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PerfectPhase PerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman
  • Carolyn Napier and Tyler Robinson (MSI team) - Installing apps in Windows Vista

    ZippyV wrote:
    I am subscribed on the WIX-user list and I noticed that you still need exe bootstrappers. If you want to install an .msp patch or an upgrade .msi you need the exe to do do something like "msiexec /p application11.msp REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vomus".

    Why can't we just click on the msp?

    Stange, I've use applications that allow you to just click on the .msp file to install it.

  • Bill Reid - Introducing the Shared Computer Toolkit

    dentaku wrote:

    QUESTION: The only thing I don't like is that anybody can see ALL the shared folders on ALL the machines on the network. XP doesn't seem to have any way to set passwords on shared folders like you used to in Win98 or at least a simple way that even they can figure out like in Win98.

    Is there any way for them to password protect the shared folders on the XP machines so that only the employees can have access to them?

    These all use XP Pro so YES I can go there and turn off simple file sharing if it needs to be.

    I think the only option on all these machines is if you use NTFS, to create a user on each machine, same username and password, an give only this account access to the files either through NTFS or the share permissions then you will be prompted for username/password when you attempt to connect to the share.

    Or get a domain!

  • Bill Reid - Introducing the Shared Computer Toolkit

    Intreasting, the Disk protection sounds like an extension of the overlay driver from XP-Embedded.  A very handy technology.

  • Steve Cellini - Meet the PDC Planning Team

    Intreasting that they are pitching more talks at the 400 level.  Was just watching .NET show and this comment summs up what I would really like to see

    "Yes, and I think that's a first lesson is that in MSDN now, we explain here's how to raise an event, here's how to use the APIs, but we don't have articles on when to raise events, what events should you have, what should the contents be, where to log them, when to think about what goes in the event log, what's tracing, what's debugging? People are just left on their own to sort it out."

    Wish I was going, hope all the talks are posted online again, would pay for access to them!

  • Erik von Fuchs - Tour of Hardware Lab, Clip Two

    3D printers are very cool, I was at a rapid prototyping expo recently and they had loads on display.   The one I really liked was http://www.dimensionprinting.com/3Dprinting.html I so want one, but have yet to work out where to get the £18K from!!

  • Windows, Part IV - Dave Probert

    Pure reference counting systems have issues as well, such as if two objects take out a reference on each other then the reference count will never drop to zero, hence why you need reference tracking systems such as the garbage collector that can work out these circular dependancies.

    The is a paper somewhere, by Chris Sells I think where he modifies the Rotor code to use a hybrid system of counting and tracking.  Ah, here it is http://www.sellsbrothers.com/spout/default.aspx?content=archive.htm#refCountRotor

  • Windows, Part IV - Dave Probert

    More, More!

    That was by far the best series of video I have ever seen on Channel9.  Please do more like this!

  • Phalanger: PHP .NET compiler revealed

    Haven't had time to watch all the videos yet, but is it possible to debug a php page in VS the same way you would an ASP.NET page?

  • Ian Huff - Using VSTS Performance Tools to Speed Up Your App (Part 2)

    nightski wrote:

    BTW - the results of this are -


    which is very interesting because it shows the second version actually being faster than the first!

    I found the same thing but only in debug, when compiled in release it's the other way round, except if you actually do something with the value in the loop at which point it's the same for both in release mode.


  • Mark Boulter - talking about Smart Clients and Windows Forms, Part II

    Talking about getting the framework deployed and it's size, it would be interesting if you could get a stub version of the installer that installed all the core things such as the GAC and the loader, but only installed stubs for the assemblies, and when the loader tries to load an assembly but only finds the stub it nips off to the MS download site and pulls down just the needed parts.

    Don't know if it would make much difference overall, but might make initial barrier to downloading a .Net app a bit lower.