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PerfectPhase PerfectPhase "This is not war, this is pest control!" - Dalek to Cyberman
  • I Fully Support Mr. Grimes, .NET is NOT the right technology for US as a C++ programmer

    leighsword wrote:

    the place become more and more small.
    in unmanaged world, database,multimedia, game, network communication(million thousands clients) ,compiler,even OS all can writen by highly effectively C/C++.
    in longhorn, ...what can i say?

    If you could write it on XP, you can still write the same thing on Longhorn.

    leighsword wrote:

    "Only The Paranoid Survive"-----Androgrope, intel

    They also tend to die alone....

  • I Fully Support Mr. Grimes, .NET is NOT the right technology for US as a C++ programmer

    leighsword wrote:

    i knew what your question meaning,that's MS won't pay  off.
    the .net won't growing, because there no companies willing to open their important code to others in UNALLOWED situation,MS doesn't,ORACLE doesn't too,as i have mentioned managed code is not safe enough(decompile).

    Off the top of my head from MS

    Microsoft CRM
    BizTalk 2004

    These all contain a high level of managed code.


  • hard disk help

    jamie wrote:
    its seems with scsi - ive always used them and seagate either barracuda or cheetah - but the cheetahs are still small space wise..

    ide drives choke when working in layers on 200mb+ images

    you may be right though.. 7200.. its been that speed forever now

    In that case get a copuple of SCSI drives and set them up in RAID-0, this has two drives in parallel so that data writes alternate between the two, hence giving you twice the disk IO bandwidth (well almost..)  There are nice SCSI controllers that do this all in hardware for you.

    Just remember to back it up!  Lose one disk and you lose the data on both.  There are other version that use extra disks to protect the data on the others in the set.

    ignore all this if you already know how RAID works...


  • Windows. 10 bucks a month.

    Beer28 wrote:

    <snip loads of xbox whining>

    It's their product, they can charge what the hell they like.  It may not seem fair to you, but there are enough people out there that seem pre-paired to pay.

    The point is that these things have to pay for themselves in the real world, and the marketing scheme MS is using is a subscription based system to off set the lost leader they have on the consoles and to pay for the original and future development costs of the platform.  Xbox live can not just be considered in isolation, it's profits pay for the hardware development.

    Maybe you would like to pay 3 to 4 times the orignal purchase costs for the console, but a lot of average users (not the tech savy type like you find here) will not and it's easier for them to pay as you go.

    Maybe you don't agree with that approach, then fine, you don't have to subscribe and as you say you can use a PC based system that does not require the same revenue model.

    EDIT: one last thing, OSS etc preaches that software should be free and proffits made my providing a a service.  This is what xbox is doing but you now seem intent on destroying that revenue model as well.


  • Windows. 10 bucks a month.

    As an aside, I already rent some of my MS software licenses


    As a home user, I don't know.  If the release schedule was higher I would.  If it meant a garanteed new major version every 18 months, I would pay $10/month. The current 4 year cycle is too long to justify subscription. 


  • Windows. 10 bucks a month.

    Jamie, where you aware that there is already a subscription scheme for enterprise customers?  You rent the software for two years, at the end you can renew, buy out the licence or walk away.  While your subscribed you always have access to the latest version.


    Kind of like what your suggesting, just not for the home user.


  • Windows. 10 bucks a month.

    Beer28 wrote:
    W3bbo wrote:
    Beer28 wrote: I don't want to pay for renting my game console.

    You're not renting your console, you're paying a subscription fee to access a service.

    Paying access to a service isn't the same thing as paying access to physical property. You pay internet access fees, how is that any different?

    People are hosting these games on xbox on their own network tab. So MS is going to make huge money off of keeping list servers with p2p ip's and handing them off to console connections like gamespy or other linux game servers do for free? And handle everybody's sensitive vital and financial info because they're microsoft.

    Not on my tab. It's p2p, and there's no need for a gateway other than to collect money.

    Thats fine for one on one ect, but xbox live is about more than that, it's more of a community, it allows you to keep your single identity across all the games you play, global leguae tables the stort of things you do not get from from lots of small systems.  Also alot of people that use the xbox just want the system to work and that is what xbox live gives them.  

    Take it or leave it it's up to you.


  • hard disk help

    As far as hard drives, have you thought about faster drives or using RAID-0 to increase the speed.  For the spec machine you list, a single 7200rpm drive is a bit of a wimp Smiley


  • Anonymous methods

    Sven Groot wrote:
    PerfectPhase wrote: One other thing is there a general perpose parameterless delegate in the framework?  I tend to use ThreadStart but it's a bit missleading when you read the code back


    Thanks, feel kind of silly now as thats in the help file.....

  • Anonymous methods

    Sampy wrote:

    Works fine on the latest VS in my private branch.

    What's the latest version of VS like, I can manage about 3-4 compile-run sequences with the Feb-CTP before VS's memory useage tops out at over 500Mb and the UI becomes too slow to use?