been doing with Azure deployments.

  • Ever played Wing Commander or like space combat / flight sims?

    I'm waiting for a new version of Tie Fighter, which I think was the best of the X-Wing series of games. Great story and really fun to play. X-Wing:Alliance had the better graphics but there was just something really cool about flying alongside Darth Vader.

    Looking forward to Elite too. Spent many a Saturday moving cargo between systems and then shooting up space-stations to get the police after me so I could get more combat.

  • Ready for Next Surface ?

    Really hoping for a Surface Mini. My original Surface RT is a great device, but for a pure tablet device I prefer the 7/8 inch form-factor. It just feels nicer to hold in my hand.

    Also considering a Surface Pro as my take anywhere developer device replacement for a laptop. So a new model would be nice.

  • Apple beats competitors to market ...

    Is that the same Beats Audio that's in my HTC 8x?... coz its rubbish.

  • My predictions for Visual Studio in 2014 and beyond...

    I'll join in the fun.

    I predict that the VNext version of Visual Studio will lose the year tag and just become a series of quarterly updates along the lines of Office 365. With the different levels of Express, Professional  and very Expensive replacing the current MSDN subscription.

    All of which will be tied into Visual Studio Online someway.



  • Win Phone 8.1 beef.

    , magicalclick wrote


    you are right. It is Xbox Music. That explained the missing FM radio and slow loading. Another giant step back from WP7.


    I seem to have a new FM Radio app on my HTC 8x since the 8.1 update.

  • Cortana, where are you?

    , Ian2 wrote

    Pretty smooth phone upgrade to 8.1. Might have to investigate some US proxies to play with Cortana though, shame, she should have been enabled for any dev phones wherever they are.

    I wonder if the necessary Bing datasets for the UK aren't ready yet. Bing in the UK has always lagged behind the US version.

    I'm liking everything I see in the upgrade so far. Just need to find some more apps that support transparent tiles, so that I can get more of that cool background effect on the start screen.

  • Make CodeLens Available Outside of Ultimate

    As a developer for a large corp, I enjoy the privilege of a VS Ultimate licence for my work.

    However as a hobbyist developer at home, I say Microsoft needs to scrap the various VS SKU's and just have a fully featured version on a $99 subscription.


  • Laptops for Development

    , CaRDiaK wrote

    I bought this. No regrets. Simply amazing piece of kit. Turn many a contractor green with envy :) 


    All MS products and VS look sublime.

    The only problem I've had is I do a lot of Java / Android development also. I use IntelliJ IDEA and I have to cap the hidpi arewareness of that application, then edit the IDE's font settings to make up for the scaling. Bit of a ball ache but well worth it once you set it up. Text just melts on and off the screen, the only thing I've seen come close to it is a Retina MBP

    Additionally the amazing track pad dupes the screen. What I mean by that is you can swipe the pad as if you were touching the screen and it responds as if you were touching that area of the screen. It's pretty neat. Check one out if you get the chance. 

    I've been looking at that one for a while, and is my preferred choice so far.

  • Laptops for Development

    I currently use a Desktop PC at home for my personal coding projects. Thinking about buying a laptop, so that I can code anywhere and not just in the spare room.

    Who here uses a laptop for writing code and would they recommend it, if so what laptop do you use?