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PerfectPhase PerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman
  • CoreCLR is now open source on GitHub

    When this runs on Linux, will it support Linux on ARM?

  • Visual Studio Tip: Laptop or dual monitors? Pick the perfect layout for each!


    For 2013 and earlier, Layouts O Rama works very well.

  • Defrag Tools #118 - PerfView Part 6

    We're in the processes of ripping out most of our logging that is based on Log4Net and implementing ETW with EventSource.

    The bit we're having difficulty getting our head round is how to route logging from shared components.   For example with have a bunch of NT services (ServiceA, ServiceB etc) that  that have a lot of common dependency's such as AssemblyA, AssemblyB etc.

    Back in the old Log4Net days we'd pass a common ILogger around and route to a log file for each service via configuration.  That way an error logged by AssemblyA running in ServiceB would be logged to ServiceB's log file.

    With ETW as the target of events is controlled by the attribute on the logging class, the runtime aggregation is a lot harder.

    We currently bouncing back and forth with each component logging to its own event source, aggregating the data after the fact, or implementing some DI trickery to route all the events from all the components to a single event source.  While the former is easier for the developers/IT staff to diagnose a problem has it's happing, the latter seems to be easier after the fact. 

    Our biggest stumbling block seems to be when we look at an event source in Event Viewer for an error a component logged, we don't know the process name, only it's ID and it seems impossible to build custom views in event viewer based of process name?

    Any advice on handling these types of systems?

  • Episode 159: StorSimple with Ahmed El-Shimi

    Are there any plans to add the on premises device side of this as role in Windows Server? 

  • Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

    The aka.ms/socialin60 link seems to link to an internal resource, do you have a public link?

  • Xbox One and Smartglass App for Channel 9

    So need this now!

  • Building Web APIs for Mobile Apps Using ASP.NET Web API 2.1

    Really good talk. thanks!

  • More on the Windows 8.1 HID WinRT API

    Have found the Message Analyser tool great for reverse engineering USB devices that talk over HID. Got several devices working in Win 8.1 apps via that.

  • Introducing Lync Room System

    Shame, the recorded presentation only shows the slides, would have been nice to see what they where talking about, sounded pretty cool!

  • Windows 8 App for Channel 9 now available

    , Duncanma wrote

    @cedricmi: Completely understand about the reduced functionality, we made some choices about what was important in the app experience and we decided it was all about watching videos. We will be adding in more features as we move forward. As far as poor navigation, I don't agree personally, I find navigating in the app to be super easy... perhaps if you gave some examples of where you found it difficult that would help us to plan future changes.

    Hi, I'm using the app mainly with the play-to feature to watch videos on my TV via xbox and that works great. Would be nice if the display turned off when it's playing on the TV though, save a bit of battery.

    But..  I'm currently watching the videos from the MMS 2013 events and I have a grid of very similar thumbnails and captions that are along the lines of 'Interview: Micr....'.  I'll be honest that browsing through these videos to find what I want to watch is a horrid experience, in and out the details page, the thumbnail page does not remember where you where so always scrolls back to the start when you back out the details etc. 

    When you have a lot of videos (Build/MMS) please give me an option to see the videos in a list view with full titles.

    It would be nice that when your in the details page for a show or series there was a next/prev so you could move through the videos in a series.

    My current workflow is find the video I want via the website and then search and play it from the C9 app.  I also notice the videos in the search screen have the full title, while pretty much everywhere else has truncated titles.

    Being able to get access to the my play queue from the website would be a massive feature.