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Edward Moemeka Moemeka Me
  • The New Windows Phone Application Model

    Hi Andrew,

     great presentation.  I definitely would love to migrate to 8.1 but it seems your team does not access web services or WCF.As you mentioned there are over 400,000 apps in the store, many of which use web services.  Is the expectation that we all go and rebuild our apps?  If so what is the rationale for such a drastic change and why not speak on it and provide examples as opposed to having us figure something like this out ourselves.

  • Anders Hejlsberg: Introducing TypeScript

    Thank you Mr. Hejlsberg, you and your team continue to build tools for those of us who don't believe in unnecessary complexity.  This language is the rational solution to the JavaScript problem.  It can be used in a web application interchangeably with javascript and offers all the important features of c# without creating some bizarre Frankenstein hybrid.

    This is common sense, and it only seems to come from your team these days.  Thank You!!

    PS - can you take over Windows Phone / Windows 8 development story please !!!!!

  • Visual Studio Toolbox: Visual Studio 11 Beta with Jason Zander


     thank you for the absolutely AMAZING tool!  Can you please do us some of us a favor and provide a setting page for the Artboard like expression blend has.  There does not seem to be anything like that.  Specifically, if would be nice to have a way to toggle the behavior of Mouse Scroll.  For me, see the default behavior as to scroll (like how it is everywhere else) and if I want zoom then I *modify* that behavior by explicitly holding down on the control, alt or whatever button.  In VS11 it defaults to Zoom which is essentially inconsistent with everything in Visual Studio and I dare say inconsistent with default Windows Behavior (vis-à-vis internet explorer, explorer, metro apps, New Start Screen).  This is the one place where it is reversed for what seems to be no reason.  Wouldnt anyone, designer or otherwise *use* scrolling around the screen more than zooming ?!?

    Please change this or at lease give us an option.  The new Artboard *is* awesome.  Windows 8 is awesomer-er

  • Future directions for C# and Visual Basic

    @bcooley: wow,  that is a really nasty post.  What you fail to realize is that Roslyn will make AOT very easy since c# code can be *dynamically converted into C++* and then *compiled as native*.  Try to use your imagination for positivity instead of being negative and rude!  This takes C# light years ahead.

    Furthermore c# 4.0 was just recently released, even though they call this c# 5 (marketing) I think this is more of like the 2.0/3.0/3.5 pattern we saw in the past (hence no *actually* new runtime version). 

  • Windows 8 Running on ARM

    @electrookosh: that's because the alleged "ARM version" seems to be a remote desktop into the x86 version.  That's the reason why the camera zooms in when they interact with it and when the camera zooms out, the x86 version is magically on the same screen as the ARM version.  Tune in next week to see Microsoft make the Statue of Liberty disappear Wink.

    Regardless of all that, MS simply GETS IT.  No one else seems to understand that a tablet *should* also be a PC.  (well I guess Motorola Atrix did but rather than execute they simply gave a dumb terminal into the phone).  I am writing this post on a windows 8 PC and I have no reason to look back.  Well done Microsoft!

  • Allen Wirfs-Brock and Chris Wilson: EcmaScript, JavaScript and the Web

    I know javascript rules, but I just always feel like i'm stitching things together with it.

  • Allen Wirfs-Brock and Chris Wilson: EcmaScript, JavaScript and the Web

    will there ever be a new compiled language for the web?  One that all the browsers will understand?  I really wish that something else existed beyond javascript.

  • Where the Multitouch Devices Are pt. 2

    My touch smart tx2 from HP went from a buggy 4 touch points a month or so back to only 2 touch points after installing the latest N-Trig driver.  How many touch points is this device supposed to have?  Should I be calling someone at HP? 


    I think that MS should back us consumers and force these companies to include information about how many touch points the devices have on the packaging and or technical documentation.  As it stands you have no clue until you actually fire up your laptop or PC how many fingers it will work with.  Help me out.

  • Jason Zander: Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate Released - General Download Available

    I think this must be a feature of some kind, or an edge case I just missed.  I could have sworn that I used this without having to do anything else to get it to work.  As it stands, it seems that the called assembly must grant the caller Internal visibility for the dynamic magic to now work.  Since standard reflection continues to function I must assume this is some type of implementation detail related to how dynamic now works.

  • Jason Zander: Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate Released - General Download Available


      it looks like something is broken here.  In Beta 2, dynamic anonymous types passed between assemblies worked fine, in this version I get a RuntimeBindingException.  Even though I am able to use reflection to access the properties, they are unavailable through the dynamic keyword.  Is this new behaviour or a bug?